Romsey Golf Club

Local Rules (April 2022)

Out of Bounds (OOB)

  • All exterior fences and into the cricket/football oval area (16th Hole).
  • 1st Hole
    • Right Hand Side (right of the drain)
    • Left Hand Side (beyond the wooden fence and, passed the gate, left of the drain)
  • 18th Hole RHS – Large white posts. (Ball outside of post line and beyond is OOB)


Relief may be taken from (NPOR no closer to hole)

  • Bare patches on the fairway you are playing. (Drop)
  • GUR marked with white paint. (Drop)
  • All drains. (Drop)
  • All animal scratchings, paspalum, sprinklers, tracks, corings, tree stumps and cracks. through the general area. (Drop)
  • Garden beds are not integral parts of the course. If player &/or marker believe ball is in a garden then free drop
  • Green Keeper’s waste. (Drop)
  • Tree roots more than one club length from the base of the tree.(Drop).
  • All damaged and bare patches on a green. (Place)

Additional Local Rules

  • Boggy ground is considered temporary water and full relief can be taken in accordance with the rules of golf.
  • During very wet weather – Carts;  members who have prior knowledge of which areas to avoid may use carts. If unsure either walk the course first or ask for clarification.