The 2024 Summer Cup began on a hot, sunny afternoon.  With the temperature predicted to be 31C+ the umbrellas and sunscreen were both in play.  As the round progressed a wind blew up (~20kph) from the N/NNW and some higher, approach shots did drift well away from the green.  There was excellent cover on the fairways however, the recent hotter, dryer weather saw everyone get great value for well struck shots.   While just about all players had a few good holes followed by lesser performances two players held their nerve over the whole 18 holes.  Six birdies going a long way to a good card, but just not quite good enough.  On a hot, sunny day the results were;

1st; Zac Scales (39) +3 C/B

2nd; Mick Squire (7) + 3

3rd; Mitch Atlas (7) – +1

NTPs; 1st – Anthony Lakey, 15th – Mitch Atlas, 16th – Luke Lyons, Best 2nd shot 3rd – Mick Squire