The decision to play after the overnight rain and the heavy drizzle that was evident at tee off time was a good one. The drizzle cleared after two or three holes and held off for the remainder of the round. The wind was gusty but, at times, it was quite calm.  On the few occasions the sun was able to break through the heavy clouds allowing players to briefly warm up.
Eight players enjoyed the chance to get out on the course and handled the recently cored greens well.  Volunteers continue to work on many aspects of the course and this is being done with very little disruption to play. We welcomed Robert Slade to the Wednesday comp and he teamed well with Hugh Williams.  The morning’s results were;

1st: Roger Baker (16)/Darlene Baker (21) – 78/9.25/68.75             

2nd: Hugh Williams( 21)/Robert Slade (21) – 86/10.5/75.5

3rd: Kath Jekabsons  (36)/Jenny Hartley(24) – 97/15/82