The November Medals, men and women, were contested on a cool, sunny afternoon with strong southerly winds blowing for the whole round.  The winds saw some holes play much longer but shortened others.  Taller trees protected lower shots while many drives and high approach shots were pushed well off course, at times even short chips or putts were effected.  Under these conditions NTPs proved very challenging.  While the course has been in good nick for quite a few weeks now it is playing very tough and virtually no-one has been able to break their handicap.  Is was so again during the medal round.  Players were able to string together two or three good holes before the wind grabbed their ball and pushed it well into the rough making for a very difficult “up and down”.  It was great to welcome past captain, Tony Freeman (down from Rich River) back for a round.  On a cool, blustery afternoon the results were;

Men – Winner and November Medalist; Mal Mottram – 83/11/72 from Rob Rea – 91/18/73, Les Gaunt – 82/8/74 & Hugh Drummond – 95/21/74

Women – Winner and November Medalist; Elaine Scanlon – 108/30/78 from Liz Manktelow – 102/21/81

Least Putts; Scott Williams – 25, C/B from Mal Mottram & Elaine Scanlon – 31

NTPs; 15th – Jim Patton