Saturday December 8th – Stableford

After two days of mid 30C with drying northerly winds the course had dried our considerably.  The recycled water system was running flat-out to make sure as little as possible of the deeper soil dried out.  The greens were still in good nick, putting very true and holding high approach shots.  While the fairways had dried out the surround were still reasonably soft; approach shots just missing the green did not move very far from their line.  All players got excellent value for their drives but those who kept it on the fairway were able to score well.  In the end it was a battle between two of the club’s veterans with one looking the winner until the final group came in.  On a hot, overcast afternoon the results were;

Winner; John Laing (30) – 41 pts from Mick Nicholls Snr (24) – 38 pts, Les Gaunt (8), Andrew Clement (9) & John Freestone (21)  all 35 pts

NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt

Wednesday December 5th – North Pole Rules

Lorraine and Beryl created a mixed up fun game of North Pole Rules for our 12 hole Christmas round.   Teams were given instruction for each hole and these needed to be followed to record a score. Only using woods for an entire hole or conversely only irons was a challenge. Most difficult for some however was not speaking from tee to putting out !!! (One shot penalty for those who couldn’t follow this rule)
The round was Ambrose which allows for a relaxed atmosphere and accommodates the odd duffed shot which was appreciated by many . The field was strong with 14 players enjoying the course conditions and friendly atmosphere of North Pole Rules .

Saturday December 1st – John Laing Shield Final & Par

For the first time since March the temperature was scheduled to be over 30C.  The rain of last week was gone and the fairways were hardening up.  Hot, dry air and firm fairways promised good distance off the tee however, a strong wind form the N/NW made sure that players had to plan shots carefully or risk being pushed well off course.  Golfers who were able to keep the ball below the tree line were able to play more more steady golf.  The conditions saw all players struggle to play consistently with only a few being able to equal or better their handicaps.  The Final of the John Laing Shield was an up and down affair with both players getting a few in from before being pulled back to square.  It was not until the middle of the back nine that one player was able to draw ahead.  On a hot, blustery day the results were;

Winner; Mick Nicholls Snr (24) +1 from Chris vanDerVliet (24), Rob Rea (18) & Mick Nicholls Jnr (16) all square

NTPs; 15th – Rob Rea

John Laing Shield Final

Mick Squire (0) D Les Gaunt (0) – 4/3

RGC captain, Scott Williams with 2018 John Laing Shield winner Mick Squire

Wednesday November 28th – Singles K/O Final & Canadian

It was a beautiful day on the golf course, the sun was shining, the temperature was mild with just a hint of blustery wind every now and again. The course was in beautiful condition with the fairways nice and neat and the greens were lovely. The field played Foursomes but the scores did not reflect the near perfect conditions. Perhaps the proximity to the festive season played a role but a lovely time was had by all as they enjoyed a stroll in the park .
Winners; Lorraine Robb/Kath Jekabsons from Pam Drummond/Darlene Baker

The final of the Singles Knockout was also played today.  Beryl Cole and Jenny Hartley battled boldly with Jenny eventually winning 3up on the 16th hole. Congratulations to Jenny for being the winner of the Singles Knockout 2018 and well done to Beryl for making the final .

Sunday November 25th – Day 2 Romsey Open – Graeme Clement Shield

Another overcast start to the day however, as the morning progressed the weather soon cleared and players had generally excellent conditions. The tournament had been renamed to honour long term RGC member, committee member, secretary & captain Graeme Clement.  Clubs represented were; Fox Hills, Trentham, Euroa, Heathcote,  Mt Macedon, Seymour, Woodend, Romsey, Strathbogie, Broadford, Yea, Avenel & Rich River.  The first 12 holes saw almost everyone getting used to the speed of the greens with a number of players putting from above the cup and finishing well passed leaving a difficult 2nd putt.  Players were in at about noon for the traditional Romsey Roast and desserts.  Top scores for the morning were Mark Corradin (Euroa) – 47, Mick Squire (Romsey) – 49 & past champion, Chris Lingard (Heathcote) – 50.

At 1.00pm everyone headed back to the course, the 2nd 12 holes would tell the tale of the tournament.  Some players seemed to really enjoy the afternoon regardless of how their scoring was going while others concentrated more on their golf. In A Grade  Mark Corradin had to work hard as Ian Richardson (Seymour) put the pressure on with a 3 under front nine to return a a back 12 of 45, square with the card.  B Grade saw ever reliable Mick Squire came in with a 52 while  in C Grade RGC veteran John Freestone played very steady golf to come home with a 59.  Presentations saw Andrew Clement give a short address remembering many of the happy moments brother Graeme had at the club and whilst representing RGC in Pennant Golf.  On a beautiful day for golf the results were;

Graeme Clement Shield; Mark Corradin – 96   & A Grade H/cap; Ian Richardson – 100/8/92

Andrew Clement with inaugural Graeme Clement Shield winner Mark Corradin

B Grade Stroke;  Mick Squire (Romsey) – 101  & B Grade H/cap; Mick Doyle (Mt Macedon) – 108/12/96

C Grade Stroke; John Freestone (RGC) – 117     & C Grade H/cap; Hugh Drummond (RGC) – 124/28/96

NTPs; 1st – M Willis (Mt Macedon), 8th – Mark Fountain (Seymour), 9th – Mick Doyle, 10th – C Hanson (Broadford)

2nd shot on the 3rd; Gary Watts (Fox Hills)

Saturday November 24th – Day 1 Romsey Open Tournament – 4BBB

Teams assembled in the rooms at 10.30am for an 11.00 am hit-off.  In recent years the Open has been held in early June however moving to November seemed to have brought the same cool, overcast conditions.  A steady wind blew from the south for much of the afternoon and occasional drizzle fell.  This did not deter the field who had an enjoyable round, especially after the sun came out and the drizzle cleared.  Clubs represented were; Romsey, Broadford, Maryborough, Rich River, Seymour, Gisborne & Fox Hills. Everyone enjoyed a county afternoon tea as the day’s sponsor’s, V & P Newell Electrical Contractors were thanked and presentations were made  On a day of changing conditions the results were;

Mixed Pairs; Rod/Mary Campbell (Broadford) – 37 pts

Women’s Pairs; Elaine Scanlon/Jenny Hartley (Romsey) – 38 pts

Men’s Pairs; Les Gaunt/Rob Rea (Romsey) – 42 pts

NTPs; 15th; Mary Campbell/Les Gaunt & 16th Mick Nichols Snr

Wednesday November 21st – Singles K/O semi-finals & Canadian

Those players still involved in the singles knockout battled it out today in another round of match play . The rest of the field enjoyed a more relaxed format by playing a round of Canadian. The alternate shot allowed a social aspect to the day although competition was fierce. A number of par putts were holed across the course and even the odd birdie. Playing the Old Course meant an early lunch was possible which allowed time to decorate the Community Christmas Tree, ready to be displayed in the main street.

Results for the day; Jenny Hartley/Wendy Gosden –  57/18/39, Pam Drummond/Darlene Baker –  59/16/43, Lorraine Robb/Kath Jekabsons  – 69/20/49

The final of the 2018 Singles Knockout will be;

Beryl Cole Vs Jenny Hartley .

Saturday November 17th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

The November Medals, men and women, were contested on a cool, sunny afternoon with strong southerly winds blowing for the whole round.  The winds saw some holes play much longer but shortened others.  Taller trees protected lower shots while many drives and high approach shots were pushed well off course, at times even short chips or putts were effected.  Under these conditions NTPs proved very challenging.  While the course has been in good nick for quite a few weeks now it is playing very tough and virtually no-one has been able to break their handicap.  Is was so again during the medal round.  Players were able to string together two or three good holes before the wind grabbed their ball and pushed it well into the rough making for a very difficult “up and down”.  It was great to welcome past captain, Tony Freeman (down from Rich River) back for a round.  On a cool, blustery afternoon the results were;

Men – Winner and November Medalist; Mal Mottram – 83/11/72 from Rob Rea – 91/18/73, Les Gaunt – 82/8/74 & Hugh Drummond – 95/21/74

Women – Winner and November Medalist; Elaine Scanlon – 108/30/78 from Liz Manktelow – 102/21/81

Least Putts; Scott Williams – 25, C/B from Mal Mottram & Elaine Scanlon – 31

NTPs; 15th – Jim Patton

Gisborne & Goonawarra Tournaments

Over the past 2 weeks Wendy & Lorraine, Jenny & Lorraine represented Romsey at the Gisborne & Goonawarra Tournaments. The courses were in great condition but all the players found the deep bunkers & the very large greens extremely challenging. Lorraine also found the thick grass on the long carries at Goonawarra (due to the Men’s Club Championships being played the next day) an extra challenge. Scoring a ten and 2 nines on the first 4 holes had Lorraine thinking that it was going to be a disastrous day. However her golf improved and with the help of sinking a couple of long putts she ended up surprisingly winning C grade nett 113/36/77.

Wednesday November 14th – Stroke

Atmosphere was very heavy and it effected judging the approach shot.  Additionally one stray kangaroo was hopping around the course.
Winner of today’s stroke competition;
Beryl Cole 106-23-83 from Jenny Hartley 108-23-85
Least putts Beryl Cole; 26
Played concurrently with today’s competition was the second stroke round of the singles knockout. Qualifiers for match play are:
Beryl Cole (23) 160 nett, Jenny Hartley (23) 163 nett, Lorraine Robb (32) 172 nett & Elaine Scanlon (30) 173 nett
Semi final match play will be;
Beryl Cole (0) v Elaine Scanlon (7)
Jenny Hartley (0) v Lorraine Robb (9)