Another very cold morning, with a very heavy dew.  The fairways had again been too wet to cut so players teed up to prevent more long lasting, damage to the course.  While the morning had been extremely cold the afternoon warmed considerably making it over 10C!  The big positive was the almost complete absence of the usual chilling winds.  The cold air and soft fairways saw all players lose distance off the tee and everyone had to watch carefully least a ball plug and be lost.  One highlight came on the 17th when Scott Williams’ drive ended with his ball stuck in the bark of a large pine tree.  On a still, “warmish” afternoon the results were;

1st; Luke Lyons (10) – 38 pts

2nd; Toby Clement (14) – 37 pts

3rd; Simon Donovan (12) – 34pts, C/B Andrew Clement (10) & Dylan Harris (6)

NTPs; 1st – Shaun Scales, 15th – Luke Lyons, 16th – Mick Squire

Best 2nd Shot on the 3rd – Shaun Scales

A more than challenging 2nd shot.