Saturday December 29th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts.

A cool morning turned into a beautiful, sunny afternoon, perfect for the large field of golfers as they hit off in the December Monthly Medal.  The fairways continued to give good run and the greens generally held well. Bird damage again effected three greens however, with players able to take relief, play was not greatly effected.  One highlight of the day was an eagle 2 on the 360m Par 4 18th by Les (Twig) Gaunt.  Playing his second over some trees no-one in the group saw the ball land and, while the other members of the group kept searching, Les went back to play a provisional ball.  This shot dropped onto the green rolling up to the flag prompting Kev Milner to have a look in the cup and sure enough there was Les’s first ball.  Winner and December Medalist; Gary Watts – 86/16/70 c/b from Pat Chisholm – 90/20/70, Anthony Freeman – 91/20/71, John Laing – 97/26/71 and Peter Scanlon – 99/27/72

Eagle, – 360m Par 4 18th – Les Gaunt

NTPs 1 – Anthony Lakey, 15 – Andrew Laing, 16 – John Freestone.  Least Putts – John Boyce – 26

Wednesday December 26th – Boxing Day Stableford

The extreme heat over the weekend had continued the drying of the fairways seeing many players teeing off with fairway woods or low irons in an effort not to run too far.  The greens had generally held up however a couple were showing signs of stress.  They continued to be quite true so determined putters were well rewarded.  The day’ s results were;

Winner; John Freestone 41 pts from Mick Nicholls and Graeme Clement 38 pts and Sherif Abdel-Sayed (20) 37 pts

Saturday December 22nd – Stableford

As players assembled in the clubrooms we were treated to the final few ends of the Romsey Bowls Club – Men’s Championship.  Golfers watched as Graeme Cuthbert and Cameron Austin, bowling with great precision, fought out a tough championship match.   At 12.15 pm golfers headed out with the bowls final still undecided.  A strong field hit off in the Stableford competition.  The recent hot, dry weather has seen the fairways harden considerably; all players knew they would get good value for their drives and approach shots.  The greens were generally in good nick however a few had been attacked by the birds leaving some damaged areas.  As the day wore on and the temperature rose players felt some relief from a gentle NE breeze.  At the end of the day the hard fairways and true greens saw a number of golfers play at or better than their handicaps.  The day’s results were ( Bowls – Cameron Austin 25 D Graeme Cuthbert 22);

Winner; Graeme Clement (15) 42 pts from Bob Dwyer (28) 41 pts, Mick Nicholls (28) 40 pts, Kev Milner (9) 38 pts, Peter Scanlon (28) 37 pts, Anthony Freeman (21) 37 pts, John Freestone (20) 36 pts, Les Gaunt (6) 36 pts & Andrew Clement (9) 36 pts.
NTPs 1 – Mick Nicholls, 15 – Sharon Carroll, 16 – Alan Williams.
Women’s Winner – Jan Harver (45) 41 pts from Sharron Carroll – 35 pts.

Saturday December 15th – Par

On Saturday morning players assembled under dire predictions of 10mm- 20mm of rain and possible thunder storms however the afternoon was clear and generally sunny with occasional northerly winds.  With around 5mm of rain falling over Thursday and Friday the course had freshened a little however there was still good run on the fairways.  The greens were a little “furry” so putting required a firm hand and a strong stroke.  The good conditions allowed a number of players to get on top of the course and return good scores.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Dean vanDenHeuval (12) +5, from Anthony Lakey (21) & Graeme Clement (16) +2 with Les Gaunt (6) & Steve Poulton (35) all square.

NTPs went to 1 – Graeme Clement, 15 – Anthony Freeman & 16 Anthony Lakey.

Saturday December 8th – Stroke

Despite the recent higher temperatures and the continued scarcity of rain the course was in great condition.  There was much more run on the fairways; players had to be careful with club selection or end up well passed their expected landing zone.  The greens had survived the recent heat, a credit to the ongoing work done by Neil Jarman.  They generally held quite well and putted very truly.  As the afternoon wore on strong northerly winds affected some holes and the day’s top tempeature of ~34C added a little pressure over the final holes.  On a warm afternoon the day’s results were;

Winner Rob Rea – 84/19/65 from John Freestone – 85/19/66, Ron Walker – 83/17/66, Steve Poulton – 105/35/70 and John Laing – 98/26/72.

NTPs went to 1 – Ron Walker, 15 – Anthony Freeman & 16 – John Freestone

Saturday December 1st – Stableford

After baking through the 40C of Thursday then coping the strong drying winds of Friday a violent storm in the early hours of Saturday morning restored a little colour and softness to the fairways.  The greens had survived quite well however players soon found out that it was far better to chip and run than to pitch the ball up and expect it to hold.  On another matter  John Laing, driving off the 11th Tee proved that the Heritage  listed and native vegetation of “The Peter Scanlon tree” was no obstacle as he drove through and had a clear and free 2nd shot with no difficulty.  Peter remains convinced this particuar tree has no place on any golf course.  The excellent conditions produced some good scoring with a number of players breaking their handicaps.  The day’s results were;

Winner, on a c/b; Steve Poulton (36) – 41 pts from John Laing (24) and Dean vanDenHeuval (13) 38 pts.

NTPs went to; 1 & 15 – Kev Milner and 16 – John Laing.

Saturday November 24th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

Whilst the day’s temperature did not reach the predicted 35C it was still very hot out on the course until a late change dropped the temperature and even hinted at a spot of rain.  The golf also was quite hot with players getting good run on the fairways and shooting to greens that generally held quite well.  In the end it was a battle between veteran Peter Scanlon, John Freestone and Ron Walker.  Unfortunately a very unlucky bounce leading to a lost ball on the 10th finally cost Scanlon the November Medal.  The day’s results were;

Winner and November Medalist (2nd month in a row) John Freestone – 90/20/70 from Peter Scanlon – 97/26/71 and Ron Walker 89/17/72.

NTPs went to 15th – John Laing.  Least putts, on a c/b went to Pat Chisholm – 27

Wednesday November  21st  – Monthly Medal A warm day with some cool winds met players as they hit off in the November Monthly Medal. The course was generally in great condition, a few more sunny days with no rain meant far more run on the fairways.  The greens were holding well allowing players to pitch in with some confidence.  The day’s results were;Winner and November medalists; Lorraine Robb – 104/32/72 from Kath Jekabsons – 102/29/73 and Beryl Cole – 102/24/78

Saturday November 17th – Stableford

Another clear, still day with temperatures between 15C and 20C, perfect for getting out on the course and carding a good score.  Little rain over last few weeks meant that the fairways had hardened and players had to be more thoughtful about club selection off the tee; the wrong club would see you well passed the corner and into the rough.  A few tricky pin placements also kept the field honest.  Of course there were the usual hard-luck stories, “a crow swooped down and just snapped up my ball on the 4th” etc.  However, for the second week running, many players scored close to or above their handicaps.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Rob Rea (20) 39 pts from Graeme Clement (16) 38 pts, Les Gaunt (6) 35 pts, Dean vanDenHeuval (13) 35 pts & Steve Poulton (36) 35 pts

NTPs went to 1 – Dean vanDenHeuval & 15 – Les Gaunt

Wednesday November 14th – Stableford

Conditions were again excellent for golf as the Romsey women took to the course for the week’s stableford competition.  The greens were excellent and the fairways were in the best condition in memory.  The Romsey women’s layout, 5273m in length, is one of the longest women’s courses in Dalhousie District; even under ideal conditions it is a challenge to play at or better than handicap. The days results were;

Winner; Beryl Cole (24) 34 pts from Lorraine Robb (32) 32 pts and Wendy Gosden (40) 30 pts.

Congratulations also to Beryl who was recently named the Women’s Golf Dalhousie District captain.

Saturday November 10th – Stroke

Conditions were almost perfect for golf as players hit off in the week’s stroke competition.  The club welcomed back, after long absences,  Shannon Wright (9) and Gary Watts (16); both were very impressed by the wonderful condition of the course, a great credit to the many members who donate so much of their time.  It was also great to catch up with Dean Jones for a chat and a quiet drink after the round.  The day promised some good scoring and a number of players took up the challenge; many also played just over their handicaps.  The day’s results were;

Winner – Dean vanDenHeuval (Now four wins out of five weeks!) –  81 /14/67  from Pat Chisholm – 89/21/68, Les Gaunt – 77/5/72 and Gary Watts – 88/16/72

NTPs: 1 – John Laing, 15 – Chris vanDerVliet, 16 – Graeme Clement.  Kev Milner also recorded an eagle on the 440m, par 5, 17th

Tuesday November 6th – Melbourne Cup Day Stableford

Players hit off under warm, clear conditions but with the hint of less benevolent weather to come.  The course continued in great nick and all greens were beginning to come back to their best.  The morning went from humid to cool to very pleasent conditions before turning quite nasty just before the round concluded.  Loud thunder echoed across the park and lightning flashed as the final group putted out on the 18th.  The day’s results were;

Winner – Anthony Freenman (22) 40 pts from Anthony Lakey (20) 38 pts

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Andrew Laing.

Saturday November 3rd – Par

The sun was out, the sky was clear and the course was in top condition as players assembled for the club’s Par competition. While sprinkler damage had effected two greens the remainder were really coming back to their best.  There was the odd gust of wind but in general conditions were perfect for golf, cricket and bowls, all of which were in play at Romsey Park.  On such a wonderful late spring day the club was pleased to welcome a few old faces back to the course.  It was also good to see the vast majority of the large field play to, or close to, their handicaps  The day’s results were;

Winner Dean vanDenHeuval (15)  +1 from Neil Jarman (13) Square, Kev Milner (9) Square, Graeme Clement (15) -1 and Pat Chisholm (21)  -1

NTPs were – 1 – Les Gaunt, 15 – Neil Jarman & 16 – Mal Mottram

Saturday October 27th – Monthly Medal, Stroke & Putts

Players hit off in the October Monthly Medal under clear skies with almost no wind and the prospect of the sun breaking through the clouds for a wonderful round.  The fairways were in great nick and the greens were beginning to show positive results after the recent works.  Whilst they were still a little slow, they were consistent across the course.  By half way through the round the sun was shining and players enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon.  The day’s results were;

Winner and October Monthly Medalist – John Freestone – 91/21/70 from Dean vanDenHeuval, continuing his recent great form – 76/15/71  and  Kev Milner  – 83/10/73

NTPs went to Dean vanDenHeuval 1 and 15.  Least putts –  Les Gaunt – 26

Sunday October 21st – 9 Holes Texas Ambrose and Presenation Day

Although a little cool early  Saturday’s excellent weather continued into Sunday for the club’s Presentation Day.  Groups of three or four hit off for the nine-hole (Front nine) Texas Ambrose competition.  There was much laughter and good natured strirring as the groups passed each other or as wayward shots fell on to the wrong fairway.  After the round a number of life members and other friends of the club joined the players in the clubrooms for a relaxed drink and an excellent meal. Our thanks to all those who prepared salads and sweets and to “Richo” who did a great job on the BBQ.  The day’s results were;

Winners; Kevin Dunn, Elaine Scanlon, Steve Poulton & Andrew Laing – 49 pts from Pat Chisholm, Jan Harver and Graeme Clement – 45 pts and Peter Scanlon, Bruce Robb & Dean vanDenHeuval 44 pts.  NTP – 1 – Dean vanDenHeuval.

The year’s awards went to;

Club Champions – Andrew Clement & Kath Jekabsons.

B Grade Champion – Rob Rea,  C Grade Champion – Dave Richardson.

Medal of Medalists – Andrew Laing & Kath Jekabsons

Peter Scanlon Shield – Rob Rea (Best H/C during the Club Championships by a player 55 yrs and over)

John Jeffries Shield – Dave Richardson (Best overall H/C during the Club Championships)

Ampol/W E Tom 4BBB – Daniel Wright & Dean vanDenHeuval

Elaine Scanlon Shield – Kath Jekabsons

Algie Mitchell Singles KO – Les Gaunt

John Laing Shield – Rob Rea (H/C Matchplay)

Eclectic – Kath Jekabsons

Relative Pairs – John & Andrew Laing (4BBB Stableford)

Saturday October 20th – Stableford

Who could ask for a better day, brilliant sunshine, virtually no wind and the fairways in great nick.  However the greens, only very recently scarifierd, cored, top-dressed, seeded and fertilised (they were also unmown) were a little more challenging.   It took all players quite a few holes to come to grips with the speed and the surprising lack of borrow so the scores for the front nine were not so good, performances on the back nine were much more impressive.  However, on such a brilliant day, only one person was able to “tame the beast” and play exceptional golf to break his handicap. The day’s results were;

Winner; Dean vanDenHeuval (16) – 39 pts

NTPs 15 – Graeme Clement

The RGC team of Les Gaunt, Dave Richardson, Tony Freenman & Rob Rea turned in a great performance at the Woodend Tournament to run 5th with 63 off the stick for a handicap result of 52 2/3.

Saturday October 12th – No Play

After scarifying, coring, top-dressing, seeding and fertilising of the greens on Thursday and Friday there was no play this weekend  Our thanks to Steve Poulton, Bob McLennan, Neil Jarman, Andrew Clement and John Laing for all their efforts to get this work successfully completed.

Saturday October 6th – Stableford

Well, the miserable weather we missed on Grand Final day certainly came back to Romsey.  As four-time club champion Les Gaunt put it “There are some days just made for golf while on others you should just stay at home and read a good book”.

Rain fell during much of the morning yet die-hard golfers still assembled at the clubrooms, crossing their fingers that the weather would lift.  By 12.15 pm the rain was light so off the groups headed.  Soon the umbrellas were out and the wet-weather gear on.  Rain, gusting winds and short periods of sun made up the remainder of the afternoon. On another “very hard day at the office”, where most players were only able to register scores in the high 20s or low 30s, the results were;

Winner; Kev Milner – (10) 33 pts from Rob Rea – (19) 32 pts

NTPs went to 15 – John Laing & 16 – Kev Milner

Saturday September 29th – Stableford

Despite the dire predictions of hail and storms players hit off, at 8.30 am, under clear, blue skies.  The wind did come into play with strong gusts making club selection tricky.  The 15mm of rain on Friday had again softened the fairways and greens which meant little run once the ball landed but making it possible to really attack the pins.  Of the golfers who turned up to play there was not one Swan or Hawk, plenty of Dons, Pies and Blues however!  The round finished in good time allowing all to get away to watch the Grand Final

On a pleasingly clear day the winner was Anthony Lakey (21) 36 pts from Rob Rea (19) and Andrew Laing (17) both with 33 pts.

The tricky wind made sure that even after a few very near misses, no-one was able to hit any of the par 3s.

Saturday September 22nd – Stroke 2011/12 Medal of Medalists & September Medal

The sun was shining and there was nary a breath of wind, the fairways were still soft however a few days of sun and wind had dried out the greens.  It looked like the perfect day to attack and record a good score.  The 2011/12 Medal of Medalists was at last able to be played and it was the September Medal as well (Stroke & Putts).  Try as they might none of the players were able to break par, some thinking the course had dried out dropped shots short of the greens hoping to bounce up (February golf?) while others found their ball bouncing off the green.  Perhaps the novelty of playing a round in the sun with almost no wind threw some players off their game?

The Medal of Medalists went to Andrew Laing – 93/17/76

September Medal went to Pat Chisholm – 97/22/75 on a c/b from a somewhat jet-lagged Gary Watts – 91/16/75

NTPs went to -15 – Rob Rea & 16 – Daniel Wright.  Least Putts – Peter Scanlon – 27

Friday September 21st –  Kingston Heath RWH 4BBB Final

The Romsey team of Beryl Cole and Kath Jekabsons represented Dalhousie District at the Royal Women’s Hospital 4BBB final.  The weather stayed mostly fine with one slight shower although bad weather was predicted. The fairways were like bowling greens; players could safely and accurately putt from a very long way off the green. There were bunkers everywhere even in the middle of the fairway. The trick was to avoid them as they certainly challenged any golfer.

Kath and Beryl managed to get into the bunkers a couple of times each but were able to negotiate them with one hit out. After a challenging day Romsey ended up with 38 points. The winners were Croydon with 39 points, Romsey lost on a count-back for runners up.

Wednesday September 19th – Rd 3 Club ChampionshipsThe day was marvellous, still, sunny and a pleasure to be out on the course.  No real rain for a few days had seen the fairways go from squelchy to mildly soft, the greens were in great nick but one had to be aggressive to get the ball in the hole. The final round of the 2012 club championships was also the September Monthly Medal. The September Monthly Medal winner was; Kath Jekabsons -110/29/81 from Beryl Cole  107/25/82 and Leila Beasley 125/32/93.

2012 Club Championship results were;
Stroke – Kath Jekabsons – 324,  from Beryl Cole – 326
Handicap – Kath Jekabsons – 324/87/237

Sunday September 16 – Final John Laing Shield

After many wet weekends and the club championships the final of this shield was able to be played.  Rob Rea (19) took on Andrew Laing (17).  After an even front nine Rea was able to get away and post a good win 3/2.

Saturday September 15th – Round 3 Club Championships

The finer weather of earlier in the week continued and players hit off under clear skies with almost no wind.  The casual water was limited to only a few holes and the greens were receptive to attacking golf.  After a few holes the jumpers came off as spring, in all its splendour, pitched into Romsey Park.  As a result of the heavy weather of last week each of A, B and C grade had a number of contenders so the final round was all important.  The warmer air saw many longer drives but the still soft fairways made sure players did not get real value for their shots.

The day’s winner was Dave Richardson – 99/27/72 (When will this excellent run of form finish??) from Dean vanDenHeuval – 90/16/74, Andrew Clement – 85/10/75 and Heath Rea – 90/15/75.

NTPs went to 15 – Dave Richardson and 16 – Andrew Laing.

Of all grades A Grade was the closest however Andrew Clement played a fine round and was able to keep contenders Dean vanDenHeuval and Heath Rea at bay to win his second Club Championship.

The Results of the 2012 Club Championships were;

A Grade; Stroke – Andrew Clement – 261,  Handicap – Dean vanDenHeuval – 271/223

B Grade; Stroke – Rob Rea – 280,  Handicap – Rob Rea – 280/223

C Grade; Stroke – Dave Richardson – 301,   Handicap – Dave Richardson – 301/220

John Jeffrey Shield (Best overall handicap) – Dave Richardson – 301/220

Peter Scanlon Shield (Best handicap by a player 55 Yrs & over) – Rob Rea – 280/223

Wednesday September 12th – Round 2 Club Championships

After a few days of finer weather the course had begun to stabalise, most of the surface water had disappeared and the fairways and greens were a little harder.  Still it was a battle to get around the course anywhere close to handicap.  The day’s winner was:

Kath Jekansons – 109/29/80 from Beryl Cole –  111/25/86 and  Leila Beasley 113/32/81

At the end of Round 2 of the Club Championships standings are;

Stroke; Kath Jekabsons – 214 from Beryl Cole – 219

Handicap; Kath Jekabsons – 214/156 from Leile Beasley – 229/165

Monday September 10th – Women’s Singles Knock-out Final 

After many weeks of wet weather and a soggy course the 2012 Women’s Singles Knock-out Final was able to be played.  Beryl Cole (25) took on Kath Jekabsons (29).  The round began in clear, sunny conditions, however the course was still quite soft giving little run once the ball landed.  The front nine was see-sawing with Kath getting one up at the 4th, then Beryl winning two to go one up by the 7th.  Beryl was still one up at the half-way mark.  Beryl picked up the 10th, 11th and 14th while Kath won the 13th leaving Beryl three up as the group drove off the 16th.

Kath played superb match-play golf to win the 16th, 17th and 18th, so the 19th came into play.  Kath drove just short of the green while Beryl’s drive found the the rough, then short of the green.  A “chip and a couple of putts” saw Kath take out the 2012 title.

Saturday September 8th – Round 2 2012 Club Championships

There was a little sun and plenty of drying winds during the early part of the week so everything was looking good until over 14mm of rain fell late on Thursday night.  The course got a little sun and wind on Friday so play was able to proceed.

Unfortunately the clubrooms were broken into on Thursday night and again on Friday night.  A great deal of damage was done and money and other items were stolen.  On a slightly better note many fingerprints were collected by the crime squad when they visited the rooms on Saturday morning.  The Bowls club was also effected by these break-ins.

Groups of three hit-off under slightly overcast skies, strong north-westerly winds also added to the challenge of the day.  Players again had to contend with casual water on a number of holes, overflowing dams and very soft fairways, relief through the green was given.

However, on a trying afternoon, a number of players were still able to put in commendable rounds,  the results were;

Winner – Dave Richardson 101/27/74 c/b from – Rob Rea 93/19/74 & Dean vanDenHeuval –  91/16/75.

NTPs went to 15 – Dean vanDenHeuval and 16 – Andrew Clement.

At the end of Round 2 the Club Championships standings are;

A Grade  Scratch – Andrew Clement – 176. Handicap – Dean vanDenHeuval – 183/151.

B Grade  Scratch – Rob Rea – 184. Handicap – Rob Rea – 184/146.

C Grade  Scratch – Dave Richardson – 204. Handicap – Dave Richardson – 204/150.

Wednesday September 5th – Medal of Medalists & Round 1 Club Championships

The first round of the 2012 Women’s Championships were held under very trying conditions.   The round, because of the recent wet weather, was also the 2011/12 Medal of Medalists.  The course had dried out a lot but the fairways were still quite soft and there were some wet patches.

The strong winds were a challenge however players had some respite on the more sheltered holes. To add to the trials of the day, late in the round there was a short period of gale force winds and a number of branches came down, luckily no-one was near any of the damaged trees.  Results were;

1st  Kath Jekabsons   105/29/76 – (Winner of the  Medal of Medalists) and leading the Championships, from  Beryl Cole  108/25/83, and Leila Beasley  116/32/84

Saturday September 1st – 1st Round Club Championships and August Monthly Medal

After three weeks of rain induced relaxation the Romsey golfers were rearing to go; a few wet days during the week were definitely not enough to stop them getting the clubs out of the garage and oiling the wheels of the buggy.  The course was damp (relief, to a handspan, through the green) and there was some casual water on a few holes but nothing was going to interrupt the start of the 2012 Club Championships.  A strong field hit off in the 1st round of the Club Championships, and because of recent washouts, the August Monthly Medal.

The day’s winner and August Monthly Medalist was Andrew Clement with a fine round of 81/10/71.  Other good rounds came from Rob Rea – 91/19/72 and Daniel Wright – 74/1/73

NTPs went to 15 –  Andrew Clement ($140.00 jackpot) and 16 – Kev Milner.  Least Putts; 26 – Daniel Wright (c/b from Andrew Clement)

Round 1 Club Championship results were;

A Grade – Stroke – Daniel Wright – 74 Handicap – Andrew Clement – 81/10/71

B Grade – Stroke – Rob Rea – 91 Handicap – Rob Rea – 91/19/72

C Grade – Stroke – Dave Richardson – 101 Handicap – Dave Richardson – 101/27/74

Saturday August 25th – Monthly Medal and 2011/12 Medal of Medalists

Steady rain on Thursday on an already wet course meant that for the third consecutive week play was washed out. 

The August Monthly Medal will now be played in conjunction with the 1st round of the 2012 Club Championships, Sat September 1st.

The 2012 Club Championships will start at 11.00 am with all groups off the 1st tee.

The 2011/12 Medal of Medalists will now be played in conjunction with the September Monthly Medal, Sat September 22nd.

Saturday August 18th – Stroke

Light rain at the beginning of the week, on an already wet course, made the club’s stroke competition look unlikely.  The matter was decisively put to rest when more than 25 mm fell over Friday night/Saturday morning.  For the 2nd consecutive week play had to be abandoned.

Saturday August 25th will be the August Monthly Medal as well as the 2011 – 2012 Medal of Medalists (Helene & Ken Newnham Shield).  Current favourite to take out this shield is inform Dave Richardson.  A win in August will see him having won the last three Medals.  With a spot of sun and a bit of luck members may be able to get out of the clubrooms and off the tee for these two events.

Saturday August 11th

Heavy rain during the week lead to excessive casual water over much of the course and the day’s round was cancelled.

Saturday August 4th – 4th Rd John Laing & Stableford

With only minimal rain and more sun during the week the course had begun to dry out so conditions were on the improve.  However there was still casual water on a number of holes and little or no run on the still soft fairways, add in the chilly air and you again had difficult conditions for the round.  Our six visitors, two from Mt Macedon and four from the city, soon learnt that local knowledge was a valuable commodity; however, under challenging conditions on an unfamiliar layout they all produced creditable scores before enjoying the hospitality of the clubrooms for a quiet drink and a few laughs.

John Laing Shield: The remaining semi-final was to be played however Pat Chisholm was laid up in bed.

Andrew Laing D Pat Chisholm W/O.  The final will be played on Saturday 11th

Stableford results;

Winner – Andrew Laing (17) 35 pts from Mick Nicholls (27) 34 pts and Dean vanDenHeuval (16) 34 pts

NTPs went to 15th – Kev Milner and 16th – Heath Rea

The 2012 club championships will be played on Saturdays September 1st, 8th and 15th.  All club members are urged to put their names down for this competition.

Saturday July 28th – July Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

With over 20 mm of rain bringing the week to a very wet end the whole course was again badly effected by casual water so relief, to a hand-span, through the green was given.  The round began in still, almost sunny conditions, however this lasted for only the first hole then steady rain began to fall and a cold north-easterly wind swept across the course.  After 20 minutes the rain slowed and the wind dropped.  Occasional showers continued to fall throughout the remainder of the round making the course so soft that many groups spent time looking for plugged balls in the middle of the fairway.  On a difficult day the results were;

Winner and July Monthly Medalist; Dave Richardson – 99/28/71 (to go with his June Medal) from Jim Patton; 92/19/73 and Heath Rea – 88/15/73

NTPs went to 1st & 15th – Jim Patton (Jim also picked up an eagle on the 438 m Par 5 14th), 16th- Andrew Laing

Least Putts – Heath Rea – 26

Saturday July 21st – 3rd Rd John Laing Shield & Stableford

A small rise in the weekly temperatures and almost no rain meant that the course had begun to dry out; walking the fairways was no longer accompanied by a squishing sound.  Casual water still affected a number of holes and the greens, after so many weeks of heavy rain, were extremely difficult to read.  The afternoon remained clear and there was some sun to warm the players as they fought out matches in the John Laing Shield or took part in the Sableford competition.

John Laing Shield. 3rd round results were:

Andrew Laing (17) D Heath Rea (15) 3/2

Rob Rea (19) D Steve Poulton (36) 2/1

Rob will play the winner of the Andrew Laing V Pat Chisholm match in the final.

Stableford results were;

Winner – Pat Chisholm (22) – 39 pts from Tony Freeman (23) – 33 pts and Dave Richardson (28) – 32 pts

NTPs went to 1 – Chris Gaunt, 15 – Pat Chisholm

Ladies winner was Sharron Carroll – 24 pts (12 holes)

The club held its AGM in the morning, the new club executive is; Pres – Anthony Lakey, Vice Pres – Kevin Dunn, Secretary – Jan Harver & Treasurer – John Boyce.

Saturday July 14th – 2nd Rd John Laing Shield & Par

The week saw another 50mm+ falling on an already wet course so there was again no chance to cut the greens and casual water crept back on to many holes.  To top everything off, periods of hail and steady rain followed by gusts of very cold west and north-west wind kept the players on their toes. The soft fairways and the uncut greens added to the afternoon’s trials.  The day was one that many golfers, whilst proud to have withstood the challenge of the elements will not have on their list of activities to be repeated.  Once rounds were completed a number of older, and wiser members, welcomed the players to the rooms with some hot chips and a warm drink.

John Laing Shield.  The 2nd round of the  results were;

Steve Poulton (36) D Kevin Dunn (23) 1 up.

Pat Chisholm (23) D Dave Richardson (28) 3/2.

Rob Rea D Tony Freeman (23) 5/3.  The final Rd 2 match, Heath Rea V Andrew Laing is still to be played.

All other golfers played Par.  On a very tough day on the course the day’s results were;

Winner, on a countback, Bob Dwyer -5.

Saturday July 7th – 1st Rd John Laing Shield – H/C match play

After the heaviest frost of the winter and the many recent days of rain the greens were too soft to cut thereby setting up the 1st round of the John Laing Shield for some challenging golf and a few surprising results.  The day itself was magnificient, blue skies, 15C, virtually no wind and the course, if a little soft, generally in excellent nick.  At midday the randomly drawn pairs took to the field chatting casually and sharing jokes and comments across fairways however, by the late afternoon, silence had decended as each pair reached the business end of their match.

John Laing Shield. 1st round results were;

Steve Poulton (36) D Jim Patton (18) – 3/1

Rob Rea (18) D Anthony Lakey (18) – walkover

Kevin Dunn (23) D Graeme Clement (13) – 2/1

Pat Chisholm (20) D John Boyce (22) – 2/1

Dave Richardson (28) D Keith Hocking (25) – 1 up

Tony Freeman (20) D John Freestone (18) – 1 up

Heath Rea (13) D Mick Nicholls (26) – 2 up

Andrew Laing (19) D John Laing (23) – 2 up

Saturday June 30th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The June Monthly Medal began under clear skies; whilst the rain held off the temperature did not rise above 8C for the whole round.  Casual water across the course had receded during the week and only two holes were seriously affected.  The soft fairways and cold air forced players to make uncommon club selections whilst the softer greens often redeemed earlier shots bringing a player back from the depths of despair.  However, in the end, it was a close fought affair with two players chasing each other over the final few holes.  The day’s results were;

Winner and June monthly medalist; Dave Richardson – 101/29/72 from Adrian Poulton – 102/29/73 and  Jim Patton – 94/20/74.

Least putts went to Jim Patton – 27.

NTPs went to 1 – Les Gaunt, 15 – Dave Richardson and 16 – Kev Milner

The 2012 AGM will be held at the clubrooms on Saturday July 21st.  The 9.30 am meeting will be followed by a BBQ lunch and the 3rd Rd of the John Laing Shield/Stableford.  Nomination forms must be in to the club secreatary by Sat July 14, all members are urged to attend and have a say in the operation of the club.

Wednesday June 27th – Monthly Medal & 4th Rd Silver Spoon 

After so many inclement days it was a pleasure to pack the wet-weather gear away and hit-off in sunshine.  The better conditions and the relatively still air obviously improved the golf with far fewer players finding the trees than just two days ago in the RWH 4BBB Final.  Despite these positives the course was still wet and very soft so scoring was going to be difficult on the par 75 layout.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Kath Jekabsons – 105/27/78 from Leila Beasley – 113/32/81 and  Beryl Cole – 107/24/83.

Least putts went to Kath Jekabsons – 31

Monday June 25th – Dalhousie District RWH 4BBB Final

The 2012 Dalhousie District Royal Womens  Hospital $BBB final was held at Romsey Golf Club on Monday June 25th.  The weather forecast did not look good with more rain to follow an already wet few days.  The dams were overflowing and there was again casual water on many holes.
Thirteen Dalhousie District clubs sent their winning pairs to compete for the 2012 title and a chance to represent Dalhousie in the final inMelbourne later in the year.  During the round the players enjoyed a warm cup of soup courtesy of the “Tavelling Cushman”.
Although cold and overcast the rain held off until early in the afternoon when everyone was back in the rooms enjoying a hearty lunch.
The 2012 winners of the Royal Womens Hospital 4BBB were Broadford with 40 its, runners up were Romsey with 38 pts.
A big THANK YOU to all the members of Romsey who worked so hard to get the course up to its best possible condition and to provide such a scrumptious meal

The 2012 Womens Golf Dalhousie District (WGDD) Royal Womens  Hospital 4BBB final was held at Romsey Golf Club on Monday June 25th.  The weather forecast did not look good with more rain to follow an already wet few days.  The dams were overflowing and there was again casual water on many holes.

Thirteen Dalhousie District clubs sent their winning pairs to compete for the 2012 title and a chance to represent Dalhousie in the final in Melbourne later in the year.  During the round the players enjoyed a warm cup of soup courtesy of the “Tavelling Cushman”.

Although cold and overcast the rain held off until early in the afternoon when everyone was back in the rooms enjoying a hearty lunch.

The 2012 winners of the Royal Womens Hospital 4BBB were Broadford – Gay Mitchell (13) & Coral may (27) with 40 pts, runners-up were Romsey – Beryl Cole (24) & Kath Jekabsons (27) with 38 pts.  Broadford will now represent WGDD in the RWH4BBB final at Kingston Heath G. C. on Thursday September 13th.

A big THANK YOU to all the members of Romsey who worked so hard to get the course up to its best possible condition and to provide such a scrumptious meal.

Saturday June 23rd – Par

After over 50 mm of rain on Thursday and Friday players had to deal with casual water on many holes as they took to the course for the week’s Par competition, a  very cold north-west wind also added to the day’s challenges. Whilst soft the course did not yet warrant “relief on fairway played”, so players had to make the best of some very ordinary lies and very little roll once a ball had landed.

However, despite all these difficulties, it was a boisteriously, cheerful group of golfers who, having finished their rounds, headed back to the rooms for a well earned warm snack and a relaxing drink after another “hard day at the office”.  The day’s results were;

Winner – Jim Patton (18) Square from Keith Hocking (25) -2

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Graeme Clement

Saturday June 16th – Stroke

On another cold Romsey winter’s day an excellent field took to the course to contest the club’s stroke competition.  Inconsistent, gusting winds again made life difficult on some holes and the cold air and soft fairways greatly reduced distance off the tee.  On another tough day on the course the day’ results were;

Winner Kevin Dunn – 97/23/74 on a countback from Pat Chisholm – 95/21/74 and Rob Rea – 94/18/76.

NTPs went to 15 – Anthony Freeman and 16 Ron Walker

Monday June 11th – Queens Birthday Stableford

Only a Roman augur could have predicted the almost total change of conditions from just two days ago.  It was a beautiful clear day, blue skies, almost no wind and a temperature of ~17C as members took to the course for the public holiday stableford competition.  The fairways were still quite soft but the greens were very receptive to attacking golf so players had it a bit each-way.  On a relaxed winter’s day the field was able to enjoy the afternoon’s golf.  The day’s results were;

Winner, on a count back; John Freestone 18/38 pts from Andrew Laing 18/38 pts and Steve Poultan 36/35 pts.

The only NTP to go off was the 15th – Kev Milner.  The $200 jackpot also went as Kev put his ball to within 40cm of the hole.

Saturday June 9th – Stableford

The intermittent, heavy rain, temperature below 10C and gusting winds from the SW caused some players to weigh up staying in the rooms as against teeing off in the club’s Stableford competition.  The conditions also lead to a slightly smaller than usual field and all who who took to the course are to be congratulated on their tenacity and love of a good challenge. On a real Romsey winter’s day scoring was always going to be tough, the results were;

Winner; Gary Watts (down from sunny Sydney) 13/34 pts, good rounds also came from Les Gaunt 5/31 and John Laing 23/27 pts, Darren Watts 32/27 pts, Pat Chisholm 21/27 pts and Jim Patton 19/27 pts.   All fine performances under the difficult conditions

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt (The hole remains worth $200.00) and 16 – Graeme Clement.

Members are urged to put their names down for the John Laing Shield, handicap matchplay, which begins in July.

Wednesday June 6th – Nine-hole Stableford

Despite the steady rain of the previous few days the course, although very heavy, remainded in generally good condition. However the threat of more rain late in the morning saw the women’s stableford competition reduced to nine-holes.  The day’s results were;

1st, continuing her recent good form; Wendy Gosden – 45/14 pts  from Dee White – 45/12 pts and Lorraine Robb – 32/11 pts

Sunday June 3rd – 2012 Romsey Open – 24 Hole Stroke

The 2012 Romsey Open saw players from Bacchus Marsh West, Broadford, Buninyong, Cape Schank, Croydon, Central Park, Heathcote, Lancefield, LaTrobe, Melton, Northern, Sanctuary Lakes, Romsey and Woodend Golf Clubs out to take on the challenge of the narrow fairways and smaller greens of Romsey G. C.   For the second day running there was almost no wind and a temperature of 17C. With great conditions and the course in top nick there were no excuses for poor returns.

The par 90 event; two rounds of 12 holes, began (after a great breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches) with a shotgun start at 9.30 am. There were A Grade (+2 to -9) B Grade ( -10 to -19) and C Grade (-20 +) scratch and handicap awards as well as am and pm handicap prizes and a number of NTP and Longest Drive awards.

The Romsey Open, first played in 1982, was well supported by Romsey Collision Centre, CIIC Insurance, Hogan’s Hotels, Nautalis Marine, Hunter Premium Funding and Jones Berkley.

The day’s results were;

A Grade Scratch – Chris Lingard (Lancefield) – 0/95

A Grade Handicap – Connor Whelan (Woodend) – 92 1/3

B Grade Scratch – Andrew Clement (Romsey) – 10/109

B Grade handicap – Graeme Drummond (Southern) on a C/B from Dean vanDenHeuval  (Romsey)- 90 1/3

C Grade Scatch – Phil Drummond (Heathcote) – 21/124

C Grade Handicap – Keith Hocking (Romsey) – 92 1/3

Am Handicap – Terry Reilly (Northern) on a C/B from K Hocking, PM Handicap – Connor Whelan

NTPs; 1st – Dean Jones (Romsey), 8th – Connor Whelan, 9th – Pat Mackay (Croydon) & 10th – D Davenport (Bacchus Marsh West).

Longest Drives; A – Ed Carracher (Euroa), B – Dean vanDenHeuval & C – J Woods (Buninyong).

The day concluded with a boisterous afternoon tea, a number of raffles and presentation of the day’s awards.  The club would like to thank all the event’s sponsors and let everyone know that the 32nd Romsey Open will be held over the weekend Sat/Sun June 1st/2nd 2013.

Saturday June 2nd – 2012 Romsey Open 4BBB Pairs – Stableford

The day was still, the weather clear and the course in magnificient condition when players hit off in the club’s 2012 4BBB Pairs – Stableford competition.  24 pairs, from 16 clubs, teed off  and made the most of the excellent conditions to record good scores; many of the teams returned scores well under their handicaps.  A number of players used the event was the warm-up round for Sunday’s 2012 Romsey Open. As usual there was much good natured banter throughout the afternoon with everyone catching up for a social drink and a hearty afternoon tea during presentations. The day’s winners were;

Relative Pairs (A Romsey G. C. shield event) – John & Andrew Laing – 40 pts – 2nd year running these gents have taken out this shield

Men’s Pairs – Ron Walker & John Freestone – 43 pts

Mixed Pairs – Beryl Cole & Dean VanDenHeuval – 43 pts. Again, 2nd year running this pair has won this event.

Wednesday May 30th – Stroke – 3 Club event

Players hit off in partly cloudy conditions with a gentle breeze. It was a relaxing 9 hole event with a committee meeting and lunch to follow.  The course was in good condition which augers well for the Romsey Tournament on June 2nd and 3rd.  One of the semi-finals of the singles K/O competition was also payed.  The day’s results were;
1st – Wendy Gosden – 62/22.5/39.5 from Lorraine Robb – 55/14.5/40.5 & Leila Beasley – 58/16/42.
Singles K/O Semi final
Beryl Cole D Lorraine Robb  4/3
Saturday May 26th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts
There was a real nip in the air and the fairways had softened considerably when players hit-off in the May Monthly Medal.  The colder, heavier air meant less distance off the tee and more challenging approach shots.  The greens continued to give good value for attacking shots allowing the courageous/gambling golfer to make up for the an error earlier in the hole.  However it was another tough day on the course with many players rueing lost opportunities, the day’s results were;
May Monthly Medalist; Kev Milner-  84/9/75 on a countback from Bob Dwyer – 100/25/75.
NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Kev Milner.  Kev also won the least putts – 27.

Wednesday May 23rd – Monthly Medal & 2nd Qualifying Rd  Singles Knockout
Strong blustery winds made playing very difficult in the May Monthly Medal (and the 2nd qualifying round of the singles K/O).  The taller trees on some holes lead to a false sense of security and many players saw their shots clear this protection only to be taken by the wind.  The winds also “lengthened ” some holes forcing players to hit their 2nd shots with a fairway wood or a longer iron in an effort to get to the green.  On a tough day one player managed the conditions the best and won the Monthly Medal.  The day’s resuts were;

Winner and May Medal winner; Leila Beasley – 113/32/81 from Kath Jekabsons – 108/25/83 and Beryl Cole – 110/23/87
Least Putts – Kath Jekabsons – 27

The semi-finals of the Singles K/O are:
1. Beryl Cole V Lorraine Robb and  2. Kath Jekabsons V Leila Beasley. 

Saturday May 19th – Three Club Event – Stableford.

It was a hardy group of players who hit off in the club’s three-club stableford event.    The day was one for traditional Romsey golfers, players who were used to biting wind and overcast, wet skies.  Those who really knew their bag and were able to select the correct three clubs for the day.  Steady drizzle also affected the result making club grip; slippery forcing the odd miss-hit here and there.  Whilst many tried valiantly during the round only one golfer was able to rise to the occasion and card a winning score.  The day’s results were;

Andrew Laing (18) 38 pts from John Laing (23) 28 pts and Steve Poulton (36) 26 pts

NTPs went to; 16 – Rob Walker

Wednesday May 16th – 3rd Rd Silver Spoon & 1st Rd Singles K/O

Steady showers over the past few days had made the course slower but it was still in excellent condition. The morning’s weather was perfect for playing golf, still, crisp air and a little sunshine.

The winner of the 3rd round of the Siver Spoon and the 1st qualifying round of the Singles Knockout was;

Beryl Cole – 100/22/78 from Kath Jekabsons – 108/25/83 and Lorraine Robb – 115/29/86

Saturday May 12th – Stroke

Strong winds from the south made it another tough day to record a good score in the club’s stroke event.  The field was bolstered by a good number of players from many nearby clubs either enjoying a round at a different course or checking out Romsey for the coming Romsey Open. The course was again in wonderful nick, a credit to the many volunteers who do so much work to keep the golf course section of Romsey Park in the best possible condition.  Despite the tough winds one player was able to consistently keep the ball on target and record a great score.  The day’s winner was;

Kev Milner – 74/10/64, other good rounds came from Ron Walker – 90/17/73, Andrew Laing – 92/18/74, Jim Patton – 93/18/75 & Kevin Dunn – 98/23/75.

The only NTP went to J. Freestone – 1st.

2012 Pennant Finals – Sunday May 6th

Our Handicap Team travelled to Broadford on Sunday May 6th for their final against Woodend.  In a tough match our boys were able to pull off a great win, 4/3.  This is the club’s 15th pennant shield.  Congratulations to Neil Jarman (C), Graeme Clement, Craig Wood, Tony Freeman, Ron Walker, Les Gaunt, John Freestone, Tyson Ellis and Andrew Laing on their victory.

Saturday May 5th – Stableford 

A large field hit-off in the club’s stableford competition.  Whilst the course remained in excellent condition and the sun broke through now and then, it was a “tough day at the office” with strong, gusting winds from the south west often playing havoc with shots or forcing players to second guess their club selection and under/over hit their ball.  A number of players were in contention for selection in the handicap final against Woodend, this also added a little extra to the round.  It was great to see Mal Mottram and Kevin Dunn back on the course (and playing well after lengthy lay-offs) and also to see a good field of women players.  On a day when posting a good score proved difficult the winner was;

Graeme Clement (13) 35 pts from Andrew Laing (18), Mal Mottram (14) & Kevin Dunn (23) all with 33 pts.

The women’s winner was Kath Jekabsons (23) 32 pts from Jan Harver (45) & Sharron Carroll (44) both with 31 pts

NTPs went to 1 & 15 Jim Patton and 16 Kev Milner

2012 Pennant Round 5 – Sunday April 29th

5th Rd results were;

Scratch had a norrow loss to to Trentham at Mt Macedon – 4/3. For the 2nd year in a row we have come so close only to fall on the last Sunday 4/3.  A great effort by the team, so near yet so far.

Handicap had a close win against Lancefield at Hidden Valley – 4/3.  Perhaps the most notable performance was by Les “Twig” Gaunt (Playing at #1) who was four down with six to go.  He had squared his match by the 18th and he teed-off on the 19th with the round square at 3 all.  Les was able to take the 19th to give us the day.  Handicap will now play Woodend in the final.

Saturday April 28th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

April Medal winner Ron Walker 89/17/72

2012 Pennant Round 4 – Sunday April 22nd

4th Rd results were;

Scratch hosted the round and had a bye

Handicap played Woodend at Woodend suffering their first loss of the season – 0/7

Saturday April 21st – Stableford

Another stunning autumn day, 24C, virtually no wind and the course in magnificient condition.  Golfers had everything in their favour as they loaded-up and headed out for the club’s stableford competition.  Again, many players took advantage of the conditions to play some excellent golf and record good scores, others, seemed to have the round in the bag only to fall at the final few holes.  Andrew Laing and Jim Patton continued their recent run of good form.  The day’s winner was;

Andrew Laing (19) 39 pts from Jim Menzies (11), John Laing (24) & Jim Patton (19) 37 pts with Mick Nichols (27) 36 pts

The only NTP, 15th, went to Jim Menzies

2012 Pennant Round 3 – Sunday April 15th

3rd Rd results were;

Scratch played Mt. Macedon at Euroa winning 5/2.  (Daniel Wright losing his match on the 25th.)

Handicap played Hidden Valley at Trentham winning 5/2

Saturday April 14th – Stroke

An unseasonably warm, still day and a course in excellent condition awaited players as they hit off in the club’s stroke competition.  It was a perfect day for golf and, as expected, a number of players were able to take advantage of the conditions to break their handicaps.

The day’s winner was Andrew Laing – 88/20/68.  Other good rounds came from Jim Patton – 89/20/69,  Mat Thornton – 74/3/71 and Les Gaunt – 76/5/71.

NTPs went to   15th – Les Gaunt and 16th Mat Thornton

Saturday 7th April – Singles K/O Final & Stableford

A fine, still day greeted golfers as they hit off in the club’s stableford competition, it was also the final of the Algie Mitchell Singles K/O shield.  The course was again in excellent condition however a problem with the greens’ mower meant the greens were a little “furry”.  Whilst a number of players were able to play some excellent golf in short spurts no-one was able to really take advantage of the conditions and return a handicap smashing score.

The day’s winners were;

Algie Mitchell Shield Final – A tight final with Ron getting one up and holding on until the back nine, Les fighting back with some great golf on the 15th and 16th before closing it out on the 17th.  Final result was;

Les Gaunt D Ron Walker 2/1

Stableford; Daniel Wright (2) 36 pts from Jim Paton (20) 35 pts, Mick Nicholls (27) 34 pts and Anthony Freeman (20) 34 pts.

NTPs went to 1 – Les Gaunt and 15 & 16 Daniel Wright.

2012 Pennant Round 2 – Sunday April 1st

2nd Rd results were;

Scratch: Played Alexandra at Trentham winning 4/3

Handicap: Played Mt Macedon at home winning 5/2

Saturday March 31st – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The March Monthly Medal was contested under clear skies with some gusting winds.  The course was in top condition and many of the 400 trees planted over the last two years were now coming in to play.  Despite the generally excellent conditions some overly optimistic golf saw many players card very ordinary scores.

The day’s winner and March Monthly Medalist, was ever reliable veteran John Freestone – 88/19/69.  Other good rounds came from Chris vanDerVliet – 96/26/70, Ron Walker – 88/18/70 and Mat Thornton – 75/3/72.

NTP’s went to 15 – Rob Rea & 16 -Steve Poulton

Least putts went to Jarrad White – 23

Wednesday March 28th – Monthly Medal & 1st round Silver Spoon Comp.

The weather was perfect, the fairways great, the greens very good and the rough well manicured – players had only themselves to blame for any poor scoring.  Everyone enjoyed the morning however the round grew more serious over the final few holes when it was realised that club captain Lorraine Robb and club secretary Beryl Cole were running neck and neck.
The day’s winner, after an excellent back nine, and March Monthly Medalist, was Beryl Cole – 105/22/83 on a C/B from  Lorraine Robb – 112/29/83 with 3rd Leila Beasley – 114/29/85

2012 Pennant 1st round – Sunday March 25th

1st Rd results are;

Scratch – Played top team Euroa at Alexandra going down narrowly –  4/3

Handicap – Played Trentham at Mount Macedon and recorded a sound win – 5/2

Saturday March 24th – Stableford

After a week of wildly fluctuating weather Saturday was a warm, still day; ideal for golf.  The whole course remained in excellent condition and all players looked forward to carding a good score.  However, on such a good day, only one player, Andrew Clement, was able to take advantage and shoot below his handicap, this after a lay-off  of almost four months

The day’s stableford winner was A Clement (10) – 37 pts from M Thornton (3) – 32 pts, G Clement (14) – 31 pts and P Scanlon (24) & J Freestone (20) 30 Pts.

NTPs went to 1 – M Thornton and 16 – O Dunn

Aglie Mitchell Shield, round 2 results were;

R Walker D P Chisholm 5/4 and L Gaunt D A Laing 2up.  Ron Walker will now play Les Gaunt in the final on Saturday April 7th.

Wednesday March 21st – 4BBB

It was a gallant band of golfers who hit off in cold, windy conditions, these soon deteoriated as heavy squalls brought rain forcing players to decide whether to seek shelter under the trees or “up the umbrella” and continue playing.  Under these conditions scoring was difficult.

The day’s winners were Beryl Cole/Kath Jekabsons – 34 pts, from Wendy Godsen/Lorraine Robb 32 pts.

The club would also like to congratulate member Denise O’Meara who teamed with Lynn Capp from Eildon in the Dalhousie District “Player of the Year 4BBB” played at Eildon Golf Club. Denise and Lynn won on a countback with 44pts.

Saturday March 17th – Round 1 Singles KO & Par

Heavy rain during the week meant that fairways had not been mown and that there was a deal of casual across the course; conditions were thick and heavy.  To top the day off strong, gusting winds from the SW often made play a little flukey.  The greens, however, remained in great condition and gave all players good value for their shots.

Algie Mitchell Shield, round one;

The pairings for the 1st round of the Algie Mitchell Shield promised some tight matches, some well seasoned veterans and a few newcomers battled it out.  Results were;

Ron Walker D M Nicholls – 8/7, L Gaunt D J Laing – 3/2, A Laing D M Thornton – 1up & P Chisholm D R Rea – 1up.

All members, not playing in the Algie Mitchell, were involved in a Par competition. The Par competition results were;

D Wright (3) +4, from A Partridge (3) & K Milner (5) -2

NTPs went to 16 D Wright

Wednesday March 14th – 9 Hole Ambrose

The club welcomed two new members and eight players from Bacchus Marsh West for the 9 hole Ambrose competition and lunch.  A still, warm morning and the course both looking wonderful and rewarding good shots brought out the best in locals and visitors alike.  After the round everyone shared a very enjoyable lunch.

The day’s winners were;   Lorraine Robb, Jean Partridge, Denise O’Meara –  45/9.9/35.1, from  Beryl Cole, Dee White, Sharon Fordyce, Carol Morgan – 45/9.4/35.6

2012 Macedon Ranges Junior Championship

The 3rd MRJT was held over the weekend March 10th to 12th.  A full report and scores from the event are available on the Events/Reports page of this website.

Saturday March 10th – Stableford

Strong winds, gusting from the south, met players as they hit off in the club’s stableford competition.  This was also the qualifying round for the Algie Mitchell Shield, a singles knock-out event.  The course was in wonderful condition; the greens and fairways were perfect and the rough well under control. The 400+ trees planted over the last two years are now starting to come into play and will soon really increase the difficulty of the course.

The day’s winner was Ron Walker (18) 39 pts from Les Gaunt (5) 37 pts and Rob Rea (18) & Andrew Laing (19) 36 pts

NTPs went to 15 – Kev Milner and 16 – Les Gaunt.

Algie Mitchell Shield; Round 1 of the Algie Mitchell Shield will be; Ron Walker V Mick Nicholls, Rob Rea V Pat Chisholm, Les Gaunt V John Laing, Andrew Laing V Mat Thornton.

Wednesday March 7th – Stableford

A cool morning turned into a still, sunny day and it was a pleasure to be out on the course.  Good scoring, however, was a different matter; the heavy rain of the past week had made the fairways heavy and greens slow and difficult to read.

The day’s winner was Wendy Gosden (45) 28 pts from Lorraine Robb (28) – 27 pts on a countback from Kath Jekabsons (27) – 27 pts

The Secret Partners winners were Wendy and Kath – 55 pts

Saturday March 3rd – Stableford

With over 155 mm of rain falling during the week and more scheduled for the weekend it was a small but cheerful group who took to the course to compete in the club’s stableford competition.  Light rain fell throughout the afternoon growing heavier towards the final few holes.  The fairways were wet and soft with a deal of casual water and the greens grew progressively slower until, by the end of the round, they too had many patches of casual water.

The day’s winner with an excellent 42 pts was junior captain Dean vanDenHeuval (18) from another junior Daniel Wright (4) 40 pts (a great tune up by both for next weekend’s Macedon Ranges Junior Tournament) and Aaron Partridge (3) & Mat Thornton (4) with 39pts.

NTPs went to 1 – Rob Rea and 15 – Mat Thornton

Saturday February 25th – February Monthly Medal, stroke & Putts

With temperatures in excess of 35C predicted the club’s extreme heat policy was activated and players hit of at 8.30 am.  Despite the early start a good field contested the February Monthly Medal.  The sun, low in the eastern sky, made it difficult to follow shots on a number of holes and a stiffening northerly wind created problems on others.

The day’s winner and February monthly medalist was Mat Thornton with 77/4/73, other good rounds came from Anthony Freeman – 95/20/75 and John Laing – 97/22/75.

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 16 – Rob Walker.  John Laing took out the least putts with 28 on a countback from Kev Milner, Rob Walker and Mat Thornton

Wednesday February 22nd – 9 Hole Ambrose

A good field hit off in the mid-week Ambrose competition; Romsey members welcomed representatives from  Bacchus Marsh West, Lancefield, Gisborne and Goonawarra Golf Clubs.  For the first time in many weeks there was little wind and no rain, the fairways remained firm and the greens were in top condition so some good scoring was expected.

The day’s winners were; Wendy Gosden/Bev Gaunt/Faye Parks – 43/7.7/35.3,  2nd; Kath Jekabsons/Jean Partridge/Sharon Fordyce – 43/6.9/36.1  and 3rd; Beryl Cole/Renate Doherty/Denise O’Meara – 45/7/38.  Everyone enjoyed the morning’s golf and the lunch put on by the club.

Saturday February 25th – 4BBB Final & Stableford

The final of the club’s oldest shield (1965) the W. E. Tom/Ampol 4BBB Shield  was a very tight affair.  M. Thornton (4) & L. Gaunt (5) got off to a steady start keeping one or two in front until the 16th hole.  After the 18th the match was all square so off to the 1st again.  There were some amazing shots in the next three holes to salvage par and square the hole however Wright/vanDenHeuval were able to pull off a win on the 21st to grab the shield.

Other members played Stableford.  The day’s winner was;

Anthony Freeman (21) with 43 pts.  Other good rounds came from Graeme Clement (14) – 39 pts, Peter Scanlon (27) 39 pts and Aaron Partridge (4) – 36 pts

NTPs went 1 & 16 Daniel Wright and 15 Les Gaunt

Wednesday February 15th – Mulligans Stableford

Mulligans is a game of golf that allows a player to use their handicap as a reserve of extra shots, a bad shot may be replayed (until the handicap is used up).  Play began under overcast skies and it was not until the final few holes that the sun broke through.

The day’s winner was Leila Beasley (32) with 43 pts from Wendy Gosden (45) – 40 pts and Beryl Cole (22) – 38 pts.

After the round, over a relaxed drink, six of the members regailed the others with stories from their four days marshalling at the recent Handa Australian Women’s Open.

Saturday February 11th – 4BBB Sem-finals and Par

The semi-finals of the W. E. Tom/Ampol 4BBB Shield were quite contrasting affairs.  M. Thornton (4) & L. Gaunt (5) got off to a great start against C. vanDerVliet (26) & S.Poulton (36)  turning the corner 7 up.  The next three holes went to vanDervliet/Poulton before Thornton/Gault closed out the match 6/5.  The second semi was all square with four holes to go.  From there on it was all D. Wright (4) & D. vanDenHeuval (18) who defeated A. Lakey (19) & R. Preece (30) 3/2.  The final of the 4BBB Shield, Thornton/Gaunt V Wright/vanDenHeuval will be played on Saturday 18th February.

Those not involved in a 4BBB semi-final played par.  With around 20 mm of rain on Friday fairways had softened considerably reducing run however the greens were again in great condition and very receptive to attacking shots.

The day’s winner was Graeme Clement (15) +3 from Kev Milner (7) +2 and Bob McLennan (12) +1

NTPs went to 15 – Bob McLennan and 16 – Ron Walker

Wednesday February 8th – Par

A good number of players were in the hunt until the final few holes of the women’s par competition.  However, in the end, only steady hands and cool heads were able to play out the round and record a good score.

The day’s winner was Kath Jekabsons(27) +3 with Beryl Cole (22)  +1

Saturday February 4th – Ampol/W.E. Tom 4BBB Qualifying Round.

The qualifying round of the club’s oldest shield, W. E. Tom/Ampol 4BBB Shield was played under hot, windy conditions.  The fairways had dried out considerably so relief, to a handspan on the fairway played, was given.  The firm fairways and receptive green again assisted a number of teams to record scores well into the 40s.

The top four pairs were A. Lakey (19) & R. Preece (30) – 50 pts, C. vanDerVliet (26) & S.Poulton (36) – 47 pts, M. Thornton (4) & L. Gaunt (5) – 45 pts and D. Wright (4) & D. vanDenHeuval (18) – 44 pts.  These groups will play off in the semi-finals on or before Saturday February 11th.

NTPs went to – 15 ($200 winner) L. Gaunt and 16 – M. Thornton.

Wednesday February 1st – Monthly Medal

The recent run of strong fields at club competitions continued for the women’s February Monthly Medal.  The greens remained in top condition and there was plenty of run on the fairways however gusting winds from the NE made life difficult on a number of holes.

The day’s winner and January monthly medalist, with a terrific round of 97/34/63 (Only 24 putts), was life member Leila Besley.  Runner up was Beryl Cole with 95/23/72, Lorraine Robb came in 3rd with 106/29/77

Saturday January 28th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The January Medal was contested by a strong field.  The heat of the previous week had dried the fairways however the greens were in good condition so players were able to attack off the tee and onto the green.  The temperature rose steadily and sat at 34C+ for most of the afternoon.  A number of players used the extra run on the fairways to return good scores; 10 actually shooting below their handicaps.

The day’s winner and January monthly medalist, on a countback, was veteran Peter Scanlon – 93/30/63 from another veteran Les Gaunt 69/6/63 – three under the card, another top round (including eagles on the par 5 – 7 and Par 5  – 14) from a continually excellent performer.  Other good rounds came from Bob McLennan – 78/13/65, Anthony Lakey – 85/19/66 and John Freestone – 87/20/67. (Club captain, Mat Hall, turned in another excellent round of four under the card – 68/+1/69)

The women’s winner was Lorraine Robb – 104/30/74

NTPs went to Mat Hall – 1 & 16 and Pat Chisholm – 15.

Least putts also went to Medal winner Peter Scanlon – 23

Thursday January 26th – Australia Day 2012 – Texas Ambrose

The round began with a shotgun start initiated by “Advance Australia Fair” played by local muscian Rob Smithies from the 5th tee.  The players enjoyed the new version of Ambrose and quickly worked out the best way to take advantage of the various handicaps within their group.  Strong winds from the SE made a few holes very difficult but assisted drives on a number of other holes so things tended to even out.

After a very enjoyable afternoon, including much good natured banter across the fairways and greens, the day’s winners were the team of;

Neil Jarman (11) Anthony Lakey (19) & Jan Harver (45) – 106 pts from

Gary Watts (14), Anthony Freeman (23) & Sharon Carroll (43) – 97 pts

The only NTP went to 15 – Neil Jarman

Wednesday January 23rd – Ambrose

Players hit off under overcast skies however the sun broke through during the morning and the temperature rose considerably.  All players enjoyed the early summer breeze and the well cut rough, especially on the long carry holes.

The day’s winners were; Kath Jekabsons (28), Denise O’Meara (45) & Lorraine Robb (30)- 82/34 1/3/47 2/3.

Runners-up were; Leila Beasley (34), Wendy Gosden (45) & Beryl Cole (23)- 83/34 /49

Saturday January 21st – Stableford

Players looked forward to firm fairways and receptive green as they took to the course to compete in the club’s stableford comptetition.  Play began under overcast skies but by mid-afternoon the sun had broken through and the temperature rose into the low 30s.  It was a day for attacking golf; a number of players made daring decisions and were able to reap the rewards.

The day’s winner was Graeme Clement (17) with an excellent 43 pts. Runner-up as Bob McLennan (14) with 40 pts.  Other good rounds came from Rob Walker (24) 39 pts, Pat Chisholm (24) 37 pts and Lorraine Robb (31) 37 pts.

NTPs went to 15 – Les Gaunt and 1 – Mat Hall.

Saturday January 14th – Stroke

Strong, gusting winds and overcast skies met the players as they hit off in the club’s Stroke competition.  The strong winds made a number of holes extremely difficult forcing players to adjust their club selection and often causing a good shot to fall into trouble or a poor shot to find the centre of the fairway.  The Bowls Club were also out in force and it was a happy, talkative crowd of golfers and bowlers who shared the rooms at the end of the day.

The day’s winner was inveterate joke teller and veteran golfer Peter Scanlon with an excellent 99/31/68 from Anthony Freeman – 94/23/71, Les Gaunt – 80/7/73, Dave Richardson -101/27/74 and Bob McLennan – 88/14/74.

NTPs went to 1 – Bob McLennan and 15 & 16 – Mat Hall.

The club’s “Relay For Life” cancer faundraiser will be held on Sunday February 19th.   For more information;

Saturday January 7th – 4BBB Guest Day

For the 4th Saturday in a row there was an excellent turnout, this despite the heavy rain predicted for the afternoon.  The course was again in top condition, the greens had held up well during the recent heat and the fairways had dried out giving players some good value for their shots.  Mat Thornton (4) set up his team’s win with a blistering back nine – 15 points points from five holes.

The day’s winners were Mat Thornton (4)/Dean vanDenHeuval(18) with 47 pts from Kev Milner(7)/Bob McLennan(14) – 46 pts.  Other good rounds came from Les Gaunt(7)/Graeme Clement(17), Anthony Lakey(20)/Beryl Cole(23) and Neil Jarman(11)/Mick Nicholls(27) – all with 42 pts.

NTPs went to 1 – Kev Milner, 15 – Mat Thornton and 16 – Ron Walker