With almost 30mm of rain falling over Thursday and Friday nights the course was soft; “Mark, Lift, Clean & Replace” was in play across the general area.  Despite the overcast, misty start to the day the afternoon was sunny and warmish, shorts were common sights.  Soft fairways, coolish air and an inconsistent S/SE wind made the course play longer forcing all golfers to carefully consider their choice of club.  With past champions, Mottram, Squire and Clement unable to play the club championship  was up for grabs and a number of younger players were in for the contest.  B Grade and C Grade were also close with only a few shots separating all place getters.  On another top afternoon to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Ben Owen – 89/15/74  C/B

2nd; John Freestone – 102/28/74

3rd; Dylan Harris – 82/6/75 C/B Dean Kohler (9)

NTPs; 15th -Dylan Harris

2nd Rd 2024 Club Championships

A Grade; Stroke – Dylan Harris; 75, 82 – 157           Nett – Dylan Harris; 157/14/143

B Grade; Stroke – Davey Kenney; 86, 92 – 178       Nett – Ben Owen; 181/30/151, Davey Kenney; 178/26/152, Andrew Laing; 190/38/152

C Grade Stroke – Anthony Lakey; 98, 102 – 200          Nett – John Freestone; 208/56/152, Zac Scales; 225/72/153