Saturday December 29th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The field teed off in fine conditions, after Friday night’s rain the fairways were a little soft but the greens were in top condition.   Early in the round there was a gusting wind from the west which made high approach shots more than usually challenging. The day was one of two halves with many players putting together a top front or back nine but steady golf was what was required.  A highlight of the day was a beautiful shot on the Par 3, 145 m 15th to  ~45cm of the flag, this saw visitor, Michael Squires, take home the $100 jackpot.  On another wonderful day to be out on the Park the results were;

Winner; Michael Squires – 83/16/67

December Medallist; Scott Williams – 90/20/70 from Joh Freestone – 98/24/74

Women’s Winner; Darlene Baker – 94/20/74

Least Putts; Rob Rea – 29 c/b from Anthony Lakey, Bob Dwyer & Michael Squires

NTPs; 15th – Michael Squires & 16th – Andrew Laing.

Tuesday December 26th – Boxing Day Stableford

It was a surprisingly large field who took to the course at 8.30 am for the club’s Boxing Day Stableford competition.  The first few holes proved to be a little scratchy but the quality of the golf soon picked up.  A few dry patches on the fairways gave some lucky golfers added distance off the tee but accuracy around the greens was again all important.  As the day began to heat up players were heading to the rooms for a well earned drink and then back home for Boxing Day lunch and the cricket.  On a warm, still morning the results were;

Winner; Michael McCarten (13) – 40 pts from Adrian Poulton (27) – 36 pts

NTPs 1st – Michael McCarten

Saturday December 23rd – Ambrose & Christmas Drinks

After over 40mm falling during the week and temperatures on the mid to high 20sC the course had shown good growth and was again in top nick.  The ongoing bird scaring meant far fewer Little Corellas chewing up Romsey Park and there was only slight damage to the 15th green.  The round began with gusting winds moving between the west and the south-west, later in the day the wind died down making for far simpler high, approach shots.  The field featured a number of low, single figure players so the team handicap was always going to figure heavily in the day’s outcome. A few teams had wonderful front nines, one being six under, but to win the day steady golf over the whole 18 was required and it was the final few holes that separated the winners from the rest of the field.  As the clock ticked over to 4.15 pm groups headed to the rooms for a quiet drink, a relaxed BBQ and a pre-Christmas talk as the cards were checked.  On a very enjoyable, relaxed day the results were;

Winners; Anthony Lakey/Mal Mottram/Jim Patton/Mick Nichols Snr – 63/9.6/53.3 from Andrew Evans/Anthony Freeman/Kevin Dunn/Ned Evans – 67/11.5/55.5, Daniel Wright/Seamus Whelan/Tom Cannon/Connor Whelan – 61/4.4/56.6 & Shannon Wright/Andrew Clement/Mick Nicholls Jnr/Toby Clement – 65/8.4/56.6

NTPs; 1st Mick Nicholls Jnr, 15th – Mal Mottram & 16th – Les Gaunt

Saturday December 16th – Stroke

It was almost the perfect day for a round, clear, blue skies, temperature in the mid 20s and only a zephyr from the North-East.  Good scoring was to be expected.  The recent hot weather saw the fairways much harder so all players got good value for well struck drives.  The greens, while still a little lumpy, held well and players who putted with conviction got good results.  The day was one for the veterans with three octogenarians giving their handicaps a serious scare.  However, in the end, it was a battle between two of the club’s most engaging members with age and experience winning over youthful enthusiasm.  On a great day to be out in the Park the day’s results were;

Winner; Mick Nicholls Snr – 88/25/63 from Shannon Wright – 81/15/66, Bruce Robb – 102/34/69, Mal Mottram – 81/11/70 and John Laing – 102/31/71.

NTPs; 1st – Rob Rea, 15th – Nathan Rayment

Eagle; 14th – Scott Williams

Wednesday December 13th – Par 3, “The Old Course”

With extremely warm conditions predicted it was fortuitous the last official round of the year was only 12 holes and a round of par 3s. Thankfully most players had finished their round by 11.00 am; missing the worst of the high temperatures.
Women’s Captain, Lorraine Robb, was out early to organise the Par 3 competition, shifting the tee markers to the chosen spot on the fairways; creating 12 interesting and varied par 3 holes.   Players were challenged by tricky tee placements with the changed length of holes required careful club selection.  Everyone enjoyed the challenge and the novelty of the day’s format.  On a hot, slightly windy morning the results were :
Winner; Jenny Hartley  – 50/19.3/30.6 from Wendy Gosden – 55/22.6/32.3 and Beryl Cole – 50/17.3/32.6
NTP; Jenny Hartley  – Old 9th

Saturday December 9th – Stableford

With over 80 mm of rain in the ground and a spot of irrigation here and there the course was in top nick.  Very recent Verti-draining of the greens saw a few rough spots but all greens were certainly much softer and responded will to good high iron and wedge approach shots.  The day was almost perfect for golf, clear, sunny and with intermittent winds from the south.  Good golf was the order of the day and many players were able to rack up consecutive pars or better but the challenge of keeping it going saw many players fall away.  There were only three players in with a chance as they headed up the final hole and an excellent par made all the difference.  On a wonderful day to be out on the park the results were;

Winner; Hugh Drummond (21) – 40 pts C/B from John Laing (32) with Mick Nicholls Jnr (20) – 39 pts

NTPs; 1st – Mick Nicholls Jnr

Wednesday December 6th – North Pole Rules

As a Christmas celebration the women played a relaxed game with modified rules. The captain determined the set of rules to be played from each tee of the 12 holes of the “Old Course”. There were lots of giggles and laughter as short irons were hit from tees and drivers used to chip on to a green. Penalties applied for anyone talking on one tee but everyone managed to keep quiet for the duration!  Scores were so close the captain declared a draw and everyone headed tot eh rooms for a well deserved  chocolate.

The men chose to play an 18 hole round of Stableford. The course is particularly good at the moment and the 18 hole contingent enjoyed their round in near perfect weather conditions. John Freestone played a great shot on the 15th and then drilled his second shot for a nice, neat birdie. Result for the day:
Winner; Ron Walker – 33 points from John Freestone – 31 points & Hugh Williams – 30 points
NTPs; 15th – John Freestone

Saturday December 2nd – 4BBB Stroke

Despite almost 60mm of rain the course was in good condition with casual water on one green and a few fairways.  The small but enthusiastic field faced gusting westerly winds and steady drizzle towards the end of the round.  The softer fairways resulted in longer approach shots and the damp greens required much firmer putting than usual.  While the conditions really tested the players the 4BBB Stroke format allowed a number of teams to play below average golf on some holes yet still salvage a good score.  Perhaps the highlight of the round was a tremendous 8 iron into the gusting wind by Jim Patton on the 147m, par 3 15th.  Jim dropped the ball about 30 cm from the cup, took the birdie and picked up the $100 for inside the ring.  So, on a cold, windy and damp day the results were;

Winners; John Laing/Andrew Laing – 91/25.5/65.5 from Dean Jones/John Freestone – 78/12/66 & Anthony Lakey/Jim Patton – 87/20.5/66.5

NTPs; 15th – Jim Patton & 16th – Dean Jones

Wednesday November 29th – Stableford

Over the past six week club volunteers have worked tirelessly to have the course in near perfect condition.  All fairways have great cover of grass and almost all greens are in top nick, even the two damaged greens have recovered well.  Good scoring was to be expected. Players who kept it on the fairway and who putted with confidence were well reward.  There was a gentle breeze coming from the north west and it provided a welcome relief from the hot sun. The sky was cloudless and meant SunSmart precautions were a must for all players.  The final works to the drain on the eastern boundary were completed by a busy contingent of workers from Newearth Constructions.    On another hot day the results were;

Winner; Beryl Cole (28) – 38 pts from Darlene Baker (20) – 33 pts  & Lorraine Robb (34) – 29 pts
9 Hole Women; Pam Drummond (44) – 23 points
Men; Hugh Williams (24) – 35 pts from  John Freestone (22) – 33 pts & Bruce Robb (33) – 32 pts
NTPs;   1st – John Freestone, 15th – Bruce Robb

Monday November 27th – Dalhousie District 27 Hole Tournament – Seymour G. C.

Beryl Cole represented RGC at the 2017 DDGA 27 Hole Tournament.  After leaving in drizzling rain the jumper had to come off soon after arrival at Seymour and the day continued to get hotter.  After 18 holes there was a quick break for a much appreciated salad roll and then out to play the final nine holes.  Beryl’s playing group included the winners of the scratch and C Grade handicap division.  While the golf was a little indifferent Beryl did win 2nd prize in the raffle.