It was a beautiful day on the golf course, the sun was shining, the temperature was mild with just a hint of blustery wind every now and again. The course was in beautiful condition with the fairways nice and neat and the greens were lovely. The field played Foursomes but the scores did not reflect the near perfect conditions. Perhaps the proximity to the festive season played a role but a lovely time was had by all as they enjoyed a stroll in the park .
Winners; Lorraine Robb/Kath Jekabsons from Pam Drummond/Darlene Baker

The final of the Singles Knockout was also played today.  Beryl Cole and Jenny Hartley battled boldly with Jenny eventually winning 3up on the 16th hole. Congratulations to Jenny for being the winner of the Singles Knockout 2018 and well done to Beryl for making the final .