After a wild week of heavy rain and very strong winds breaking off large branches plenty of work had to be done to get the park and course back to playable condition.  A great job by the loyal volunteers.  The October Medal field teed off under overcast skies with wind moving between W and SW.  As the round progressed the temperature rose as the sun shone then fell rapidly as the cloud cover thickened and there were two short periods of rain.   So, a challenging afternoon.  Many players were a little rusty after the lockdown and scoring was very inconsistent.  In the end it was one of our “metro” members who had just picked up the sticks who won the day.  On a great day to be out on the course the results were;

Winner & October Medalist – Chris vadDerVliet – 98/26/72 from Mitch Atlas – 85/11/74, Anthony Lakey – 93/19/74, Scott Williams – 88/14/74 & Mal Mottram – 82/7/75

Least Putts; Andrew Clement – 25

NTPs; 1st – Steve Wilkins