Saturday May 18th – 3rd Rd 2024 Club Championships & Presentation Evening

After a week of wonderful, sunny autumn days the weather turned late on Friday, ~15 minutes of heavy rain and a steep drop in temperature.  The final round of the 2024 club championships, men and women playing together, began on an almost sunny, mostly cloudless sky with a top temperature of 12C.  Conditions were  made a little more challenging by a gusting wind from the SW.  Cold air and soft fairways took distance off every shot.  While some of the grades looked to be sewn up the conditions had all leaders looking over their shoulders and those in 2nd and 3rd feeling positive.  The early holes were greatly affected by the wind and the heavy overnight dew.  As the day warmed the greens became quicker.  In A grade an ordinary front nine followed by a par back nine was enough to take out the championship.  In B Grade a very ordinary 1st hole followed by a steady round was good enough and in C Grade a far better back nine was enough to grab a win.  On a good day to be out on the course the day’s results were;

1st; Mitch Atlas – 79/6/73 C/B

2nd; Mal Mottram – 70/7/73

3rd; John Freestone – 103/28/75

NTPs – 15th – Toby Clement, 16th – Scott Williams

2024 Club Championship Results

Club Champions;  Dylan Harris –  239  & Darlene Baker – 278

A Grade Nett;             Dylan Harris & Lorraine Robb

B Grade Stroke;        Davey Kenney –  268    Nett;         Davey Kenney

C Grade Stroke;        Anthony Lakey  – 300  Nett;          John Freestone

Dylan Harris, ’24 RGC Men’s Champion with ’23 Champion Mick Squire

’24 Mitchell Family Shield – A Grade Nett, Marg Mitchell with Dylan Harris

Karen Clement with Darlene Baker, ’24 RGC Women’s Champion.

’24 Women’s Nett – Life Member Helene Newnham with Lorraine Robb

Past Captain & Club Champion Andrew Clement with ’24 RGC B Grade Champion Davey Kenney

’24 Peter Scanlon Shield – B Grade Nett, Peter Scanlon with Davey Kenney

 ’24 RGC C Grade Champion Anthony Lakey with past Captain &

Club Champion Andrew Clement.

 ’24 John Jeffrey Shield – C Grade Nett, John Freestone with RGC Captain Mal Mottram

’24 Senior Cup winner John Freestone with past Captain & Club Champion Andrew Clement.

2024 Inductees into the RGC Hall of Fame – Andrew Clement, Bob McLennan & Kevin Dunn

RGC President with RGC Hall of Fame inductee, Andrew Clement

2023 President’s & Captains’ Award – “For Conspicuous Service” – Mitch Atlas

Wednesday May 15th – Stableford

The weather has been perfect for golf on Wednesdays of late and the stableford competition was held in sunny and calm conditions. The run on the fairways has been considerably shortened from previous weeks and the greens were very receptive to the high approach shots.  Daily competition results were;
1st; Robert McDonald (15) – 34 pts
2nd; Anthony Lakey (20) – 32 pts
3rd; Steve Wilkins(14) – 31 pts c/b Darlene Baker (18)
NTP 15th. Steve Wilkins

Saturday May 11th – Rd 2 2024 Club Championships

With almost 30mm of rain falling over Thursday and Friday nights the course was soft; “Mark, Lift, Clean & Replace” was in play across the general area.  Despite the overcast, misty start to the day the afternoon was sunny and warmish, shorts were common sights.  Soft fairways, coolish air and an inconsistent S/SE wind made the course play longer forcing all golfers to carefully consider their choice of club.  With past champions, Mottram, Squire and Clement unable to play the club championship  was up for grabs and a number of younger players were in for the contest.  B Grade and C Grade were also close with only a few shots separating all place getters.  On another top afternoon to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Ben Owen – 89/15/74  C/B

2nd; John Freestone – 102/28/74

3rd; Dylan Harris – 82/6/75 C/B Dean Kohler (9)

NTPs; 15th -Dylan Harris

2nd Rd 2024 Club Championships

A Grade; Stroke – Dylan Harris; 75, 82 – 157           Nett – Dylan Harris; 157/14/143

B Grade; Stroke – Davey Kenney; 86, 92 – 178       Nett – Ben Owen; 181/30/151, Davey Kenney; 178/26/152, Andrew Laing; 190/38/152

C Grade Stroke – Anthony Lakey; 98, 102 – 200          Nett – John Freestone; 208/56/152, Zac Scales; 225/72/153

Wednesday May 8th – Rd 2 2024 Club Championships

The second round of the Women’s Club Championships was played in perfect autumn conditions on a course that was also in great nick. The Club welcomed to visitors David Jones from Gisborne Golf Club and Gary Johnston from Alexdale Golf Club.  The daily comp was closely contested with some great scores returned.  The day’s results were
1st.       Darlene Baker           87/19/68    (Par 71 for women)
2nd.     Robert McDonald     84/16/68   (Par 70 for men)
3rd.      Derek Jones              83/13/70

Leaders after two rounds of the 2024 Club Championships are;
Scratch; Darlene Baker  – 177
Nett;  Lorraine Robb –  145, Jenny Hartley – 154

Monday May 6th – Rd 4 DDGA Mid-week Pennant

A lovely sunny mid-autumn day for the 4th round of Mid-week Pennant at Kilmore.  RGC was taking on Yea.
The day’s results were; RGC Vs Yea – 2.5/2.5.   Darlene Baker – W2/1 and Beryl Cole – W1up,  Steve Wilkins – AllSq, Jenny Hartley – L4/2 and Elaine Scanlon – L6/4.
Next week at Seymour RGC has the bye.  The result today has been sufficient to put RGC into the final against DDGA Vets on Monday May 20th

Sunday May 5th – DDGA Sunday Pennant Finals

All DDGA Sunday Pennant finals were being played at Strathbogie G. C.  The RGC Vs LGC final teed off at 11.00, the temperature was slowly climbing towards the predicted top of 18C and there was a gentle breeze from the S/SE.   Both teams had lost only one match so a close encounter was expected.  For the first time in many years the RGC team had remained unchanged throughout the season; they will only get stronger after the experiences of 2024.

Our team had played Strathbogie so knew that blasting the driver off every tee was not really the way to play many holes.  Congrats to Luke Lyon for his first scratch win, 4/3 and to Mitch Atlas who squared his match.

After a strong season to get to the final sadly it was not our day going down 3.5/1.5

Congrats to Lancefield who will most likely move back to Division 1 Scratch in 2025.

RGC 2024 Scratch Team; Dylan Harris, Mal Mottram, Mick Squire (C),

Mitch Atlas & Luke Lyons

Saturday May 4th – Rd 1 2024 Club Championships

The 2024 Club Championships began on a cool, clear day with a steady breeze  from the S/SW.  Early mowing of the greens  had removed the heavy overnight dew so everyone had to choose their own line to the cup.  Despite the course being in excellent nick and the generally good weather conditions only one player was able to break their handicap.  It was great to welcome back past member Jim Patton (89/15/74), down from Rich River for a round.  On a top day to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Dylan Harris – 75/7/68

2nd; Davey Kenney – 86/13/73 C/B over the back 6

3rd; Andrew Laing – 92/19/73

NTP; 15th – Simon Donovan, 16th – Dean Kohler

2024 Club Championship Results after Rd 1.

A Grade; Stroke – Dylan Harris – 75           Nett – Dylan Harris – 75/7/68

B Grade; Stroke – Davey Kenney – 86       Nett – Andrew Laing – 92/19/73, Davey Kenney – 86/13/73

C Grade Stroke – Anthony Lakey – 98          Nett – Anthony Lakey – 98/23/75

Wednesday May 1st – Stroke, Rd 1 2024 Club Championships

A crisp autumn morning became a perfect day for golf with a gentle breeze and bright sunshine. The course too was perfect for golf and is a reflection of the great work put in by all the volunteers who keep things in tip top condition across Romsey Park.
The daily competition was won by Robert McDonald who had a great nett 69, he also won the least putts with 29 for the round. Robert’s putting was helped by a chip in for eagle on the par 5, 8th – congrats Robert.
The first round of the Club Championships was conducted also with Darlene Baker leading the way with a 90/19/71, with two more rounds to follow.  The morning’s results were;
Daily Competition
1st      Robert McDonald – 85/16/69
2nd    Darlene Baker – 90/19/71
3rd     Anthony Lakey – 92/20/72

NTPs;  15th – Sherif Abdel-Sayed
Least putts;  Robert Mc Donald – 29  Eagle 8th Hole – Robert McDonald

Monday April 29th – Rd 3 DDGA Midweek Pennant

The team travelled to Broadford to take on Euroa on a cool, clear day.

RGC D Euroa;  3/2. Beryl Cole – AllSq, Hugh Williams – AllSq, Darlene Baker – W 6/5, Steve Wilkins – W 4/3

Victorious Midweek team after their win at Broadford, Darlene Baker, Beryl Cole, Steve Wilkins, Jenny Hartley & Hugh Williams

Sunday April 28th – Rd 5 DDGA Sunday Pennant

A fine, mid-autumn day, clear skies and a 30Kph wind from the N/NE

Scratch -bye, hosting at Romsey.  Good performances through the season have this team looking good to make the final at Strathbogie.

Handicap – taking on Lancefield at Broadford.  Would need a big win and other results to go our way to make it to the final. A good result but a little too late.  The team finished clear in 3rd.

Results, Romsey D  Lancefield; 4.5/.5 – Scott Williams – AllSq, Dean Kohler – W1Up, Ben Owen – W1Up, Shaun Scales – W5/4 Shaun was undefeated through the whole season &  Zac Scales – W1up

End of season pic – Zac Scales, Dean Kohler, Ben Owen, Scott Williams (C) & Shaun Scales