Wednesday January 23rd – Play-9

The morning was cool with a southerly breeze,  which seemed inconceivable considering the forecast of 37C+ for the following day.  Nevertheless the field, including one visitor from New Zealand, headed to the course for the RGC qualifying round of the DDGA Play-9 competition.  All players teed off from the first for the Stableford round.  There was plenty of run on the course especially for the low flat drives off the tee so straight hits were travelling well down the fairways.  The greens are still in great condition apart from a little bit of damage from the corellas.  Bold, confident putts ran fast and true all day.
Scoring was consistently good and the results for the day were
 Winner; Jenny Hartley – 21 pts  from  Wendy Gosden – 19 pts   C/B & Pam Drummond – 19 pts
Congratulations to Jenny and Wendy who will now represent Romsey Golf Club in the Dalhousie District finals of Play-9 later in the year.

Saturday January 19th – Texas Ambrose

Despite the intermittent rain on Friday that  gave some slight relief from the baking heat of Monday to Thursday Romsey Park had continued to dry out giving extra run across the whole course.  Texas Ambrose allows teams to take the best drive (each player must take a number of drives), team members then play out their own ball with the best two scores per hole being counted.  The round began with a steady southerly breeze, this moved about during the afternoon before settling down from the south-west.  Teams planned to average four points per hole feeling they would be in with a good chance, however, little did they know.  The hard fairways saw most players driving well passed expected distances setting up many birdie opportunities.  The greens were in top nick and players who putted directly at the cup were often rewarded, others, who felt there was more movement usually saw their putts slide well passed.  On a warm and windy afternoon the results were;

Winners; Ron Walker (24)/John Freestone (21)/Mick Nicholls Snr (22) – 100 pts from Pat Chisholm (12)/Jim Patton (19)/Mick Squire (7)/Chris Lingard(3) – 95 pts & Rob Rea (17)/Ron Hobbs (21)/Bob Dwyer (36) – 92 pts

NTPs; 15th John Freestone (got the $100 jackpot!) & Wendy Gosden

Wednesday January 16th – Canadian

Due to the excessive heat predicted for later in the day it was decided to reduce the Canadian competition to 9 holes. The winners on the day were Jenny Hartley and Elaine Scanlon 47/13.25/33.75 from Hugh Williams and Bruce Robb.

Saturday January 12th – Stroke

Another hot, still summer’s day.  Plenty of run on the fairways and the greens and surrounds in top nick.  A strong field hit-off and found conditions changing as a steady southerly breeze blew up.  While the breeze cooled the afternoon it brought it own problems and it was especially dangerous once a ball got above the treeline and many players found themselves in the trees trying to chip back to the fairway.  The front nine saw numerous players shooting at or below their handicaps so excellent scoring was expected.  However, the back nine saw the wind strengthen causing problems off the tee on some holes and making the OOB on the 18th a real concern for anyone who had the slightest of slices.  On a windy afternoon the results were;

Winner; Chris vanDervliet – 95/25/70 C/B from Les Gaunt – 78/8/70, Mick Nicholls Snr – 95/23/72 & Hugh Drummond – 93/21/72

NTPs; 1st Les Gaunt, 15th – Les Gaunt & Elizabeth Manktelow & 16th – Chris Manktelow

Wednesday January 9th – Ambrose

After a few weeks break Wednesday competition commenced with a friendly game of Ambrose. The weather was perfect and the course looked picturesque. Teams combined well together. The players hit long fairway shots, partially due to summer run and they dropped quite a few long putts.

The winning team on the day was Beryl Cole, Wendy Gosden and Lorraine Robb – 49/9.77/39.23 from Jan Harver and Jenny Hartley – 55/11.33/43.67.

Saturday January 5th – 4Ball Multiplier Stableford

After the searing heat of Friday players were more than pleased to tee off for a much cooler round.  A few were bothered when rain fell for the first four holes, bringing out the umbrellas and making grips very slippery, but that soon cleared up.  Despite the rain, and irrigation, the heat of Friday had dried the fairways considerably and players who drove well got additional distance off the tee.   Our long billed corella problem was evident on a few greens but the remainder putted very true and with good speed.  The winds, which moved from S to SW then, late in the day, settled in the east, effected the flight of high approach shots and made some holes play very long.  The 4Ball Multiplier format rewards those who “take the course on”  and courageous golf paid off for one pair, others, with the same attitude, did not fare quite so well.  On a wet and windy afternoon the results were;

Winners; Shannon Wright (12)./Mick Nicholls Jnr (17) – 79 pts from Mick Squire (8)/Jim Patton (19) – 64 pts

Individual Results; Shannon Wright – 38 pts, from Mick Squire – 37 pts & Mick Nicholls Jnr – 37 pts

NTPs; 15th – Scott Williams, 16th – Mick Nicholls Jnr

Tuesday January 1st – New Year’s Day Stableford

The sun was high with the temperature rising as the field took to the course for the club’s New Year’s Day round of stableford.  The morning was mostly still with only a light southerly breeze creeping across the park towards the end of the round.  A few players had astoundingly bad starts wiping the first four or five holes, very difficult to get back from there.  Others, who were able to take advantage of increased distance, courtesy of the harder airways, and hit the greens “in regulation” were able to post a good score.  On a hot, still day the results were;

Winner; Mick Squire (8) – 36 pts from Steve Climas (12) – 33 pts

NTPs; 15th & 16th – Chris Lingard