Another still, sunny day on a cold, wet course.  Players again had to take the challenge of the cold air, soft fairways and casual water, “relief through the general area” was again invoked..  The Ambrose format, teams of three, calls for each player to have at least four drives and with the women’s layout considerably shorter than the men’s, mixed teams had quite an advantage.  All teams hit-off from the 1st at 10 minute intervals and pretty soon it was obvious that a team had to be quite a few under the card to have any hope of winning the day; some excellent golf was played.   On a cool, sunny winter’s day the results were;

Winners; Darlene & Roger Baker/Scott Williams/Ryan Davies – 69/11.1/57.9 from Jim Patton/Michael & Robert Bretherton/B Drummond –  77/15.6/61.4