With Golf continuing the 2021 syllabus, Bowls returning  a week early and matches being reduced to 21 ends the shared rooms were once under more pressure.  Committee members from both clubs met for the 2nd time to discuss the best options for the two clubs to use the rooms.  The golf club agreed to begin at 10.30am and, after sanitising all tables, bar and toilets, be out of the rooms by 4.00pm so that the bowlers could get access.  The stroke round began under clear skies with virtually no wind.  The ~50mm of rain earlier in the week saw the fairways in top condition and the greens rolling true and at a good pace.  Given the conditions good scoring was expected and a number of players returned scores at or better than their handicaps.  On a stunning summer’s afternoon the results were;

Winner; Steve Wilkins – 86/18/68 from Mick Squire – 74/5/69 and Keith Hocking – 102/30/72

Women’s Winner; Lis Manktelow – 99/26/73

NTPs; 1st – Anthony Lakey, 15th – Keith Hocking.

Raffle results

1st – Hugh Williams

2nd – Keith Hocking

3rd – Peter Scanlon