Saturday December 31st 2011 – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

Another fine, warm day and another good turnout for the December monthly medal.  The temperature again surged well over the predicted 32C; players eagerly took advantage of the new water fountain on the 6th.  

The day’s winner, and December Medal winner, was Andrew Laing with a fine – 94/22/72 from Mat Thornton 77/4/73, Mat  Hall – 73/0/73, Bob McLennan – 88/14/74 and Chris vanDerVliet – 100/26/74.

NTPs went to 15 – Peter Scanlon and 16 – Jim Menzies.  Least putts went to Mat Hall – 27. 

Saturday December 24th  2011 – Stableford

A clear, 32C+ day, brought out another good field for the club’s stableford competition.  The course was in excellent condition and the greens had been double cut to increase their speed.  Long time member, Gary Watts, was down from Sydney, Stixx made his first appearance for a number of weeks and Brad Klaasen also dropped in for a round.  The afternoon remained hot and still until the final few holes when heavy rain, thunder and lightning drove the field from the course.  Many players went back to finish off their rounds, taking advantage of the softer greens.   Good scoring was expected and the players delivered.

The day’s winner with 42 pts, on a count back, was John Freestone (22) from Tony Freeman (24).  Other good rounds came from Mat Thornton (5) 41 pts, Andrew Clement (11) 38 pts, Kev Milner (7) 38 pts and Brad Klaasen (15) 38 pts.

NTPs went to 1 – A Clement, 15 – Mat Hall & 16 – K Milner        

December 17th 2011 – Stroke

A fine day brought out a large field for the week’s stroke competition.  The course was in top condition and whilst the greens were a little slow they were very true.  It was great to see Jarrad White and Jim Menzies back for their first game in many months.  Ex president, Bob Preece, had all in stitches as he first lost the sole of his right shoe on the 5th and then the heel and sole of the left on the 15th, a slight variation on the concept of “lend me your soles and I will heel you”.  Maybe a better shoe shop is also on the cards!

The day’s winner, on a count-back, was Kev Milner 76/8/68 from Jarrad White 81/13/68, other good rounds were from Keith Hocking 99/30/69, John Laing 95/25/70 and Graeme Clement 89/17/72

NTPs went to 15 – Bob McLennan and 16 – Graeme Clement. 

Saturday December 10th 2011 – Stableford.

The round began with dark clouds over Mt Macedon and heavy rain predicted, however the weather remainded clear throughout the afternoon.  The flukey wind kept the temperature down and had the players working hard to make correct club selections.  The course looked great, a tribute to the many hours of mowing and other works carried out by the club’s volunteers. 

The day’s winner was Dave Richardson 40 pts, on a count-back from veteran golfer and joke teller Peter Scanlon.  Good rounds also came from Bob McLennan and Les Gaunt both with 36 pts.

NTPs went to 15 – John Laing  

Saturday December 3rd 2011 – 4BBB Stableford

For the first time in many weeks players hit off in clear, sunny weather.  The course was in near perfect condition with only a few areas of casual water on the 6th and 10th fairways.  The greens had continued to improve and provided a good return for those who were prepared to hit through their putts

The day’s winners were A Freeman/A Lakey 44 pts from D vanDenHeuval/S Poulton 41 pts.

NTPs went to 15 Les gaunt and 16 D vanDenHeuval

Saturday November 26th 2011 – Monthly Medal, Stroke & Putts

Heavy rain overnight, and during the morning, meant that only the most devoted golfers turned up to play in the November Monthly Medal.  Three groups, with umbrellas and wet weather gear, hit off in steady drizzle and the weather went downhill from there.  For the first time in over a month the 1st was back in play (most of the lightning hit pine tree had been cut down and cleared away) so players were back on the normal course.  All fairways had some casual water however soft greens allowed the low markers to fire directly at the flag.  Under the conditions, drizzle, heavy showers and then constant rain, there was some excellent golf played.

The day’s winner was Kev Milner with a well put together round of 76/9/67 from Les Gaunt 79/7/72 and Dave Richardson 101/29/72.

NTPs went to 15 – Kev Milner and 16 – Les Gaunt, Anthony Lakey took out least putts – 29  

Saturday November 19th 2011 – Stableford

A hardy group of golfers hit off in steady rain and occasional claps of thunder in the club’s stableford competition.  Soon the rain had cleared, umbrellas were put away and the sun was out making for sticky conditions.  The weather remained clear until the final four holes when a cool change brought a heavy mist making it quite simple to “hit the ball out of sight”.  However the mist was a mild nuisance compared to the heavy rain that fell over the last few holes.  It was a damp, yet strangely cheerful, group who made their way back to the clubrooms for a well earned drink.

The day’s winner, under very trying conditions was Tony Freeman (24) 36 pts from Graeme Clement (17) 34 pts

NTPs went to 1 – Graeme Clement and 15 – Kev Milner.  (The 15th – Money Hole is now up to $160.00)

Wednesday November 16th 2011 – Mulligans

On a clear day the field hit off for a more relaxed form of golf,  “Mulligans”.  This golf game allows a player to replay a number of shots, equal to their handicap, per round. 

After many cries of “Mulligan” echoing across the course the day’s winner was Kath Jekabsons – 104/29/75 from Wendy Gosden – 121/45/76

Results from the 2011 WGDD Seymour Tournament

Romsey women’s captain Lorraine Robb played a great round on Thursday Nov 17th at the Seymour Tournament.  She took out the C Grade title with an excellent 98/33 /65.

Beryl Cole also had a good round in B Grade but fell just short of winning  – 95/23/72

Saturday November 12th 2011 – Stroke

The course was in top condition, a credit to the work of the club’s volunteers, as players hit off in the club’s stroke competition.  Fairways were beginning to firm up and players were getting good returns from solid drives.  Club members were also keeping a sharp eye on Romsey’s Chris Gaunt as he played the 3rd round of the 2011 Australian Open in Sydney

The day’s winner was outstanding junior Daniel Wright with 74/4/70 from Les Gaunt 79/7/72 and Anthony Lakey 92/20/72

NTPs went to 1 & 16 – Daniel Wright, 15 – Les Gaunt.  The money hole now jackpots to $140.00.  

The club’s 2011 Presentation Day will be held at the clubrooms on Sunday December 4th.  It will start with nine holes of Ambrose and then a BBQ lunch and presentations (10.00 am for a 10.30 am hit-off).  All members of the community are most welcome to come along for a hit, see the progress of Romsey Park and tuck into a hearty BBQ lunch.  (Golf and lunch $15.00)

Wednesday November 9th 2011 –  Stableford

Players headed out to play golf with skies looking threatening wondering how many holes they would play before heavy rain fell.  Surprisingly the skies began to clear and the light rain stopped after a few holes. Played did, however, have to contend with  strong winds.

The day’s winner was Beryl Cole with – 35 pts from Kath Jekabsons

Saturday November 5th 2011- Par

Players hit off under clear skies with almost no wind and with the course in great condition (only the 10th fairway still showed, signs of the recent wet weather) in the club’s Par competition.  The greens remained slow but some good scoring was expected.

The day’s winner was Kev Milner (10) +5 from Graeme Clement (18) +2, Andrew Clement (11) +1 and Jim Patton (20) all square.

NTPs went to 1 – Owen Dunn, 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Kev Milner.  The money hole will now jackpot to $120.00  

Wednesday November 2nd 2011 – Monthly Medal – Stroke

The skies were overcast with rain threatening when the field hit off in the November Monthly Medal.  Strong gusts of wind made club selection difficult and the occasional bout of heavy drizzle had players rushing for the umbrella.  The serious rain held off until the final few holes and all players really earnt a warm cup of soup, or something stronger, when they got back in to the clubrooms.

The day’s winner, under very trying conditions, was Leila Beasley with a very steady 112/35/77 from Beryl Cole 106/24/82 and Lorraine Robb 117/34/83 

Saturday October 29th 2011 – Monthly Medal – Stroke and Putts

The October Monthly Medal drew a strong field which hit off under cloudy skies. Winds gusting from the west made holes 9 and 18 a greater challenge than usual and the rapid growth of the rough made it vital to keep the ball on the fairway.  Whilst the skies threatened rain all afternoon it held off and all players remained dry.  The 1st was out of play, due to last week’s lightning strike and the rearranged course proved very popular.  Players also had to contend with very slow greens as they settled down after their coring and the recent heavy rain.

The day’s winners were;

Women (Stroke) – Lorraine Robb; 112/34/78 on a count-back from Sharon Carroll 114/36/78

Men (Medal) – Mat Thornton with a fine round of 72/6/66 from Mat Hall 73/3/70, Craig Wood 86/16/70, Daniel Wright 76/4/72, Mick Nicholls 100/28/72 and Kev Milner 84/10/74.

Least putts went to Mat Thornton – 23 and the NTPs went to 15 – Kev Milner and 16 – Jim Patton.

Wednesday October 26th 2011 – Irish Ambrose

The captain showed her wicked side with a cunning set of Irish Ambrose rules for the course.  Players found themselves limited to odd numbered clubs on some holes whilst others allowed only woods.  It was a great day and much enjoyed by all who took up the challenge.

The winning team was Beryl Cole/Jan Harver/Wendy Godsen with a fine 42 points.  Runners up were Lorraine Robb/Leila Beasley/Lyn Turner with 39 pts

Saturday October 22nd 2011 – Stableford

A few fine days during the week had seen all fairways, and most of the rough, mown.  The course was in great condition and there was  little wind so some good scoring was expected.  Late in the day the rumblings of a serious storm upset the final groups as they played out their rounds, however all players got into the rooms without getting too wet.  

The day’s winner was Daniel Wright (2) 38 pts from Andrew Clement (10) 36 pts.

Just after the last groups were in the storm strengthened and heavy rain, thunder and lightning quickly followed.  The large pine tree guarding the 1st green was hit by lightning; the explosion threw debris well up the 1st fairway, many branches, large and small, came down and the tree caught fire.  The fire was put out by the Romsey CFA, another job well done by these invaluable volunteers.  It is hoped that the Shire will assist with an appraisal of the tree and the clearing away of all damaged branches

Wednesday October 19th 2011 – Three Club – Stroke

Players chose their three clubs and enjoyed a relaxed nine holes before the 2011 Women’s Annual General Meeting

The day’s winner was Beryl Cole 47/14/33 on a countback from Jan Harver 55/22/33 and Leila Beasley 48/15/33 

The AGM was chaired by life member Helene Newnham.  The 2012 Executive is;

President – Jan Harver

Captain – Lorraine Robb

Secretary – Beryl Cole

Saturday October 15th 2011  – Stroke

After a few days of warm, sunny weather the course was drying out with casual water on the 6th and 10th fairways only.  The greens were settling down after their recent coring but they still a few surprises in store for every player; especially those who were not prepared to attack the hole.

The day’s winner was evergreen veteran Les Gaunt who again showed the way, under tough conditions, with an excellent 79/8/71 from Daniel Wright 76/3/73 and Graeme Clement 94/18/76.

Daniel Wright took out the only NTP on the 1st.

Saturday October 8th 2011

Heavy rain over the previous ten days and the coring of the greens on Friday forced the cancellation of club competition for Saturday Oct 8th.

Many players took the opportunity to support Dalhousie Clubs Woodend and Eildon as they held their annual open competitions.

During the week the Dalhousie District team contested the Bowl in GolfVic’s 2011 Country Week competition.  The team finished a creditable 3rd with 15 wins.  Romsey players, Daniel Wright and Mat Thornton, had an up and down week with the odd win and a few near misses.  Our congratulations go to Woodend’s Brad Kimivets who performed extremely well all week and to Yea’s James Wendell who went through the week undefeated.

Wednesday October 5th 2011 – Stroke  – Monthly Medal / Medal of Medalists

A strong field hit off in the women’s Monthly Medal/2011 Medal of Medalists on October 5th.  The day was overcast and misty with strong winds moving from the north to the north-east.   It was a close fought affair with the end of the day seeing  three players tied on 80.  

The day’s winner was;

Lorraine Robb  113 / 33 / 80 on a count back  from Kath Jekabsons 108 / 28 / 80 and Beryl Cole  104 / 24 / 80.

Saturday September 24th 2011 – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The course had dried out considerably over the past two weeks so there was plenty of run on the fairways and the greens were quite quick.  However, winds, gusting from the north and east made for a challenging day on the course.  The day was made all the more enjoyable by a visit from ex-member John Grady.

Anthony Lakey continued his recent good form to record a solid win 91/24/67 from Mat Thornton 80/6/74.

Least putts went to Bob Dwyer – 26 while Bob McLennan picked up the NTPs on 15 and 16.

Wednesday September 21st 2011 – Round Three Women’s Club Championships

A grade & 2011 Women’s Club Champion

Stroke   Beryl Cole –   304 from Kath Jekabsons – 314

Handicap   Lorraine Robb  – (38) 219

B grade

Stroke   Jan Harver – 395

Women’s Golf Dalhousie District – 27 hole Championship 

C Grade Winner – Beryl Cole

18 holes – 97 (27)  70 and 9 Holes  51 (13.5)  37.5.

Saturday September 17th 2011 – Round Three Men’s Club Championships.

Warm, sunny conditions and strong winds from the north made for an enjoyable, if challenging third round of the 2011 championships. The leaders hit off in the final group and the lead changed on the 1st hole with Jones and Gaunt dropping shots and Wright picking up a birdie. The lead continued to change throughout the afternoon with scores all square as they turned for the back nine. By the 14th Jones had picked up a two shot lead however Gaunt and Wright attacked on the two par threes to peg him back with a birdie each.  Good tee shots down the par 5 17th set up chances of birdie for all three.  Gaunt and Wright made theirs while Jones lipped out for a par.

It was all square going up the 391 m par 4 18th. Gaunt and Wright drove to the corner while Jones found himself in the trees and had to chip out sideways. Gaunt’s 2nd shot found the middle of the green while both Jones and Wright unluckily bounced off the green giving very difficult shots to get up and near the hole, neither could stop their ball and both rolled off the front. The round finished as Gaunt put in a 3 m birdie putt to claim his 4th Club Championship.

The Championship winners were;

A Grade and 2011 Men’s Club Champion

Stroke; Les Gaunt 238 from Daniel Wright 240

Handicap; Les Gaunt 211 from Mat Thornton 225

B Grade

Stroke; Bob McLennan 274 from Graeme Clement & Craig Wood 276

Handicap; Graeme Clement 219 from Craig Wood 225

C Grade

Stroke; Anthony Lakey 294 from Mick Nicholls 307

Handicap; Anthony Lakey 210 from Mick Nicholls 217

NTPs went to 1 – Bob McLennan, 15 – Mat Thornton and 16 – Dean vanDenHeuval

John Jeffries Shield – Best overall nett – Anthony Lakey – 210

Laurie Thomson Shield – Best nett by a player 18 and under – Dean vanDenHeuval – 229

Peter Scanlon Shield – Best nett by a player 55 and over – Anthony Lakey – 210.

The day’s winner was Lakey 91/28/63 from Gaunt 79/9/70, vanDenHeuval 89/19/70, John Laing 101/30/70 and Kev Milner 83/13/70 

Thursday September 15th 2011 – Broadford Bowl

The Romsey team, Lorranie Robb, Beryl Cole and Jan Harver did our club proud, winning this event with a combined score of  121 Stableford points;  Lorraine – 42, Jan – 35 & Beryl – 44.  Well done ladies you should be very proud of your efforts.

Wednesday September 14th 2011 – Round Two Women’s Club Championships

Conditions were ideal for golf, clear, sunny weather and the course in top condition so some good scoring was expected during round 2 of the Women’s Club Championships.  Results were;

A Grade

Stroke; Beryl Cole – 202, Kath Jekabsons – 210  

Handicap; Lorraine Robb (38) – 142, Beryl Cole (28) – 146  

B Grade

Stroke; Jan Harver – 255, Denise O’Meara – 296 

Handicap; Jan Harver – (45) – 165, Denise O’Meara (45) – 206

Saturday September 10th 2011 – Round Two Men’s Club Championships.

The recent GolfVic re-rating  confirmed our new course layout, par 72, with an ACR of 72.  

Rain at the end of the week had again softened the course and strong winds, moving from the north to the west and to the south made for a difficult 2nd round of the club championships.  However a number of players were still able to record excellent scores.  The 2nd round leaders were;

A Grade

Stroke; Dean Jones – 83, 75 – 158, Les Gaunt – 82, 77 – 159 & Daniel Wright – 83, 78 – 161

Handicap; Les Gaunt (9) 82/73, 77/68 – 141, Mat Thornton – (6) 83/77, 80/74 – 151 & Dean Jones (2) 81/83, 75/73 – 154, 

B Grade

Stroke; Graeme Clement – 89, 93 – 182, Bob McLennan – 91, 88 – 179 & Craig Wood – 95, 89 – 184 

Handicap; Graeme Clement (19) 89/70, 93/74 – 144, Bob McLennan (15) – 91/76, 88/73 – 149 & Craig Wood – (17) – 95/78, 89/72 – 150 

C Grade

Stroke; Anthony Lakey 105, 98 – 203 & Mick Nicholls 98, 105 – 203, John Freestone – 102, 102 – 204 & John Laing – 108, 109 – 217 

Handicap; Mick Nicholls (30) – 98/68, 105/75 – 143, Anthony Lakey – (28) – 105/77, 98/70 – 147 & John Freestone (22) – 102/80, 102/80 – 160.

The day’s winner was Les Gaunt, 77/9/68 from Anthony Lakey 98/28/70.  The only NTP – 15 went to Matt Hall.

On another issue club Captain M. Hall again rose to the occasion to regain the LPA with a sensational lime green ensemble, topped off with a pair of stunning white shoes. 

Round 3 draw will be on the club website and at the clubrooms.

Wednesday September 7th 2011 – Round One Club Women’s Championship & September Monthly Medal.

The recent GolfVic re-rating  confirmed our new course layout, par 72, with an ALCR of 74.

A few days of sunny weather had allowed the course to dry out and provide some run in the fairways.  Players hit off under clear, sunny skies.  Round One leaders are;

Stroke – Beryl Cole 98 &  K. Jekabsons 103

Handicap – L. Robb 107/38/69  Lorraine was also the Monthly Medal winner.

Saturday September 3rd 2011 – Round One Men’s Club Championships

Winds, gusting from the north and then the south, played havoc with scores during the first round of the 2011 Club Championships.  Whilst the course had dried out quite a deal many balls still plugged or  became covered in mud so “relief through the green” was given.  At the end of the round leaders were;

A Grade Stroke; Mat Hall – 79, Handicap – Les Gaunt 82/9/73

B Grade Stroke & Handicap – Graeme Clement 89/19/70

C Grade Stroke & Handicap – Mick Nicholls 98/30/68.  Mick was also the day’s winner.  NTPs went to 1 and 16 – Dean Jones and 15 – Bob MeLennan.

The round two draw will again be up at the clubrooms and on the club’s website.

Wednesday August 31st 2011 Stableford,

The round was played in warm, still conditions however damp fairways saw many good drives pull up very quickly.  The winner was Beryl Cole – 36 pts from Leila Beasley – 35 pts.

Saturday August 27th 2011 – Monthly Medal (Medal of Medalists) Stroke & Putts

The good weather brought out a strong field to compete in the August Monthly Medal and the 2010-2011 Medal of Medalists competition.  It was especially good to welcome back a number of members who had been travelling through Australia or overseas.

The August Monthly Medal and Medal of Medalists, winner was Les Gaunt  with a fine 79/9/70.  Least putts went to Bob Dwyer – 29 on a count back from Rob Rea, Dave Richardson, Les Gaunt & Mat Hall.

NTPs went to 15 – Mat Hall and 16 – Les Gaunt.

The 2011 Dalhousie Country Week team was anounced during the week and Romsey Golf Club has three representatives, congratulations to Mat Hall, Daniel Wright and Mat Thornton.

The 2011 Club Championships will be held over the next three weeks, the draw will be in the clubhouse window or on the club’s website. 

Saturday August 20th 2011- 4BBB Stableford Guest Day

A good field hit off on a still, sunny, late winter’s day in the 4BBB Stableford competition.  Despite the warm day another 20+mm of rain during the week meant the course was very wet with casual water on almost every fairway.

The day’s winners were Anthony Lakey & Sharon Carroll – 46 points from Mick Nicholls & Les Gaunt – 45 points.

NTP went to 15 Mat Hall and 16 Kev Milner.  The LPA again went to Mat Hall, his performances over the past few weeks would  indicate that he seems to have this element of the weekly competition sewn up.

Saturday August 13th 2011 – Stroke

After the re-rating of the course the new layout, par 72, 5953m was in play.  The addition of a 440m par 5, 17th and the lengthening of the par 4 18th to 391m had greatly increased the difficulty of the back nine.  Each fairway still had the distance markings required by the re-rating process so it was a good opportunity to see exactly where an 18 handicapper’s 184m drive landed and just what distance a men’s or ladies’ scratch player was expected to drive.

 On a cold, still day the winner was Graeme Clement with a fine 87/20/67.  Runner-up was Mick Nicholls – 99/30/69 with Anthony Lakey – 100/29/71 third.

NTPs went to 15 – Dean vanDenHeuval and 16 – Mick Nicholls and, for the 2nd week running, Mat Hall convincingly won the LPA

Saturday August 6th 2011 – Stableford

Cool, still, sunny conditions and damp fairways and greens made for an enjoyable afternoon in the club’s Stableford competition.  The greens had been allowed to grow and thicken up so putting was tricky.

The day’s winner was Mat Hall with 39 points, on a count back from Andrew Laing, Mat Thornton and Dean vanDenHeuval.  Other good scors were Ron Walker, 38 Points and Anthony Lakey, 36 points.

NTPs went to 1 – Dean vanDenHeuval and 15 – Aaron Partridge and LPA – Mat Hall

The course was re-rated on Monday 8th August and the club would like to thank all the Dalhousie District and GolfVic representatives who carried out this process.  We would also like to thank those members who have worked so hard to get everything ready, especially Dean Jones, Dean vanDenHeuval, Graeme Clement, Elaine Scanlon and Bruce and Lorraine Robb and finally, a special “Thank You” to John Freestone and Ron Walker who loaned their buggies to assist with the re-rating. 

Saturday July 30th 2011 – Monthly Medal, Stroke & Putts

Heavy rain during the week meant a great deal of casual water on most fairways, however, whilst many drives pulled up short, good shots to the green were often rewarded; it was tough to record a good score.

The July Medal winner was Dave Richardson with 100/30/70 from Graeme Clement 91/20/71 and Aaron Partridge 76/5/71.

Least putts went to Aaron Partridge – 25 and the only NTP went to Dean van DenHeuval – 15th.

Saturday July 23rd 2011 – Par

A very wet course, with soft greens, met players as they hit off in the club’s par competition.  Conditions meant low markers were able to attack the pin knowing they would get value for their shots.  The day’s winner was Graeme Clement who continued his recent good form with +2 to win, on a count-back from Bob Dwyer.

NTPs went to 1 Bob Preece and 15 & 16 Les Gaunt.

The final of the Aglie Mitchell Singles Knockout Shield was played on Thursday afternoon.  It was a tight match in cold, wet conditions which went down to the 19th where Anthony Lakey was able to record a win over Kev Milner.

On Fri July 22nd the club held its AGM where the 2011 – 1012 committee was elected.  Office bearers are;

President – Anthony Lakey,

Vice Pres – Kevin Dunn,

Secretary – Jan Harver and

Treasurer – John Boyce.

The Golf Club would like to thank the many individuals who use the park, especially those who regularly walk their dogs.  These people often take time to report incidences of damage and vandalism.  This information greatly assists Golf Club members to repair and maintain the park’s facilities.

Saturday July 16th 2011– Stableford

The weather was once again ideal for golf as players hit off in the club’s stableford competition.  After the recent rains the course was quite wet so there was almost no run on the fairways and the greens were slow. 

The remaining semi-final, Andrew Clement V Anthony Lakey, of the Algie Mitchell Perpetual Trophy, singles knockout competition was also played.  After a tough afternoon Anthony was victorious on the 20th hole.  He will now play Kev Milner in the final of this event.

The day’s stableford winner was Graeme Clement with 35 pts from Les Gaunt, 34 pts on a count-back from Andrew Laing.

NTPs went to 15 – John Laing and 16 – Les Gaunt

Saturday July 9th 2011- Stableford

A strong field hit off in Romsey’s Stableford  competition.  The weather was ideal, almost no wind and a sunny winter’s afternoon. The final of the club’s oldest shield Ampol/W E Tom 4BBB was also played.  

In the Shield event; after a close fought round the Clement brothers, Graeme and Andrew prevailed over Les Gaunt and Mat Thornton 3/2.  Mat did have something to talk about with an eagle three on the 14th. 

The day’s stableford winner was Anthony Lakey with 39 pts from Mick Nicholls with 37 pts,

NTPs went to 1 – Mick Nicholls and 16 – Jim Patton  

Saturday July 2nd 2011 – John Laing Shield & Stableford

Strong winds played havoc with many shots as players competed in either The John Laing Shield or Stableford competitions.  The northerly/NE winds did assist on the 9/18 with a number of players enjoying watching their balls skirt the trees before floating majestically back to the fairway.

The John Laing Shield matches were hard fought and results were generally close;

Kev Milner D John Boyce – 1 up.

Anthony Lakey D Steve Poulton – 9/8

Mat Thornton D Mick Nicholls – 19th.

Mat Hall D Graeme Clement – 19th

Stableford winner was Les Gaunt – 38 pts.

NTPs went to 15 – Mick Nicholls and 16 Bob Preece

Saturday June 25th  2011  – Monthly Medal, Stroke & Putts

A strong field hit off in the June Monthly Medal, the course was damp but the weather was fine and there was almost no wind.

The June Medal winner was Chris Van DerVliet with 93/29/64 from Graeme Clement 90/20/70, Mat Thornton 76/6/70 and Les Gaunt 80/9/71.

Least Putts, on a count-back from Mat Hall,  went to Les Gaunt with 26.

NTPs went to 15 & 16 Brett Lockens

Saturday June 18th 2011  – Stableford

Still, sunny conditions and rain softened fairways and greens meant that accuracy was paramount in the club’s Stableford competition. The cold air also affected the distance of shots so course management and club selection were a little more important than usual.  The day’s winners were Keith Hocking 39 pts and Graeme Clement 38 pts who both continued their recent good form with Les Gaunt 37 pts coming in third.

NTPs –  Mat Hall – 1st and, for the first time, there was a tie with both Les Gaunt and John Freestone equidistant on the 15th.    One of the semi-finals in the club’s Singles Knockout Shield was played with  Kev Milner defeating Mat Hall 5/4.  

Monday June 13th 2011 – Stableford   

Players were met by another clear, cold afternoon, however this time with almost no wind, when they hit off in the Queen’s Birthday Stableford competition. 

The day’s winner was Graeme Clement with 37 points from Kev Milner with 35 points.

NTPs went to 15 – Kev Milner and 16 –  Andrew Laing.

Saturday 11th June 2011   – Stroke

Players hit off on a still, sunny, winter’s afternoon in the club’s Stroke competition.  Soft fairways and greens allowed the low markers to play attacking golf however flukey winds often played a big part in the final scores.

Winner on the day was Mat Thornton with a fine 76/5/71 from Andrew Laing 93/21/72 and Kev Milner 84/12/72

NTP went to 15 – Mat Hall.

Sunday June 5th 2011  – The 29th Romsey Open.

24 holes; A, B & C Grade stroke & handicap (2/3 handicap)

A strong field, with players from 17 clubs, took to the course at 9.30 am to do battle with gusting winds under a slightly overcast sky.  The round of the morning came from Mat Thornton (Rom) with an outstanding two over par 47/3.3/43.6, other fine rounds were Mat Hall, Nathan Hodge, Daniel Wright (Rom) & Adrian Dukeson (Zeehan, his first at the course) all with 49.  Keith Hocking  (Rom) also performed well with 62/20/42. 

At 12.15 pm all 52 players sat down together for a roast lunch and a chance to catch up with old friends or to make new ones.  By 1.00 pm the weather began to look threatening and the inconsistent wind began to play on the minds of the players as they went out for the 2nd 12 holes.  The weather held off and all players were in the rooms well before the temperature dropped and the sky darkened.  In a closely fought affair Mat Hall was able to pip Mat Thornton by one stroke to take out the 2011 title.  Bert Parks (L/field) also had a good 2nd round with a return of 52/10/42.

Players enjoyed a country afternoon tea as scores were tallied and then presentations were made.  The day concluded after a good number of prizes were drawn as part of the event’s raffle. 

The day’s winners, 24 hole scores, were

A Grade Stroke – Mat Hall 96/6.6/89.3, H/Cap –   Mat Thornton – 97/6.6/90.3

B Grade Stroke –  Mick Corcoran (Melb Airport) 105/13.3/95.6, H/Cap – Ben Noel (Rom) – 111/18.6/92.3

C Grade Stroke – Graeme Clement (Rom) 120/26.3/93.3, H/Cap – Keith Hocking – 126/40/86

am H/Cap – Keith Hocking – 62/20/42, pm H/Cap – Bert Parks – 52/10/42.

All winners made speeches commenting on the quality of the course and thanking all the volunteers who looked after the course, who prepared and served the food and who looked after the refreshments.  Club Captain, Andrew Clement also thanked the sponsors, especially  the two major sponsors;  “Romsey Collision Centre” and “CIIC Insurance” . 

Saturday June 4th 2011 – 4BBB Pairs

Day one of the 29th Romsey Open.  21 pairs competed in the men’s, mixed and relative pairs 4BBB stableford competition.  It was a still, sunny afternoon and the course was in wonderful condition, a credit to all the volunteers who work so hard to improve both the course and Romsey Park in general.

The day’s winners were;

Men’s Pairs – Kev Milner (12) & Mat Thornton (5) 42 pts from Andrew Clement (11) & Keith Hocking (30) 41 pts.

Mixed Pairs – Dean Van DenHeuval (18) & Beryl Cole (27) 49 pts from Mick Nicholls (29) & Jan Harver (45) 45 pts.

Relative Pairs – John  (27) & Andrew (21) Laing 41 pts on a count-back from John (21) & Darren (4) Freestone.  (A Romsey Golf Club shield event)

NTPs went to 15 Les Gaunt and 16 Mick Keating (W/end).

Saturday May 28th 2011 – Monthly Medal, Stroke and Putts

Light drizzle and overcast skies met the players as they hit off in the May Monthly Medal.  The conditions meant very little run on the fairways and made the greens slow.  It was great to see ex Romsey champion and current OneAsia tour professional Chris Gaunt back for a round. 

The Gaunt family reigned supreme with father Les taking out the Monthly Medal – 77/9/68 while son Chris pared the course for a return of 71/+2/73.

Mat Thornton took out the only NTP, 15.

May 21st2011  – Handicap Match-play/Stableford

The sun was shining, the air was still and the course was in wonderful conditions as players hit off in the 2nd semi finals of the 4BBB Knockout competition, other players competed in a stableford competition

4BBB Knockout results were A & G Clement D M Hall/A Laing – 3/1 and M Thornton/L Gaunt D A Lakey/D VanDenHeuval – 2 up

The day’s stableford winner was D Richardson with 37 points.

NTPs on 15 & 16 went to L Gaunt.

Saturday May 14th 2011  – Semi Finals of the 4BBB Knock-out.

Freezing winds and overcast skies greeted players as they hit off in the semi finals of the Ampol/W E Tom Shield.  All finals were close and there was some excellent match-play as teams scrambled to win or halve the final holes.  Other players, not in this event, played  handicap match-play.  After the club’s near misses in the recent pennant finals there were some very close matches.

The day’s winners were;

M Hall/A Laing D J Boyce/K Dunn 3/2,

M Thornton/L Gaunt D B & W Robb 3/2 and

A Lakey/D Van DenHeuval D J Laing/P Chalmers 3/1.

NTPs went to M Hall 1 & 16 and L Gaunt 15.

Saturday May 7th 2011 – 4BBB Stableford Knockout.

Players hit off under clear skies and with almost no wind competition for the final eight spaces in this event was going to be tough.  Teams were playing for the Ampol/W. E. Tom Shield, the oldest of Romsey’s Shields, it was first awarded in 1965. At the end of the day the top eight teams went on to the finals stages of the event.

The top eight teams were; A & G Clement (Winners with 45 points), W & B Robb, J Laing & P Chalmers, A Lakey & D Van DenHeuval, A Laing & M Hall, L Gaunt & M Thornton, C Gaunt & S Poulton and J Boyce & K Dunn.

Wayne Robb took out the NTPs on 15 and 16.

The 1st semi-finals in this event will be played on Saturday May 14th.

Sunday May 1st 2011 – The 2011 pennant finals 

The eight Dalhousie District Pennant Finals were held on Sunday May 1st, the two courses to host the finals were Alexandra and Seymour.  Both of Romsey’s teams played at Alexandra. A good contingent of friends and relatives travelled to Alexandra to cheer the players on.

Unfortunately it was not our day with both teams being beaten.

The 1st handicap team fought out a tough battle with Hidden Valley  with the 6th pair going to the 19 and the 7th pair fighting out a very tight 18th, before finally going down 4/3. 

The 2nd handicap team did not play up to their ability and were well beaten by Lancefield 6/1.

Congratulations to our pennant captains and all our pennant players, we came within a pinch of making all three finals.  Also, our congratulations to the Hidden Valley and Lancefield teams.

Saturday April 30th 2011 – April Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

With a number of players having a round at Alexandra in preparation for the 2011 Pennant Finals it was a good opportunity for a “smokey” to take out the April Monthly Medal.  

However it was  Andrew Laing who kept up his recent fine form to win , 91/21/70  on a count back from Ron Walker, 98/19/70.

Andrew also took out the only NTP, the 15th (The Money Hole) so he had a very fruitful afternoon.

Least putts went to Ron Walker with 26.  

2011 ANZAC Day, Monday April 25th 

Local musician, and RGC member, Rob Smithies  enthralled players before hit-off at the Anzac Day stableford competition with his moving rendition of  “The Last Post and Reveille”.   A fitting tribute to all those we remember on this special day.  Winner on the day was consistent veteran Les Gaunt with 37 points.  Equal runners-up were Keith Hocking, Anthony Lakey, John Boyce and Andrew Laing.

The only NTP went to junior Daniel Wright – 15th.  

(The Volvo  China Open – Daniel had a steady par, 72, final round to finish on 12 under and take equal 31st place.)  

Saturday April 23rd 2011 – Stableford

Players watched ex Romsey member, Daniel Gaunt, in the 3rd round of the 2011 Volvo China Open before heading out to play in the club’s stableford competition.  The afternoon started out cold and overcast but the clouds soon lifted and the sun came out for a wonderful autumn afternoon.

Winner on the day was Kev Milner with a fine 43 points, runner up was Mick Nichols with 41 points.  Other good performances came from Craig Wood, 39 points, Andrew Laing, 38 points and Mat Hall with 37 points.

Nearest the pins went to Andrew Laing – 15 and Ron Walker – 16.  (Volvo China Open – Daniel ended the day with a fine -12 however he was still 6 behind the leader)

Sunday April 17th  – 2011 Pennant Round 5.

All three of the Romsey teams had strong chances of making their respective finals as they headed off for their matches on Sunday. 

Results were;

The “Scratch” team went down to Woodend 4/3 at Euroa.  Woodend will now play Alexandra in the final.

The 1st handicap team recorded a strong 5/2 win over Hidden Valley at Mt Macedon.  These teams will again meet in the final.

The 2nd handicap team recorded a steady 4/3 win over Euroa at Woodend.  Romsey will now meet Lancefield in the final

Saturday April 16th 2011 – Stroke

Players hit off under clear skies in Romsey Golf Club’s stoke competition last Saturday.  As the afternoon wore on the skies darkened and intermittent winds rose to play havoc on some holes but the rains held off.

The day’s winner was Chris van derVliet with a fine 97/29/68 on a count-back from  Bob McLennan; 82/14/68.  Other good rounds came from veterans Les Gaunt; 79/9/70 and Andrew Clement; 82/11/71.

Sunday April 10th 2011 – Pennant Round 4; 

The scratch team, having their second consecutive bye, hosted Alexandra V Yea.  

The 1st handicap team played Mt Macedon at Kilmore to record a strong 6/1 victory.  

The 2nd handicap team played Hidden Valley at Lancefield to record a good 5/2 victory.

Saturday April 9th 2011 – Par;  

Players hit off in changeable conditions, warm and sunny one moment then overcast with cold winds the next, however some good scores were registered.

Andrew Laing made it two in a row with a fine return of +3, runners up were veteran Peter Scanlon and Chris Van derVliet +2 with Anthony Lakey and another veteran John Laing all square.

NTPs went to 15 – Dean van DenHeuval and 16 – John Freestone

Friday April 8th 2011 – Night Golf;      

Players began arriving at 6.15 for the nine-hole Ambrose night golf competition.  In all 34 players hit off.  The course looked quite spectacular as fluorescent golf balls whizzed through the air (interesting to see exactly what happens when a golf ball hits a tree!) and the stationary distance and green lights sent out theor ghostly glow.

Everyone enjoyed a fine meal before they hit-off and home-made pumpkin soup and sweets after the round. The evening was a great success and there are plans for a similar event in early/mid spring later in the year.

Sunday April 3rd – 2011 Pennant Round Three.

Romsey’s scratch and 2nd handicap teams both had byes. 

The 2nd handicap team hosted the round.  Lancefield D Woodend 7/0 and Hidden Valley D Euroa 5/2.  

The 1st handicap team played Trentham at Hidden Valley and were able to return to  the winner’s circle with a strong 5/2 victory.

Saturday April 2nd 2011 – Stableford     

Players hit off off in the club’s stableford competition in clear, fine conditions, however gusting winds made some holes very tricky.  

The day’s winner was Andrew Laing with 38 points, runner up was Bob Mclennan with 37 points. NTPs went to – 15 Paul Noel and 16 – Mat Thornton


Sunday March 27th – 2011 Pennant, Round Two.  

All three Romsey teams suffered narrow losses over the weekend. 

The scratch team went down 4/3 to Alexandria at Woodend. 

The 1st handicap team went down 4/3 to Kilmore at Trentham. 

The 2nd handicap team went down 4/3 to Woodend at Hidden Valley.

Saturday March 26th 2011 – Monthly Medal – Stroke and Putts.  

John Freestone again triumphed in the March Monthly Medal at Romsey.  John’s fine round of 86/20/66 saw him a clear winner over Dean van denHeuval 89/18/71 and Bob McLennan 86/15/71.  Longest Drive went to outstanding junior Ben Noel.

NTPs went to 15 – Mat Hall and 16 – Ben Noel.

Sunday March 20th – 2011 Pennant Round One.

The scratch team got the defence of their 2010 title off to a great start with a 5/2 win over Euroa at Mt Macedon.  

The 2nd handicap team played Lancefield at Euroa and was also able to record a good 6/1 win.  

The 1st handicap team had the bye hosting Kilmore, Hidden Valley, Mt Macedon and Trentham at home.

Saturday March 19th 2011 – Handicap Matchplay

The course was in wonderful condition, the day was sunny and there was almost no wind as players hit off in a round of handicap match-play.  It was a good opportunity for everyone to practice this form of the game with the Dalhousie Pennant competition beginning on Sunday the 20th of March.

Two groups played the second round of the club’s “Algie Mitchell Singles Knock-out” competition.  Results were Andrew Clement D Les Gaunt 6/5 while Anthony Lakey D Chris VanderVliet 4/3.  NTPs went to 1 – Kev Milner, 15-  Mat Hall and 16 – Ben Noel

The club’s three pennant captains were named Scratch – Mat Thornton & Mat Hall, 1st handicap team – Tyson Ellis and 2nd handicap team – John Freestone.

Saturday March 12th 2011 – Stableford

A strong field hit off in still, sunny conditions in the club’s Stableford competition.  The continual warm and wet weather meant good fairways and excellent greens.  The club is very thankful to all the volunteers who worked so hard to get the course looking its best for weekly competitions as well as the final day of the 2011 Macedon Ranges Tournament.

The day’s winner was Mat Thornton (4) with 38 pts.  Runner up was Les Gaunt (9) with 37 pts and third Andrew Clement (11) with 35 pts.  Andrew also won the only NTP of the day, the 15th.

Saturday March 5th 2011 – Stroke  

Beautiful conditions met the players as they hit off in the club’s Stroke competition.  The field included a number of low markers who were back to get in some practice before the start of the 2011 pennant competition.  The amazing growing season continues and the rapid development of the park’s older and many new trees is wonderful to see. 

Winner on the day was junior captain, Jarrad White with a fine 83/15/68.  Other good scores were; Keith Hocking – 99/30/69, Les Gaunt – 79/10/69, Chris VanderVliet – 98/28/70 and Dean Van DenHeuval – 89/19/70.

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Jarred White.

Saturday March 12th sees the 1st round of the 2011 Macedon Ranges Junior Tournament at Woodend Golf Course.  Round 2 is at Lancefield on Sunday the 13th and the final round is at Romsey on Monday the 14th.  There are still a few places in the field, especially for girls.  Registration will be taken from 11.00 am at Woodend on Saturday.

Saturday February 26th 2011 – February Monthly Medal, stroke and putts.

Players hit off in clear, still conditions, the fairways were giving some run and the greens were holding well.  Relief was given on some fairways were casual water had killed off large areas of grass.  The weather gradually turned cold and rain threatened by the end of the round.

Winner of the February Monthly Medal was junior Ben Noel with a fine 82/16/66.  Second, on a count back, was Bob McLennan with 84/15/69 and John Freestone third with 91/22/69.

Least putts went to Daniel Wright and Ron Walker with 25.  Les Gaunt won the only NTP, 15th the money hole.

The 2011 syllabus for both Men’s and Ladies’ golf is now available from the club’s website;

Saturday February 19th 2011 – Par

Despite the 32 mm of rain that fell Friday on night and Saturday morning a good field hit off in the club’s Par competition.  There was a deal of casual water on the fairways, so relief through the green, was given.  The constant rain and the warm weather has improved the greens.  The course will be in excellent condition for the Macedon Ranges Junior Tournament (March 12/13/14) and for the coming pennant season that begins on Sunday March 20th.

Winner on the day was Anthony Lakey, 29/+3, Les Gaunt 10/+2 came in 2nd with Kev Milner 13/+1 3rd.

NTPs went to 15 Kev Milner and 16 Les Gaunt.

Saturday February 12th 2011 – Singles Knock-out Rd 1 (take 2) 

2011 Singles Knock-out competition, stableford with the top eight players to go on to sudden death handicap match play. Both dams were full to overflowing, the fairways were in excellent condition and the greens were continuing to improve; with a bit of luck they will be back to their best come pennant season in March.

A good field hit off  in cool, windy conditions.  Winner on the day was club captain Andrew Clement with 11/37, runner-up was Daniel Wright 0/36.

NTPs went to 1 – Jim Menzies, 15 – Daniel Wright and 16 – Mat Hall.

The eight players to continue in the competition were; A Clement V L Gaunt, C vanderVliet V A Lakey, D Wright V K Milner and  M Hall V J Menzies

Saturday February 5th 2011 – Singles Knock-out Rd 1

The 1st round of the 2011 Singles Knock-out competition was cancelled due to heavy rain on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Saturday January 29th 2011 – January Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts  

Monthly Medal, Stroke and putts.  There had been an enormous amount of growth across the whole park and many hours of volunteer labour to get the course into good condition for the January Monthly Medal 

The fairways were generally excellent but, after the recent flooding rains, there were still bare areas where pooled water had killed the grass so relief, on the fairway played, was given.

A wonderful, sunny day brought out a good field, including many low markers, so good scoring was expected and many players delivered; Daniel Wright 71/0/71, Mat Hall 71/5/66 (This is the 1st time for many years that the course has been parred by two players on the same day) and Ben Noel 83/17/66.

After such good scores it was going to take a great performance to win the January Monthly Medal and junior captain, Jarrad White was the man for the moment with an excellent 78/18/60.

NTPs went to 1 – Dean Van DenHeuval, 15 – Ben Noel, 16 – Jarrad  White.

On Friday January 28th Romsey junior, Daniel Wright competed in the Golf Victoria, Junior Summer Competition Final at Eastwood Golf Club.  After his four under par win in the Heidelberg Junior Open last week the pressure was on and again Daniel delivered with a 76/0/76 to take out 2nd place behind Luke Petherick from Mooroopna with 75/2/73.

The club held its last Junior Clinic on Fri 28th.  There was an excellent roll up and it is hoped than many of these juniors will go on to become golfers and members of the club.

Saturday January 22nd 2011 – Par

Saturday’s Par competition saw a strong field take to the course.  There were a few areas that were still wet or very soft after recent heavy rains so relief, to a hand-span on the fairway played, was given, however in general the fairways and greens were in good condition.

Winner on the day was junior Jarrad White with +2,  other good performances came from Dave Richardson +1 and another junior Ben Noel with 0.

NTPs went to 15th Jarrad White. 

Romsey junior, Daniel Wright (16 yrs), had a wonderful day at Heidelburg Golf Course on Thursday, January 20th.  Playing the Heidelburg Junior Open, Under 14/16/18 (Boys & Girls), as an under 18, he distinguished himself with a four under par 68 to win the title by two stokes.  His round include two bogies (Holes 1 and 2), 10 pars and six birdies  (including the last two holes).

Daniel now has a handicap of 0.2, equivalent to 0, an amazing  golfing performance for one so young.

The final of our successful summer junior clinics, will be held Friday 28th 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm,.  It is great to see our current junior players working so closely with the next generation of Romsey golfers.

Saturday January 15th 2011 – Stroke

There was no for golf after almost 200 mm of rain in the preceding five days and the day’s stroke competition was cancelled.  The heavy rain also meant that the free junior clinic scheduled for Friday 14th was also cancelled.  Our next two clinics will be on Fridays January 21st and 28th.

However a sunny Sunday the 16th, two days of sun in a row, saw a number of club members, male and female, hard at work improving existing tees, building a new 18th tee, clearing storm damaged branches and trees from the park and putting final touches to the new 18th green.  Once the new soil settles the club will be hard at work sanding, levelling and laying down new turf to make sure that the course is in great condition come the Macedon Ranges Junior Tournament over the Labour Day weekend and also for the 2011 Pennant Golf season later in autumn.

Saturday January 8th 2011 – 4BBB Stableford

A few days of sunshine had certainly dried out the course and there was a great deal of run on all fairways.  The greens continued to improve however it will take more time for them to fully recover from the beetle and fungus attacks of a wet 2010.

There was some excellent scoring with many pairs in the low 40s.  Winners on the day, after a count-back, were gun juniors Daniel Wright (2) and Ben Noel (17) with 46 points.  Runners up were Dave Richardson (28) and Adrian Poulton (27)

NTPs went to 1 – Graeme White, 15 – Neil Jarman and 16 – Gary Watts

Saturday January 1st 2011 – Stableford

New Year’s Day and what a wonderful day for a relaxed round of stableford, almost no wind and after so many wet months there was a little run on the fairways.  Good scores were expected.

It was also good to see ex-member Rev Alan Williams (38 pts), down from the Richmond RAAF base for a hit at his old club.  With almost half the field equalling or bettering their handicap it required an outstanding effort to win the day.  The event’s winner was Daniel Wright (3) with an excellent 42 points.  Runner up was another junior, Ben Noel, (17) with 40 points.

NTPs went to 1 – D Wright, 15 – M Thornton and 16 – A Laing