Wednesday January 19th – Stableford

Another warm sunny day with a good field.  Results were;

1stLorraine Robb – (44) 40pts

2ndDarlene Baker – (19) 34pts

3rd: Rob Slade – (15) 33pts

NTPs;  3rd – Darlene Baker, 3rd & 16th – Michael Squire

Saturday January 15th – Guest day, Texas Ambrose

As with last week excellent rain fell all around Romsey but the town received less than 5mm on Friday morning.  Some innovations had stalled the corella attacks on a few greens but the birds had still made their presence felt.  A few large branches came down on the 8th fairway making for a busy clean-up early on Friday so a busy end to the week.  The round of Texas Ambrose got underway with clear skies and a steady south/south-westerly wind. The fairways had dried out a little but the greens and surrounds were in top nick, largely because of the ongoing work of Steve Wilkins who daily repairs the damage caused by the corellas.  It was good to welcome back  Michael McCarten, on leave from the 7th Regiment.  This form of Ambrose, taking the best two stableford scores on each hole, often returns high scores; everyone knew they had to play well to be in with any chance of winning the day.  On a warm, clear, breezy afternoon the results were;

1st; Mick Nicholls Snr(24)/Darlene Baker(19)/Keith Hocking(32) – 96pts.

2nd; Steve Wilkins(18)/Anthony Lakey(19)/Rob Rea(19) – 94 pts.

3rd; Les Gaunt(9)/Andrew Clement(8)/Craig Sandy(20)/Mitch Clement(10) – 93 pts

NTPs; 15th Les Gaunt & Darlene Baker, 16th Brad Klaaysen

Wednesday January 12th – Stroke, Rd 1 Rose Scanlon Shield

Despite the warm weather there was a strong field for the first round of the Rose Scanlon shield with close results.

1st – Darlene Baker – 86 /20/66

2nd  – Steve Wilkins  – 82 /15/67

3rd – Shirley Shelton – 95/25 /68

NTP – 16th Darlene Baker

Saturday January 8th – 4BBB Stroke

Heavy rain had been predicted from Wednesday but only a good sprinkling arrived over Friday night, nevertheless players had to cope with wet fairways and greens as well as the summer corella damage on some greens and across most of Romsey Park.  The damage is so great that a few areas of the rough looked as if they have been ploughed!  The light drizzle continued as players headed out to the tee for the club’s 4BBB Stroke round, it was not until half way through the round that the drizzle lifted and players considered taking off their jumpers/waterproofs.  Despite the conditions teams found one player scoring well on just about every hole.  It took an excellent back nine to seperate the winners from the remainder of the field.  On a cool, damp afternoon the results were;

Winners; Shannon Wright/Mick Nicholls Jnr – 63 C/B from Ron Walker/Clive Mensforth & Steve Wilkins/Davey Kenney – 64

NTPs; 15th & 16th Mick Nicholls Snr.

Wednesday January 5th – Ambrose

January 5th Ambrose was played with the results being very close.

1st; Jenny Hartley/Darlene Baker/Beryl Cole 71/ 11.5/62.5

2nd; Steve Wilkins/David Kenny 70/ 6.5 63

3rd; Rob Slade/Pat Chisholm 71/6.5/64.5


Saturday January 1st – December 2021 Medal, stroke & putts.

A predicted temperature well over 33ºC activated the club’s extreme weather policy and saw play begin at 8.30.  With Christmas Day being on a Saturday it was decided to move the December Medal to New Year’s Day.  The strong field had virtually perfect conditions with only short periods of a strong wind from the SW.  The course was in top nick with good cover on the fairways and greens.  The Corellas have returned and begun their efforts to dig up the greens.  So far they have really only attacked the 7th and 16th.  This year we are trying nets over sections of the greens to see if we can limit their damage.  The excellent condition saw many players play to or better than their handicap but the winner was way out in front of them all.  Coming back from a shoulder injury he was able to play the excellent golf we have come to expect.  Groups were back in the rooms by 12.30, just as the temperature began to climb well into the 30s.  On a good day to be out in the park the results were;

Winner & December Medalist; Michael Nicholls Jnr – 82/18/65, 2nd Bob McLennan – 85/16/69 CB John Freestone – 96/27/69

Other good scores were; Scott Williams – 87/14/73, Rob Rea – 93/19/74, Les Gaunt – 82/8/74 & Mick Squire – 77/3/74

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 16th – Clive Mensforth

Least Putts; Michael Nicholls Jnr – 23.

RGC Captain, Mal Mottram with December Medalist Michael Nicholls Jnr