Over the past six week club volunteers have worked tirelessly to have the course in near perfect condition.  All fairways have great cover of grass and almost all greens are in top nick, even the two damaged greens have recovered well.  Good scoring was to be expected. Players who kept it on the fairway and who putted with confidence were well reward.  There was a gentle breeze coming from the north west and it provided a welcome relief from the hot sun. The sky was cloudless and meant SunSmart precautions were a must for all players.  The final works to the drain on the eastern boundary were completed by a busy contingent of workers from Newearth Constructions.    On another hot day the results were;

Winner; Beryl Cole (28) – 38 pts from Darlene Baker (20) – 33 pts  & Lorraine Robb (34) – 29 pts
9 Hole Women; Pam Drummond (44) – 23 points
Men; Hugh Williams (24) – 35 pts from  John Freestone (22) – 33 pts & Bruce Robb (33) – 32 pts
NTPs;   1st – John Freestone, 15th – Bruce Robb