After the torrential downpour of Thursday morning (40mm) and some more than steady rain on Friday (20mm) then an amazing 60 minutes that saw 25mm drop on the Park on Saturday morning the course was soft, with occasional casual water and muddy in some areas, relief, to a handspan was given.  To add to the challenge the days of rain meant the fairways had not been cut. Play began under cool, overcast conditions and soon enough steady rain fell; it looked as if the golf might have to be called off when, after three holes, the rain ceased and the sun came out making for a very steamy afternoon.  There was also a flukey wind, moving from the NE to E, which caught a number of players out once their ball got above the tree line.  The 4BBB Stroke format records the best nett score for each hole, if a pair could play steady golf with the odd excellent hole they were in with a good chance.  Three pairs had very good front nines recording scores well below par.  The back nine proved more than challenging as the sun dried the greens and putting was much slicker.  The corellas have returned and begun to attack a few of the greens, after so much time and funds spent to improve the greens what can you do?  On a humid afternoon the results were;

Winners; Anthony Lakey (22)/John Freestone (21) – 62 from Scott Williams (18)/Chris vanDerVliet (25) – 68 & Jim Patton (18)/Mick Nicholls Jnr (16) – 68

NTPs; 15th Mal Mottram