Romsey Golf Club

Romsey is a small, rural town, (2017 population ~4,400) in the Macedon Ranges Region of Victoria.  The Golf Club, which dates back to 1922, is situated in Romsey Park in the heart of the town, the course makes up ~80% of “Romsey Park”.  This location is ideal for the club’s juniors as they can easily walk or ride their bikes to the course for a round.

The area now known as “Romsey Park” was permanently reserved from sale as a site or place for a Public Park under the provisions of  The Land Act 1869.  

The Romsey Park Act;

The original “Romsey Park”

Seventy-four acres, one rood, twenty-four perches, county of Bourke, parish of Monegeetta, being portions of allotments thirty-five and thirty-six of section B: Commencing at a point bearing S. 81° 45′ W. five chains from the north-east angle of allotment thirty-six; bounded thence by lines bearing respectively S. 8° 15′ W. twenty-four chains, S. 81° 45′ W. thirty-one chains, and N. 80° 15′ W. twenty-four chains; and thence by Barry-street bearing N. 81° 45′ E. thirty-one chains to the point of commencement.

In 1883 the following amendments were made.  Land was excised from the original Park for;

….. a portion of the land so reserved is not now required for the purpose of a Public Park, and it is expedient that Her Majesty should resume possession of such portion in order that the same may if the Governor in Council thinks fit be reserved as a site for Agricultural Show Grounds:

Land permanently reserved by Order in Council of the 15th October, 1883, as a site for public park, vide “Government Gazette,” 21st September, 1883, page 2227, and 19th October, 1883, page 2414.

The land to be excised from the original park.

Ten acres, county of Bourke, parish of Monegeetta, being part of allotment 36 of section B:  Commencing at a point bearing S. 81° 45′ W. thirty-six chains, S. 8° 15′ E. five chains eight links and a half, and N. 82° 33′ E. one chain seventy-nine links and four-tenths from the north-east angle of the said allotment; bounded thence by lines bearing respectively N. 82° 33′ E. nine chains thirteen links, S. 8° 15′ E. ten chains eighty-five links and three-tenths, S. 81° 15′ W. nine chains thirteen links, and N. 8° 15′ W. eleven chains six links to the point of commencement.

The Macedon Ranges Region, altitude 400m to 600m, is well known for its cool climate,  quality wineries,  agricultural produce, thoroughbred training and breeding studs, tourist attractions such as Hanging Rock, archeological sites such as Mount William Stone Hatchet Quarry and the many and varied B&Bs and guest houses.

Romsey is 65 Km to the north-west of  the city of Melbourne, 45 Km north of Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport and  20-30 Km from  the nearby towns of Sunbury, Gisborne, Kyneton, Kilmore and Woodend.

Our town has many dining options, if you are looking for an A le carte dining experience, a beautifully fresh sandwich or the ingredients for a wonderful picnic you will find it all at one of the town’s many shops, restaurants or cafes.

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With a par of 72/72 (Slope Rating 124) for men and 71/73 (Slope Rating 119) for women, Romsey Golf Course’s tight fairways and smaller greens make it a challenging course that will test golfers of all abilities.

2023 – 2024 Romsey Golf Club Committee

President:   Anthony Lakey
Vice President:    Shaun Scales
Secretary:    Elaine Scanlon
Treasurer:  Kevin Dunn
Committee Members: Darlene Baker, Craig Sandy
Director of Golf: Malcolm Mottram
Handicappers:   Andrew Laing, Darlene Baker & Elaine Scanlon

Romsey Golf Club,

P/O Box 200,  
Park Lane, Romsey, 
Victoria 3434

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Romsey Golf Club Constitution (October 2022)


Romsey Golf Club By-laws


1899 Amendment to the Romsey Park Act of 1883;


Romsey Golf Club, Hampshire, UK;

Ten Year Course Development Plan

In late 2011 Greens’ Committee members Bob McLennan, Graeme Clement and Anthony Lakey walked the course and noted future changes for each tee, fairway and green.  This list of works was presented to the committee in December 2011.  The committee approved the list of works and asked that it be provided to each member for comments and possible additions.  In February/March/April of 2012 members submitted their responses and the Greens’ Committee included many in to the Ten Year Plan.

Since the middle of 2012 the club and its volunteers have been steadily working their way through this list of works.   Our Annual Working Bees have been used to get some of the larger works completed and new works have also been planned and completed.  Many of the listed projects have been completed by our well organised groups of volunteers.  The plan below includes the members’ suggestions however, its  format shows what the membership received and how they were asked comment etc.

In 2022 this program was updated.  Greens’ Committee members Anthony Lakey, Mal Mottram, Mick Squire, Kevin Dunn, Wendy Gosden & Darlene Baker again walked the course and drew up a list of works to be undertaken.  This was presented to the general committee and then to the membership for comments.