Saturday January 14th – Ambrose – Guest Day

After around 5 mm of rain late on Friday the course was again in top nick.  Fairways just hard enough to give good value for well struck drives and the greens very receptive to wedge and high iron approach shots.  The greens again putted very true, unless you were above the hole on the 5th or the 7th, so players who aimed at the hole were well rewarded.  The “Golf for a Cause” (Double comp fee with 1/2 going to cancer research) drew an excellent field however, the Ambrose format was perfect for the larger numbers.  A couple of teams had “skiting rights” but, as usual, actions spoke louder than words.  The day was one of great hilarity with teams cheering each other on or attempting to “get inside each others’ heads” to gain any advantage.  The stakes, a glass and a few balls were certainly high enough!  The mild afternoon saw some excellent golf, on a beautiful, almost spring day, the results were;

Winners; Rob Rea/Andrew Clement/Jim Patton – 67/8.2/58.8 from Sherif Abdel-Sayed/Ron Walker/John Freestone – 73/11.3/61.7
NTPs; 1st – John Freestone, 15th – John Freestone & 16th – Rob Rea.

Wednesday January 11th – 12 Hole Ambrose

The 2017 Wednesday syllabus got off to an excellent start.  The weather was very pleasant, rarely getting above the mid 20’s and the course was in top nick.  Teams of two or three took to the field and enjoyed their round over “The Old Course”.  At par 45 this is a very tricky layout with many players coming unstuck at our “Amen Corner”, three successive par 3’s.  On a very relaxed morning the results were;

Winners: Darlene Baker /Wendy Gosden/Jenny Hartley – 52/11.8/40.2 from Sherif Abdel-Sayed/Elaine Scanlon – 50/9.7/40.3
NTP; 8th – Darlene Baker.

Saturday January 7th – 4 Ball Aggregate Stableford

With the day’s temperature predicted to be 34C the club’s heat safety policy did not need to be activated. Conditions meant that those in carts were hoping for a more relaxed afternoon but as the round wore on some found there was little truth in that. The field teed off with a steady NE breeze to cool things down a little and to add just a bit of spice when shots got above the tree line. The warm, dry air saw balls travel surprising distances providing some players with quite short approach shots. However, in the end the hot, dry conditions took their toll on many golfers out and it was a battle between two of the cart pairs to win the day. The day’s results were;

Winning pair – Jim Patton (21)/Mick Nicholls Sr who celebrated his 80th birthday at the beginning of Jan, (24) – 71 points from Andrew Laing (19)/John Laing (30) – 67 points
NTPs; 1st – Jim Patton, 15th – Daniel Wright (very close to jackpot) & 16th – Andrew Laing

Wednesday February 22nd – Stroke

Flatstick Summer Cup Part 1 of 4th and final round 

The morning dawned very hot and very windy so golf was going to be a challenge.  Under these conditions it did not seem to matter just how much water had been put on the greens, they dried out and hardened considerably during the round.  With the wind gusting from the NE at between 30 and 40 Kph it was a battle to keep the ball under control and the wiser, older heads who had played Romsey in these circumstances many times before brought all their experience to bear.  On another tough day on the course the results were;

Women’s Winner;  Kath Jekabsons – 102/27/75.
Least Putts; Beryl Cole – 30
Men’s Winner;  John Laing – 103/31/72.
Least Putts; Hugh Williams – 27
Nine-hole winner;  Jan Harver – 54/21/33 C/B from Jenny Hartley – 53/20/33.
Least Putts; Jan Harver – 16

Monday January 2nd – New Year’s Day Stableford

After Saturday’s exellent golf players were looking forward to getting back on the course, having a relaxed round and posting a good score.  The 1st round of the year began with a slight southerly breeze and some light but steady drizzle.  During the round the breeze grew stronger while the drizzle dried up after the first four or five holes.  It was another exellent morning for golf and the scoring was again good.  The morning’s results were;
Winners; Andrew Laing (19) – 40 pts & Elaine Scanlon (33) – 38 pts