Saturday September 18th – Social Golf

Another good turn out on a cool, blustery day.  The 10mm+ of rain overnight had soaked in making the fairways a little softer but the drains were working well and there were no pools of water on the fairways.  As the round progressed the sun moved out from behind the clouds and there were short periods of rain.  By mid round the wind hand moved to the Nth and a number of holes played far longer than the the metres on the hole sign.  All in all a very enjoyable day with everyone tested by the gusting winds.

Wednesday September 15th – Social Golf

On a warmish early spring morning a good number of members members enjoyed a social round of golf.  The weather was good but when the when the sun went behind clouds the wind was a more than a little bit chilly . The course was in great condition with lush fairways and greens in good condition.  While there was no competition all players’ names were put in a hat and the lucky winner for the day was Jan Harver.

Saturday September 11th – Social Golf

Our first weekend out of “Lockdown” and many members and other locals were keen tp get back on the park.  Players headed out to the course as soon as they had checked in via the QR Code.  While he morning moved between sunny and overcast and windy but the afternoon was warm and sunny with the occasional gusting wind from theW or NW.  It was wonderful to throw a welcomer other comment, over the fairway or to have a quick drink before the next group headed in from the course. While there was no club competition it was good to have a look at the Stableford scores as they came in.  It would seem that whilst lockdown has kept us safe it has had a negative effect on the on course performances of our golfers.   Still a great day.


Wednesday August 18th – Par

Perfect late winter weather greeted golfers on the always popular Par event. Members took advantage of the options available by playing either 18 holes, 9 holes or social golf.   The course is drying out well and continues to improve with greens that are running true and fairways with lovely grass cover.
18 Hole Comp
1st. Darlene Baker (20); All Square
2nd. Jenny Hartley (24); -1
3rd. Chris Manktelow (34); -7
9 Hole Comp
1st. Lorraine Robb
2nd. Jan Harver

Saturday August 14th – 4BBB Stroke

After two weeks off all players were eager to get back on the course and to catch up with friends.  The warmer and drier days over the past few weeks meant members were able to get out on the course and get the grass back under control.  While there were a few softer fairways most of the course and Romsey Park were in top condition.  The 4BBB Stoke format rewards top golf and scores well under par were expected.  Play began under bright sunshine with a wind shifting between NNE and NW, the wind proved tricky and many a ball starting well only to be moved well off line.  A number of teams played excellent golf but a score well under par was required to “take home the chocolates”.  On great day to be out on the park the results were;

Winners; Mitch Atlas (10)/Steve Wilkins (16) – 65 from Josh Squire(36)/Will Collins(36) – 68, Andrew Clement(8)/Mick Squire(3) – 69 & Davey Kenney(14)/Anthony Lakey(19) – 69

NTPs; 1st – Toby CLement, 15th – Scott Williams, 16th – Craig Sandy

Wednesday August 11th – Stableford

After lockdown and wet weather closed the course in recent weeks golfers were happy to be back on the course .    The course was in great condition considering the particularly wet winter we have had.  Stableford was the event of the day with a smaller than usual field braving the chilly wind.  Jenny Hartley handled the conditions best and took the honours.
1st; Jenny Hartley (24) – 29 points
2nd; Steve Wilkins    (13) – 24 c/b
3rd; Darlene Baker   (20) – 24

Wednesday August 4th – 10 Hole Stableford

The weather was better than first thought it would be however, with some fairways still quite wet the competition was played over a composite course of 10 holes.  While the chosen layout wasn’t as wet as earlier in the week all players struggled to get distance and some time was spent looking for balls in the longer grass. It was tough to return a good score and no-one was able to play close to their handicap.

Winner; Jenny Hartley (24) 13pts. from Kath Jekabsons

Saturday July 31st – Stableford

After three weeks without golf RGC members were keen to get “back on the park”, with heavy rain predicted late in the afternoon play began at 11.30.  Recent and ongoing rain meant that volunteers had only been able to cut the greens and five of the fairways.  There was surface water and long grass a plenty; generally no run and a plethora of plugged balls.  A slightly smaller than usual, but heavily motivated, group headed out with sun shining and a gusting SW wind.  It was a tough day and while many golfers played well here and there virtually no-one was able to string a run of good holes together.  On a sunny, yet soggy, afternoon the results were;

Winner; Mal Mottram (8) – 33 pts from Anthony Lakey (19)  29 pts

NTPs; 1st – Mal Mottram

Saturday July 10th – Stroke

After a week with some freezing conditions, two very heavy frosts but most importantly, no rain, the Park had begun to dry out.  The eastern end of the course remained the wettest and all payers had to watch every shot carefully when playing this holes.  John Freestone had done a wonderful job mowing all fairways bar the 6th which was too wet to get a machine on.  A good field teed off with the sun shining and only a gentle breeze from the SW.  The afternoon warmed up and jumpers came off at about the 3rd and stayed off until the final few holes.  Cold air and soft fairways made all 2nd shots far longer than usual and players had to be careful with club selection.  Conditions were such that no-one came close to their handicap.  On a cool, sunny afternoon the results were;

Men’s winner; Chris Burkett – 93/18/75 from Marc Merigan – 90/14/76.

Women’s winner; Jenny Hartley – 99/24/75

Wednesday July 7th – Par 3

A small group of dedicated golfers braved the elements to play in the Par 3 competition in cold but sunny conditions. The adapted course, with tees moved forward to make every hole a par 3, was challenging and not as easy as predicted.
The greens were receptive to the ball lobbed in from a height but the unfamiliar lengths of each hole made club selection tricky.  Jenny Hartley adapted best to the conditions and was the winner on the day.
Jenny Hartley – 62/18/44
Kath Jekabsons –  81/27.75/53.25
Rob Slade –  66/11.25/54.75

Nine Hole Comp;
1st; Jan Harver – 47 Strokes
Marilyn Mueller –  50