With the last Saturday of June washed out the previous week a good field turned out to see just who could take home June medal.  The heavy rain meant that it had been too wet to be cut grass anywhere bar the greens so players had to contend with some “rough like” conditions on the fairways.  The longer grass and soft ground robbed all players of distance.  A little surprising, and catching many players out, was the fact that the greens were generally firm and quite fast.  The day was clear and  sunny with 20 – 25Kph winds from the NE.  Despite the tough conditions a number of players were able to hold their calm and post reasonably good scores.  On a beautiful mid-winter’s day the results were;

Winner & June Medalist; Rob Rea – 92/17/75 from Mick Squire – 81/5/76 & Bob McLennan – 88/13/76

NTPs; 15th – Hugh Drummond & 16th –  Mick Nicholls Snr

Least Putts; Kev Dunn – 24