Wednesday November 17th – Stableford

A fine day for golfers prevailed between the forecast days of rain for a pleasant outing of Stableford.   The fairways have dried out considerably in the last two days. The greens are coming along well and overall the course was very good, considering the amount of rain it has had.

Results of Daily Competition

1st.    Darlene Baker          (20)          34 points
2nd.   Chris Manktelow     (34)          32 pts
3rd.    Jenny Hartley          (23)          26 pts

Thursday November 11th – Gwen Stammers Tournament – Seymour G. C.

Seymour held their annual Gwen Stammers Tournament beginning under cool, slightly overcast skies but conditions steadily improved. With the lifting of more restrictions they were able to have a stroke competition and attracted a field of 36 players, all happy to get out and play at another course and socialise with friends not seen for over five months.

The course was presented in top condition fairways good and greens superb.  Also, the club managed a day between the rainy days and we had some beautiful sunshine.  Gwen Stammers daughter was there to present the trophies donated by the family in honour of their mother.

Gail Leigh won the overall scratch trophy – 89-9-80.

Darlene Baker was runner up in A grade 93-17-76.

Jenny Hartley won B grade on a count back 98-21-77.

Beryl Cole with the best net score of the day won C grade 97-28-69.  All three Romsey players earned Player of the Year  points .

Saturday November 6th – W. E. Tom Shield Qualifying – Stableford

With so much of 2021 lost to Covid-19 restrictions it was decided to reduce the two remaining shields – W. E. Tom Shield – 4B Handicap Matchplay and John Lang Shield – Singles Handicap Matchplay – to the top four results.  The W. E Tom Shield, now in its 56th year is a highly contested event and an excellent field turned out.  With the bowls season beginning the Golf Club agreed to begin play early so everyone was on course well before midday.  Warm conditions with intermittent wind from the N/NW saw most pairs scoring well.  Despite the heavy midweek rain there was plenty of run on the fairways, the surrounds were in top condition and the greens were steadily recovering from their recent coring.  On a top afternoon to be out on the course the results were;

Winners; Pat Chisholm(13)/Mick Nicholls Jnr(20) – 45 pts from Mitch Atlas(11)/Davey Kenney(14) – 44 pts, Les Gaunt(8)/Keith Hocking(31) – 42 pts & Andrew Clement(8)/Mick Squire(3) – 41 pts

NTPs; 1st – Les Gaunt, 15th – Mick Squire

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will be;

(1) – Pat Chisholm(10)/Mick Nicholls Jnr(17) Vs (4) – Andrew Clement(5)/Mick Squire(0)

(2) – Davey Kenney(7)/Mitch Atlas(3) Vs  (3) – Les Gaunt(0)/Keith Hocking(23)

Wednesday November 2nd – Mulligans

A threatening forecast and black clouds in the west had players wondering if they could fit 18 holes in before the heavens opened.  Thankfully conditions proved to be quite good, apart from a brief downpour.
Players enjoyed the Mulligans format and being able to replay an errant shot was certainly reflected in the scores.
1st.               Darlene Baker.        40 pts
2nd.   C/B    Keith Hocking.        40 pts
3rd.    C/B    Jenny Hartley.        40 pts

Saturday October 30th – October Medal, stroke & putts

After a wild week of heavy rain and very strong winds breaking off large branches plenty of work had to be done to get the park and course back to playable condition.  A great job by the loyal volunteers.  The October Medal field teed off under overcast skies with wind moving between W and SW.  As the round progressed the temperature rose as the sun shone then fell rapidly as the cloud cover thickened and there were two short periods of rain.   So, a challenging afternoon.  Many players were a little rusty after the lockdown and scoring was very inconsistent.  In the end it was one of our “metro” members who had just picked up the sticks who won the day.  On a great day to be out on the course the results were;

Winner & October Medalist – Chris vadDerVliet – 98/26/72 from Mitch Atlas – 85/11/74, Anthony Lakey – 93/19/74, Scott Williams – 88/14/74 & Mal Mottram – 82/7/75

Least Putts; Andrew Clement – 25

NTPs; 1st – Steve Wilkins

Thursday October 27th – October Medal, stroke & putts

Members were welcomed back to competition golf after the most recent Covid restrictions and were happy to get amongst it.  Perfect weather conditions, perfect course conditions and some perfect shots were the order of the day with three women chipping in off the green, well done Lis Manktelow, Wendy Gosden and Darlene Baker on your respective gobblers.
Pam and Hugh Drummond made a welcome return to Wednesday golf and chose a glorious day to do so competing in the 9 hole comp.  Rob Slade claimed nearest the pin on the 3rd with possibly his best shot for the day and Jenny Hartley continued on her winning way playing some very steady golf and getting the most out of her new putter
9 Holes
1st.       Hugh Drummond – Nett 35
2nd.     Pam Drummond – Nett 42

18 Holes
1st.       Jenny Hartley – 95/24/71
2nd.      Rob Slade – 89/15/74
3rd.       Darlene Baker – 94/19/75, C/B from Steve Wilkins

NTPs; 3rd – Rob Slade

Least Putts; Darlene Baker  28

Saturday October 23rd – Stableford

The weather was overcast with a light drizzle as players arrived for the first round of competition golf since early August.  A dry, sunny week was followed by about 5mm of rain on Friday night so the whole course was a little soft.  Players were pleased to find all new drainage works worked well and  there was no casual water.  As the field turned for home a short, sharp burst of rain fell, then another just as the final group was heading up the 18th.  On a challenging day the results were;

Winner; Davey Kenney (14) – 31pts C/B from Scott Williams (14)

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas

Wednesday October 20th – Social Stableford

A perfectly sunny day greeted a good field of members for another social round. Groups of three played Stableford with scoring proving to be difficult. Jenny Hartley and Wendy Gosden played the best of the field while others enjoyed the conditions and the chance to swing a club and enjoy the Spring weather.

Saturday October 16th – Social Stroke

After over 45mm of rain falling late in the week there was plenty of casual water and many fairways were soft with little or no run.  The greens continued to recover well and with a spot of heat they will really rocket away.  Winds, gusting to well over 30kph, gave all players reason to think carefully before every shot or risk ending up well off line. On a tough day to post a good score Kev Dunn and Mitch Atlas performed very well.

Wednesday October 13th – Social Stableford

Golfers prepared for the predicted downpours that didn’t eventuate although the wind was chilly and the cloud cover was threatening for most of the round.  The fairways are in tip top condition and the green are making a miraculous recovery from the recent coring.   Our volunteers continue to do a marvellous job.

Social golf was the name of the game and some great golf was played.    Darlene Baker drove the green on the par 3, 15th and if Imbee Park was making the putt it would surely have been a birdie but alas Darlene had to settle for a par. Jenny Hartley showed her prowess close to the green with a great chip in on the 18th.  Kath Jekabsons had a day out scoring 38 points.