With so much of 2021 lost to Covid-19 restrictions it was decided to reduce the two remaining shields – W. E. Tom Shield – 4B Handicap Matchplay and John Lang Shield – Singles Handicap Matchplay – to the top four results.  The W. E Tom Shield, now in its 56th year is a highly contested event and an excellent field turned out.  With the bowls season beginning the Golf Club agreed to begin play early so everyone was on course well before midday.  Warm conditions with intermittent wind from the N/NW saw most pairs scoring well.  Despite the heavy midweek rain there was plenty of run on the fairways, the surrounds were in top condition and the greens were steadily recovering from their recent coring.  On a top afternoon to be out on the course the results were;

Winners; Pat Chisholm(13)/Mick Nicholls Jnr(20) – 45 pts from Mitch Atlas(11)/Davey Kenney(14) – 44 pts, Les Gaunt(8)/Keith Hocking(31) – 42 pts & Andrew Clement(8)/Mick Squire(3) – 41 pts

NTPs; 1st – Les Gaunt, 15th – Mick Squire

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will be;

(1) – Pat Chisholm(10)/Mick Nicholls Jnr(17) Vs (4) – Andrew Clement(5)/Mick Squire(0)

(2) – Davey Kenney(7)/Mitch Atlas(3) Vs  (3) – Les Gaunt(0)/Keith Hocking(23)