Saturday July 2nd – 4B Aggregate Stableford

Despite cold and windy conditions the 4B Aggregate Stableford event drew an excellent field.   The sun shone through for much of the round but towards the field  headed for home conditions meet decidedly cooler.  The format saw teams battling the cold air and softer fairways to record the best score on each hole.  On another challenging day to be out on the course the results were;

1st; Steve Wilkins (17)/John Freetone (25) – 63 pts

2nd; Bob McLennan (14)/Keith Hocking (28) – 58 pts

NTPs; 1st & 16th Simon Donovan

Wednesday June 29th – June Medal

The coldest day yet when the temp failed to make double figures, not only was it freezing but the wind blew as well. Why were we out playing golf? Answer It was Wednesday and that’s what we do.  The field well rugged up ventured out to contest the June monthly medal. The players choosing to play 9 holes had more sense than the others.

Nine-hole competition;

1st; Hugh Williams – 50/9/41   C/B

2nd; Shirley Shelton – 53/12/41.

June Medal;

1st; Elaine Scanlon – 117/32/81.

2nd; Jenny Hartley – 103/20/83.

3rd; Kath Jekabsons – 123/38/85.

Saturday June 25th – June Medal, Stroke & Putts

While there had been little rain during the week the existing soil moisture and  the ongoing heavy dews meant that for the second week running the fairways could not be mown.  However, despite this, the fairways were still in excellent condition, if a little longer than usual.  The greens remained true and a a good pace. A light mizzle made the first few holes a little tougher than expected but this soon lifted and the sun shone through for most of the afternoon.  As the round progressed a strong westerly wind blew up often pushing shots well of the fairway and making some holes play very long.  An a sunny but windy afternoon the results were;

Winner and June Medalist; Daniel Wright – 74/3/71

2nd; Bob McLennan – 89/14/75

3rd; John Freestone – 104/25/79

NTPs; 15th – Daniel Wright

Least Putts; Daniel Wright – 25

Wednesday June 22nd – Canadian Foursomes

A hardy group of golfers faced the wintry weather to compete in Canadian Foursomes. A drizzly rain prevailed for 30 minutes or so but once that cleared conditions were cool but fine. Finding consistency in the alternate hit format was tricky and scoring reflected this.   Results
18 Holes
1st; Elaine Scanlon/Steve Wilkins – 97/17/80

2nd; Wendy Gosden/Chris Manktelow – 107/22.87/84.13

3rd; Kath Jekabsons/Jenny Hartley – 107/22.75/84.25

9 Holes
1st; Darlene Baker/Jan Harver – 49/12.2/36.8

Saturday June 18th – Stableford

With a very heavy dew overnight and more than 25mm of rain during the week the course was way too wet to mow, the greens could only be rubbed down to get rid of the excess moisture and worm castings.  The cold air and very soft fairways meant all players lost distance and had to choose longer irons for their approach shots.  Often plugged balls could not be found however, as long as two players could identify the area where the ball landed a free drop was given.  While the round began in overcast conditions  the sun shone through to make for a beautiful winter’s afternoon  On a damp, yet sunny afternoon the results were;

Winner; Pat Chisholm (12) – 36 pts  C/B

2nd; Simon Donovan (12) – 36 pts

3rd; Andrew Clement (8) – 30 pts

NTPs; 10th – Mitch  Altlas

Eagle; 14th – Mitch Atlas

Monday June 13th – Queens’ Birthday Ambrose

With plenty of drizzle during Sunday  and overnight and another substantial dew the course was very heavy.  However, while  a coolish afternoon the sun did come out and a few layers did come off.  The players  enjoyed the warmer second nine and quite a few teams took advantage of the conditions to post excellent scores.  There were plenty of birdies and quite a few “almost eagles” where the ball just slipped passed the hole.  On a top afternoon to be out on the course the scores were;

1st; Mal Mottram/Jenny Hartley/Elaine Scanlon – 72/9.67/62.33

2nd; Pat Chisholm/Jim Patton/Luke Lyons – 72/7.83/64/17

3rd; Anthony Lakey/Kevin Dunn/Steve Wilkins – 76/10.17/65.83

NTPs; 15th – Luke Lyons

Saturday June 11th – Stroke

Another very cold day with some early drizzle and a gusting wind from the SW.  Colder air and softer fairways saw all players loose distance; everyone had to adapt and alter their club selections.  The greens were in great condition although a number of players took more than a few holes to adjust to their speed.  On cold, windy afternoon the results were;

1st; Steve Wilkins –  89/17/72

2nd; Mitch Atlas – 81/7/74

3rd; Mal Mottram – 81/6/75

NTPs; 15th – Luke Lyons, 16th – Scott Williams

Wednesday June 8th – 4BBB Stableford

The weather was fine but wintry cold with thankfully only a slight breeze. Course was in great condition and all the drainage work put in is certainly paying off.  Well done to all involved.

1st; Darlene Baker (17)/Roger  Baker(17) – 39pts

2nd; Elaine Scanlon (32)/Kath Jekabsons (38) – 36pts

3rd; Lorraine Robb (43)/Beryl Cole (31) – 34 pts.

Saturday June 4th – Relative Pairs

The Relative Pairs Shield, 4BBB Stableford, usually draws a good number  of contenders but the conditions, very cold, steady drizzle and gusting winds from the N/NW saw many fair weather golfers decide to stay at home.  However, despite the tough conditions quite a good field, relatives and other, took to the course.   Players teed off with steady drizzle for the first few holes and  a strong wind from the Nth.  Over the remainder of the front nine waterproofs came on and off   and the odd umbrella went up.  The wind moved to the NW and there were two heavy showers so, with the wind, the rain and the soft fairways it was a tough day to be  out o the  course.   However, one pair  did not seem to  be affected by any of the challenging conditions.  It was also great to welcome back Dave Richardson, returning to golf after shoulder surgery.  On a  hard day to be hitting a little white ball abroad the park the results were;

Winners and 2022 Relative Pairs Champions; Mick Squire (5)/Josh Squire (32) – 45 pts

2nd; Anthony Lakey/(18)/Dave Richardson (26) – 38 pts

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 15th – Brad Klaaysen

2022 Relative Pairs Champions, Josh Squire, RGC Captain Mal Mottram & Mick Squire