Saturday dawned with  overcast skies with some drizzle.  As the morning progressed the clouds lifted a little and the sun thought about poking through.  Overnight rain saw wet fairways with  most balls constantly slowed up by the moisture on the grass.  During the front nine the greens were also quite wet and putting required a little more courage than usual.  Just about everyone had the odd bad hole but  only a few could come back with two birdies to get the card back into good order.  On a cool afternoon the results were;

1st and August Medalist;  Zac Scales – 113/44/69

2nd;  Pat Chisholm – 84/12/72 C/B

3rd;  Simon Donovan – 83/11/72

NTPs;  15th – Dean Kohler & Drive & Pitch 3rd  – Davie Kenney

Least putts;  Simon Donovan – 26 C/B Pat Chisholm

RGC Captain Mal Mottram with August Medallist Zac Scales