After the heat and searing winds of Thursday the course had begun to dry out; more run on the fairways meaning players had to choose clubs carefully or find themselves well through the corner facing a difficult approach shot over or through the trees.  The greens seemed a little slower than in past weeks and more than a few golfers found their ball stoping just short of the cup.  Over all it was a great day for golf and the large field enjoyed themselves.  Our thanks to the Romsey Cricket Club for the use of their rooms for the afternoon noon tea and presentations.

Winners; Anthony Freeman (Rich River)/Steve Wilkins (RGC) – 44 pts from Darlene & Roger Baker (RGC)42 pts and John Freestone (RGC)/ Bob McLennan (RGC) – 41 pts C/B from Mick Nicholls Snr (RGC)/Keith Hocking (RGC)

NTPs; 1st – Keith Hocking, 3rd – Jenny Hartley, 15th – Roger Baker, Kath Jekabsons  & 16th – Mal Mottram.

2019 4BBB Winners Anthony Freeman, RGC Capt Scott Williams & Steve Wilkins

2019 4BBB Runners-up Darlene Baker & Roger Baker

2019 4BBB 3rd Place Getters John Freestone & Bob McLennan