Saturday December – Monthly Medal, Stroke & Putts

A strong field teed up for the final Monthly Medal of 2019.  With the expected temperature well into the 30sC the club’s Extreme Heat policy was activated and play began at 8.30am.  The warm air saw all players gain good distance off the tee and the hard fairways meant shorter than usual approach shots; correct club selection proved vital and many players found themselves “over the back” facing very difficult chip shots to get back on to the green,    With a few irrigation problems solved during the week the greens were again in good nick and putted with good speed and little movement.  On a warm, sunny morning the results were;

Winner and December Medalist; Chris vanDerVliet – 93/28/65 from Mick Nicholls Jnr – 84/17/67, Keith Hocking – 99/28/71 & Andrew Laing – 94/19/73

Women’s Winner; Pam Drummond – 107/32/75

NTPs; 15th – Liam Hocking

Least Putts; John Laing – 28 C/B from Mick Nicholls Jnr.

Thursday December 26th – Boxing Day Stableford

A cheerful bunch showed up for the club’s Boxing Day Stableford, the penultimate round for 2019.  The 8.30 am hit-off time caught a few napping with golfers pulling into the carpark or trundling up the 1st fairway as the groups were leaving the rooms for the tee.  It was a clear and, after the first few holes, pleasantly warm morning.  The early start found all groups watching the first drives very carefully as holes 1, 2 and 3 all tee off to the east.  The gentle breeze moved from the south to the east and back, most unusual for RGC.  It occasionally blew up and made distance off the tee much more challenging.  Despite being the day after Christmas there was a surprising amount of good golf played, a goodly number of birdies and a few eagles that just lipped out or pulled up a few mm short of the cup.  On a clear, sunny morning the results were

Winner; Jim Patton (20) – 39 pts from Hugh Drummond (21) – 38 pts and Michael Reid (27) – 38 pts

NTPs; 15th – Michael Reid

Saturday December 21st – Ambrose “The Old Course”

Ten teams teed up for the club’s Presentation Day Ambrose competition.  The day was clear and sunny but a gusting southerly wind kept everyone on their toes, especially on the par 3s and the final hole with its internal “out of bounds”.  The field moved quickly and everyone was back in the rooms by around 2.30pm ready to enjoy the club’s presentations and a great meal.  The Par 45 “Old Course” layout has proven very popular in recent years with many players observing nine holes is too short and 18 is too long, the 12 is just right (Apologies to Goldilocks). On a windy, enjoyable day the results were;

Winners; Mitch Atlas/Sherif Abdel Sayed/Michael Nicholls Jnr – 42/6/36 from Keith Hocking/Mick Nicholls Snr/Mal Mottram – 44/6.5/37.5 & Bruce Robb/Lorraine Robb/Paul Green – 50 /12.2/37.8

NTPs; 8th – Mick Squire, 9th – Jim Patton & 10th – Mitch Atlas

RGC 2019 Presentations.

2019 Club Champions Darlene Baker & Mick Squire. 

2019 B Grade Champion, Peter Scanlon Shield & John Jeffrey Shield winner John Freestone

with RGC Life Member Peter Scanlon

2019 W. E. Tom 4BBB Champions Scott Williams, & Chris vanDerVliet 

with RGC Pres Anthony Lakey

2019 Rose Scanlon winner Jenny Hartley with RGC Capt Lorraine Robb

2019 Algie Mitchell Champion John Laing with RGC Pres Anthony Lakey

2019 Medal of Medalists Jenny Hartley (Rob Rea absent) with RGC Captain Scott Williams

2019 John Laing Shield Champion Pat Chisholm with RGC Life Member John Laing

2019 Relative Pairs winner Jim Patton with RGC Pres Anthony Lakey (Absent Chris Lingard)

RGC captain Lorraine Robb with 2019 Women’s Singles Matchplay champion Wendy Gosden.


Saturday December 14th – John Laing Shield Final & Par

Another strong field teed up for the club’s Par round and 5he final of the John Laing Shield.  Play began on a sunny afternoon, the whole course was in good nick meaning players could easily find their ball if they strayed into the rough. There was a little southerly wind  but it rarely effected play.  While there was good cover on most fairways the recent heat and lack of rain saw all players get good value for well struck drives.  The surrounds were in almost perfect condition; allowing approach shots to bounce up onto the greens or allowing putting from reasonably well of the green.  The final of the John Laing Shield was another tight affair again coming down to the 18th.  On a beautiful summer’s afternoon the results were;

Winner; Scott Williams (17) +7 from Mick Nicholls Jnr (17) +4, Keith Hocking (29) +1 & Jim Patton (20) Sq

NTPs; 1st Mal Mottram, 15th – Anthony Lakey & 16th – Keith Hocking

John Laing Shield Final

Pat Chisholm (6) D Les Gaunt (0) – 2up

John Laing with 2019 Shield Winner Pat Chisholm 


Wednesday December 11th – Par 3 – The Old Course

Captain Lorraine Robb was out on the course very early before the round to shift the tee markers on The Old Course to create a very interesting Par 3 course.   Players found club choice a bit tricky with the unfamiliar lengths from each tee but really enjoyed the challenge on the day.  Denise O’Meara drove well and produced some very good putting to post a great score to take out the day’s event.
On a warmish, stylish morning he results were;

Winner; Denise O’Meara – 56/30/26 from Lorraine Robb – 52/24/28    C/B &  Wendy Gosden – 45/17/28

Saturday December 7th – 4BBB Stroke & John Laing Shield Semi-finals

Play began on a beautiful, mild, early summer’s day however, occasional strong wind from the south and south-west caused a few problems here and there. The recent dry weather saw all players gain good value for well struck drives and approach shots and the greens continued to putt very true.   The 4BBB Stroke event saw teams working well together to record excellent scores.  Despite the odd lost ball each team seemed to be able to get to the green and cup in regulation or better.  On a number of holes players were putting for a nett score of two or three. The two semi-finals of the John Laing Shield were close run with both being decided on the 18th.  On a beautiful summers’s day the results were;

Winners; Mick Nicholls Snr/Keith Hocking – 61 from Scott Williams/Hugh Drummond – 63, John Laing/Jim Patton – 64 & Mal Mottram/Rob Rea – 64

NTPs; 1st – Mal Mottram, 15th – Pat Chisholm & 16th – Keith Hocking

John Laing Shield Semi-finals

Les Gaunt (2) D Mick Squire (0) – 2up

Pat Chisholm (3) D Andrew Clement (0) 1up

John Laing Final

Les Gaunt (0) Vs Pat Chisholm (6)

Saturday November 30th – November Medal – Stroke & Putts

Despite a goodly contingent of RGC golfers heading over to Woodend for their annual Par 3 competition a strong field teed up for the November Medal.  The round began in cool, overcast conditions but the clouds soon lifted and the sun came out.  The course was in great nick with good cover on most of the fairways, the surrounds in excellent condition and the greens putting fast and true.  The ~20mm of rain over night had taken the sting out of the fairways and a southerly wind blew up during the middle of the round causing some distress for golfers who found their shots drifting well off course.  The conditions were almost perfect for the lower markers and a few took advantage to record very good scores.  On a sunny, slightly windy afternoon the results were;

Winner & November Medalist; Mick Squire – 71/5/66 from Mal Mottram – 80/10/70 & Par Chisholm – 84/13/71

NTPs; 1st & 16th – Les Gaunt, 15th – John Laing

Least Putts; Mal Mottram – 23


Wednesday November 27th – Stableford

Mild conditions prevailed for the club’s  Stableford Round.  A westerly wind did get troublesome towards the end but otherwise it was a good day for golf.  The 16 mm over Tuesday softened the fairways and slightly reduced the overall run. The greens were slower than in previous weeks with bold putting needed to get up to and in the hole. Scoring was close with only four points separating the top four cards.
Winner; Darlene Baker  (20) – 32 pts from Jenny Hartley (22) – 30 pts & Elaine Scanlon  (28) – 29 pts

Sunday November 24th – Graeme Clement Open Tournament

Everyone began arriving at about 8.45am and enjoyed an egg and bacon roll as they caught up with players from other clubs. At 9.30 the field was out on the course testing themselves against Romsey’s narrower fairways and smaller greens.  It was a beautiful, late spring morning with conditions again excellent for golf. By lunch the field had begun to sort itself out.  Top scratch scores were from Chris Lingard  – 46 and Michael Squire -47, top handicap scores were from Andrew Clement (6 2/3) 45 1/3 and Steve Wilkins (11 1/3) – 45 2/3.

The day warmed up after lunch and suddenly every shot seemed to count more.  All of a sudden a missed drive or a fluffed chip carried more weight.  Those who could concentrate and play steady golf were always going to rise to the top.  The weekend’s events were made possible through the support of local businesses “The Romsey Collision Centre” and “The Romsey Bottle-O”. 

On a beautiful spring day the results were;

2019 Graeme Clement Open Champion; Chris Lingard – 93

B Grade Scratch; Andrew Clement – 102

C Grade Scratch; Steve Wilkins – 114

A Grade Handicap; Kevin Whyley – 92

B Grade Handicap; Mitch Clement -92 2/3

C Grade Handicap; Jim Patton – 89 2/3

AM Handicap; Michael Squire – 43 2/3

PM Handicap; Cameron Newnham – 45 1/3

2019 Graeme Clement Open Champion Chris Lingard with Andrew Clement

Scratch Winners Steve Wilkins  (C Grade) with DDGA Captain Chris Hanson

& Andrew Clement (B Grade)

H/cap winners Mitch Clement (B Grade), Kevin Whyley (A Grade)

with DDGA Legend Lance Carracher & Jim Patton (C Grade)

RGC Captain Scott Williams with Senior’s Scratch Winner Lance Carracher


NTPs Matt Smith (10th), Gary Watts (8th), RGC Capt Scott Williams,

Chris Lingard (2nd Shot 3rd) & Jim Hynes (1st & 9th)

Saturday November 23rd – Romsey Open – 4BBB Pairs, any combination

After the heat and searing winds of Thursday the course had begun to dry out; more run on the fairways meaning players had to choose clubs carefully or find themselves well through the corner facing a difficult approach shot over or through the trees.  The greens seemed a little slower than in past weeks and more than a few golfers found their ball stoping just short of the cup.  Over all it was a great day for golf and the large field enjoyed themselves.  Our thanks to the Romsey Cricket Club for the use of their rooms for the afternoon noon tea and presentations.

Winners; Anthony Freeman (Rich River)/Steve Wilkins (RGC) – 44 pts from Darlene & Roger Baker (RGC)42 pts and John Freestone (RGC)/ Bob McLennan (RGC) – 41 pts C/B from Mick Nicholls Snr (RGC)/Keith Hocking (RGC)

NTPs; 1st – Keith Hocking, 3rd – Jenny Hartley, 15th – Roger Baker, Kath Jekabsons  & 16th – Mal Mottram.

2019 4BBB Winners Anthony Freeman, RGC Capt Scott Williams & Steve Wilkins

2019 4BBB Runners-up Darlene Baker & Roger Baker

2019 4BBB 3rd Place Getters John Freestone & Bob McLennan