Wednesday March 22nd – Stableford

The round began in chilly conditions but soon the fog lifted and the sun broke through to create quite a humid day for the Stableford event at Romsey. With the coring of the greens at Kilmore Golf Club this week a strong contingent of players joined in at Romsey for a great day of golf.  The greens continue to recover well from the recent coring and for those who found the fairway off the tee there was good cover of grass to hit from.    Scoring reflected the great on-course conditions with Tracy Hedditch a visitor from Kilmore (playing his first ever round at Romsey) having the best score of the day. The Romsey women were concurrently playing the 2nd Round of Silver Spoon which was won by Jenny Hartley with 37 points. Daily Results were; 
1st; Tracy Hedditch (19) – 42 points
2nd; Cyril Anderson (22) – 39 pts
3rd;  Jenny Hartley (21) – 37 pts  c/b Darlene Baker (18) – 37 pts
NTPs; 1st & 16th; Wicky McDowall

Sunday March 19th – Country teams Fundraiser, Euroa G. C.

The Dalhousie country teams 4 Person Ambrose fundraiser event was held at Euroa Golf Club. The course was in great condition and the forecast hot weather luckily did not eventuate. It was a very enjoyable day and a great day to support the DDGA men ‘s and women’s Country Teams.   RGC results were;

RGC men’s team; Scott Williams/Bob McLennan/John Freestone/Craig Sandy – 68/9.128/58.872.

RGC women’s team; Beryl Cole/Shirley Shelton/Jenny Hartley/Darlene Baker – 78/11.175/66.825.

NB; Elaine did a great job on the BBQ. 

Saturday March 18th – Hidden Valley Open

At Hidden Valley it was a challenging day for golf with gale force winds that were so strong it often effected putting and played havoc with the high ball. The course was in near perfect condition with a lovely cover of grass across the course and fast greens.
It was a great day out for two of the RGC members who played on the day.

Darlene Baker  played consistent golf under trying conditions and was the 2023 Hidden Valley Open Tournament Women’s Scratch winner.  

Jenny Hartley also had success as the runner up in the Women’s Handicap Division..

Saturday March 18th – Stableford

Despite the afternoon’s forecast temperature of 34C play began at the usual time as the extreme temperature was not predicted to hit until over an hour after the round.  Players were met by a NNE wind gusting to over 45Kph so while shots could start down the middle many were often blown well into the rough; the ability to keep the ball low was a decided plus.  The week’s heat had hardened all fairways and saw numerous golfers driving close to the greens on par 4s that were under 345m however, given the wind, this long hitting also was a high risk/high reward  situation.  One highlight from the round was Mitch Atlas’ eagle on the 335m par 4 6th.  On a warm, windy afternoon the results were;

1st; Steve Wilkins (19) – 39 pts

2nd; Simon Donovan (18) 37 pts C.b

3rd; Dean Kohler (16) 37 pts C/b Davey Kenney (14)

NTPs; 1st Rob Rea, 15th – Rob Rea, 16th –  Mick Nicholls Snr

Congratulations to RGC women’s captain Darlene Baker whose “off the beater” score of 91 won the Hidden Valley Women’s tournament and to Jenny Hartley who was 2nd on a C/B for best H/cap  nett score.

Thursday march 16th – Marysville Bowl

Elaine Scanlon, Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker attended the Marysville Bowl which was won by a team from Mansfield. The weather was warm and still and the course was in great condition.  The highlight of the day for the Romsey contingent was an eagle on the par 4, 6th by Jenny,  congratulations Jenny.  Jenny also earned 2 Player of the Year points.  

Wednesday March 15th – Pinehurst

On a lovely day, Pinehurst was the challenge for the golfers.  The course is looking very good with expansive areas of couch on fairways. The greens are recovering well from the recent coring.  Competition was fierce as shown in the results.
Mixed Pinehurst
1st;  Darlene Baker/Chris Manktelow – 86/18.75/67.25
2nd;   Lis Manktelow/Rob Slade – 88/17.25/70.75
Women’s Pinehurst
1st;     Shirley Shelton/ Jenny Hartley – 94/17.6/76.4      C/B
2nd;    Wendy Gosden/Kath Jekabsons  – 103/26.6/76.4
NTP;   15th – Rob Slade

Monday March 13th – Labour Day Stableford

Another  top, early autumn day and a good roll up for the club’s Labour Day  Stableford competition.   Conditions were excellent, virtually no wind and generally well covered fairways.  However, given that the newly cored greens had not been mown for almost two weeks, it was decided to also make the competition a Multiplier Stableford, team event.   Putting was challenging; all players had to “putt with conviction” and despite many best efforts, and raising the blood pressure of a number of golfers, some balls hopped over the cup or ran passed, stopped and  fell backwards into the cup. Even with  the challenging greens there were some excellent scores.  On a top day to be out on the Park the day’s results were,

Team results;

1st; Mick Nicholls Snr (25)/Keith Hocking (31) – 93pts

2nd; Mitch Atlas (8)/Mal Mottram (9) – 83 pts

3rd;  Anthony Lakey (21)/Anne Robinson (29) – 78 pts

Individual scores;

1st; Keith Hocking (31) – 46pts

2nd; Mitch Atlas (8) – 40pts

3rd; Luke Lyons (13) 38 pts 

Women’s Winner; Anne Robinson (29) – 37 pts

NTPs; 15th – Keith Hocking


Saturday March 11th – Ambrose

Play began a beautiful early autumn afternoon, clear, sunny skies but with a steady northerly wind however, with the greens recently cored and the new grass allowed to grow players were faced with a very different game.  Hairy greens with balls that moved unpredictably; there were positive results from dropping the ball short and running up to the flag and putting was a gamble.  Once near a green players had to  back themselves and drop the ball as close as possible to the cup or risk overly long putts with less than positive outcomes.  Despite the conditions most teams returned cards well under par and it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The day’s results were;

1st; Mick Squire (5)/Keith Hocking z931)/Mick Nicholas Snr (25) – 64/ 10.16/53.84

2nd; Davey Kenney (14)/Luke Lyons (13)/Dylan Haris (12)/Chris Manktelow (36) –  66/9.37/56.63

3rd; Mitch Atlas (8)/Steve Hocking (19)/Sherif Abdel-Sayed (31) – 70/9.83/60.17

NTPs; 1st & 16th – Pat Chisholm

Thursday March 9th – Lancefield Tournament

Perfect weather conditions greeted the field in the Lancefield Women’s Tournament. Scoring was however quite difficult for most players with only one player player to her handicap.  Romsey’s Jenny Hartley played a great round and with a scratch score of 96 was only one shot away from the winner.  Jenny was a standout winner in B Grade.  Romsey’s other representatives were Elaine Scanlon and Darlene Baker who enjoyed  the event with their respective playing partners.   Jenny earned herself 5 Player of the Year Points for her round – well done Jenny.

The overall winner on the day with the best scratch score of 95 was Adrianne Anglin from Yea.

Tuesday March 7th – Hidden Valley Bowl

Beryl Cole, Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker represented Romsey Golf Club at the Hidden Valley Bowl. The course was in perfect condition with lush fairways and lovely greens. The weather was typical of a nice Autumn day although the wind built up towards the end of the round.  All players enjoyed a lovely lunch of gourmet sandwiches and scones with jam and cream after their round.
The Romsey contingent teamed well recording a combined score of 93 Stableford points but were beaten in a count-back to the local Hidden Valley team.