Monday November 29th- DDGA Women’s Championships – Bradford G. C.

The final event of the DDGA yearly calendar was the Championship held at Broadford in perfect weather conditions on a well prepared and DRY course.   Romsey was represented on the course by Jenny Hartley, Elaine Scanlon and Darlene Baker with Beryl Cole organising the event as outgoing DDGA President.
After many recent cancellations in the district due to the excessive rain players were delighted to finally get together and play golf and thoroughly enjoyed the day.   
Terry O’Callaghan was the A grade winner on the day.

Mary Campbell winning the Champion of Champions.     

Elaine had a beaut round and was runner up on C Grade, well done Elaine

Saturday November 26th – November Medal, stroke & putts

After weeks of wet, cold and windy weather spring finally hit Romsey; a week with a spot of rain here and there but plenty of sun.  Everything dried out remarkably, it was great to see carts all over the course and balls bounce on the fairways.  A strong field took teed off  and there was plenty of competition for the November medal.  About halfway through a wind blew up from the Nth making some holes play very long and creating danger as players hit high approach shots to the greens, balls moved markedly the air.   On a warm, sunny and windy afternoon the results were;

Winner and November Medalist; Michael Squire – 78/4/74

2nd; Luke Lyons –90/15/75

3rd; Bob McLennan – 90/14/76

NTPs; 1st –  Mal Mottram, 15th –  Steve Wilkins & 16th –  Pat Chisholm

Least Putts;  Michael Squire – 26

Monday November 21st – State Final of the 2022 Sliver Spoon – Gardiners Run G. C.

Elaine arrived at Darlene’s place at 5.15 am to head to Gardeners Run for a 8.00 am tee off time.  An enjoyable day was had by all with Darlene scoring 33 points (which was in the top third of the field) and Elaine capably taking on the duties of caddy. The course was in very good condition although carts were not allowed on the day.   The many bunkers dotted around the course were declared “out of play” much to Darlene’s relief.   The weather was chilly and windy with squalls that at times produced hail

Darlene Baker and Elaine Scanlon at the State Final Silver Spoon at Gardeners Run Golf Course.


Sunday November 20th – Graeme Clement Open

With 30+mm of rain falling on Saturday afternoon noon and evening it was a courageous group of golfers who teed up for the Graeme Clement Open.  A few late scratching saw the field edu reduced but those who made it out on course enjoyed a generally still, sunny first 123 boles.  Everyone was in the rooms and enjoying a roast lunch by 12.30pm.  Top performances, under tough conditioned came from Michael Ladewig (Hidden Valley) – 49, Connor Whelan (Woodend) – 49, Matt Willis (Mt macedon) – 50.  The afternoon round saw the sun continue to shine, drying the course a little.  However, a gusting wind blew up from the W/NW and heavy hail followed by steady rain made the end of the round that bit tougher.  The club is very thankful to local electrical company NSEC Electrical who sponsored the day.  On another tough day out on course the results for the 24 holes were;

2022 Graeme Clement Shield Winner: Connor Whelan (Woodend) – 98

A Grade Handicap; Matt Willis (Mt Macedon) – 103/6 2/3/96 1/3

B Grade Stroke; Mick Doyle (Mt Macedon) – 109

B Grade Handicap;  Graeme Hogg – 111/16/95

C Grade Stroke; Davey Kenney (Romsey) – 111

C Grade Handicap; Steve Wilkins (Romsey) – 121/25 1/3/95 2/3

Am Handicap; Luke Lyons (Romsey)- 57/10/47

PM Handicap; Mal Mottram (Romsey) – 53/4 2/3/48 1/3

NTPs; 1st – Pat Doyle (Mt Macedon), 8th – Mick Nicholls Jnr (Romsey, 9th; Matt Willis, 10th – Michael Ladewig (Hidden Valley)

Best 2nd shot on the 3rd; Pat Doyle. 

Tony Ellis (NSEC Electrical) with 2022 Graeme Clement Champion Connor Whelan  & Andrew Clement

 C Grade Stroke Davey Kenney with RGC Captain Mal Mottram & B Grade Stoke Mick Doyle 

RGC Life Member Bruce Robb with A, B & C Grade Handicap Winners.

RGC Life Member  John Laing with  PM Handicap Winner Mal Mottram.

RGC President, Anthony Lakey (Centre) with Best 2nd Shot 3rd and NTP Winners .

Saturday November 19th – Open 4BBB

Despite the very ordinary forecast a strong field teed up for the club’s Open Weekend 4BBB.  Drizzle started as players headed to their second hole this was followed by heavier rain and a gusting wind from the N/NW; more than one player had their umbrella turned inside-out.  With grips getting wet, steady rain  and soft fairways scoring was more than a challenge.  The club is vert thankful to The Romsey Bottle-O who sponsored the event.  On a tough day the results were;

1st; Pat Chisholm (11)/Luke Lyons (15) – 41 pts C/B

2nd; Mitch Altas (7)/Davie Kenney (13) – 41 pts 

3rd; Shannon Wright (9)/Mick Squire (4) – 40 pts

NTPs; 15th – Mick Nicholls Snr, 16th – Shannon Wright

3rd Place Getters Shannon Wright and Mick Squire

2nd, on a count back, Mitch Atlas and Davie Kenney

winners Luke Lyons and Pat Chisholm  

Wednesday November 16th – Stableford

With visitors from Sunbury and Western Australia joining in on our Stableford round of 9 holes we had a good field.  The course is looking very good which is a credit to our on-course volunteers.  The weather was intermittently sunny and drizzly. Those who managed to stay on the fairway did the best of the scoring. Results of the Daily Comp;
1st:    Lauren Heggie  (33) – 18 points (our visitor from WA )
2nd:  Jenny Hartley    (23) – 14 pts.    C/B
3rd:  Rob Slade          (17) – 14 pts

Saturday November 12th – Stroke & Quarter-finals – John Laing Shield

With members taking every opportunity to get out and cut grass the course, and Park, were in excellent  nick.  Sadly, heavy. late rain on Friday afternoon and evening softened the fairways and saw balls plugging and virtual  no run.  The stroke round saw  Mitch Atlas handle the tough conditions best. The quarter finals of the John Laing Shield were all close run affairs and, with the Open Weekend coming up, the winners now have two weeks to wait until the semi-finals.  On a beautiful sunny afternoon the results were;

1st: Mitch Atlas  – 83/7/76

2nd; Mick Nicholls Jnr – 90/13/77

3rd; Davey Kenney – 93/13/80 


John Laing Shield Quarter Final Results

Andrew Clement (0)L Dean Kohler (10) – 1Dn

Luke Lyons (8) L Mal Mottram (0) – 1Dn

Mick Squire (0)  L Bob McLennan (10) – 2Dn

Shannon Wright (0) D  Pat Chisholm (2) – 2/1

John Laing Shield Semi Finals will be

Shannon Wright (X) Vs Bob McLennan (5)

Mal Mottram (0) Vs Luke Lyons (9)

Wednesday November 9th – Stableford

In perfect spring weather, 25 ° with a slight breeze, condition were perfect for golf.  The course was in great condition and had dried considerably with the sunny weather of late.
The volunteers have been hard at work mowing and mowing and mowing. Considering the amount of rain that had fallen it was a pleasant surprise to see that the fairways have dried out a great deal and the greens were running true.
Daily Competition
1st      Darlene Baker (19) 36 Stableford points
2nd.   Steve Wilkins   (15) 32
3rd.    Rob Slade         (17) 30
Rose Scanlon Points
1st       Darlene Baker    (19)  36 points
2nd     Wendy Gosden  (29)  28 points
3rd      Jenny Hartley     (23)  22 points

Saturday November 5th – October Medal &John Laing Shield Qualifying

A strong field turned out for the rain delayed October Medal anda spot in the final eight for the John Laing Shield.  For the first time in many months the sun was shining and there was no rain on the horizon.  The rough had been cut around all fairways but deeper in it was too wet and any who ventured there usually ended up playing a “three off the tee”.     A  great effort, 12 hrs, by Steve Wilkins saw all the fairways mown on Friday and while there were a few wet/muddy spots in general the course was in excellent condition.   For many players it was a round of  constrating halves , great one then struggling the second.  As with most golf competitions. the players who could recover from bad shots and keep close to their handicap won the day.   On beautiful, sunny afternoon the results were;

Winner & October Medalist; Andrew Clement – 81/7/73

2nd; Mick Squire – 78/4/74

3rd; Luke Lyons – 91/15/76  C/B Pat Chisholm – 87/11/76

NTPs; 1st – Luke Lyons, 15th – Mick Squire

Least Putts; Mick Squire – 27

John Laing Shield Quarter Finals

Andrew Clement (0) Vs Dean Kohler (10)

Luke Lyons (8) Vs Mal Mottram (0)

Mick Squire (0)  Vs Bob McLennan (10)

Pat Chisholm (2) Vs Shannon Wright (0)