Everyone began arriving at about 8.45am and enjoyed an egg and bacon roll as they caught up with players from other clubs. At 9.30 the field was out on the course testing themselves against Romsey’s narrower fairways and smaller greens.  It was a beautiful, late spring morning with conditions again excellent for golf. By lunch the field had begun to sort itself out.  Top scratch scores were from Chris Lingard  – 46 and Michael Squire -47, top handicap scores were from Andrew Clement (6 2/3) 45 1/3 and Steve Wilkins (11 1/3) – 45 2/3.

The day warmed up after lunch and suddenly every shot seemed to count more.  All of a sudden a missed drive or a fluffed chip carried more weight.  Those who could concentrate and play steady golf were always going to rise to the top.  The weekend’s events were made possible through the support of local businesses “The Romsey Collision Centre” and “The Romsey Bottle-O”. 

On a beautiful spring day the results were;

2019 Graeme Clement Open Champion; Chris Lingard – 93

B Grade Scratch; Andrew Clement – 102

C Grade Scratch; Steve Wilkins – 114

A Grade Handicap; Kevin Whyley – 92

B Grade Handicap; Mitch Clement -92 2/3

C Grade Handicap; Jim Patton – 89 2/3

AM Handicap; Michael Squire – 43 2/3

PM Handicap; Cameron Newnham – 45 1/3

2019 Graeme Clement Open Champion Chris Lingard with Andrew Clement

Scratch Winners Steve Wilkins  (C Grade) with DDGA Captain Chris Hanson

& Andrew Clement (B Grade)

H/cap winners Mitch Clement (B Grade), Kevin Whyley (A Grade)

with DDGA Legend Lance Carracher & Jim Patton (C Grade)

RGC Captain Scott Williams with Senior’s Scratch Winner Lance Carracher


NTPs Matt Smith (10th), Gary Watts (8th), RGC Capt Scott Williams,

Chris Lingard (2nd Shot 3rd) & Jim Hynes (1st & 9th)