The 18-hole field headed out for a second round of match-play with three hotly contested matches being played.  The recent works to the greens made putting more than challenging and all balls had to be struck firmly to have any chance of making it to the cup.  All greens, however, were quite soft, if sandy, so all approach shots that landed on a green soon pulled up.  Match-play is an interesting format and the practice should prepare players well for the 2018  Pennant Competition which starts next month.  On a warm, sunny morning the match-play results were;

Beryl Cole (24) All Square Jenny Hartley (26).

Lorraine Robb (34) D Darlene Baker (17) – 2 up.

Pam Drummond (33) D Wendy Gosden (32) – 2/1.

Nine-hole Competition winner; Kath Jekabsons (28) – 15 Pts from Jan Harver (45)  – 11 Pts.

Men’s Stableford Winner; Hugh Williams (23) –  43 Stableford points (a great effort with the greens in their current uncut and sandy condition.)