Wendy Gosden had a lovely day on the golf course winning the daily comp from Sherif Abdel- Sayed (2nd) and Steve Wilkins (3rd). Conditions were typical for autumn golf with the sun trying it’s hardest to creep through the clouds and the wind abating to a gentle breeze. Temperatures didn’t get much above 10° and the overnight rain made for soft areas on the fairways and consequently there was not much run. Putting was consistent, with those bold enough to attack the holes rewarded with a true roll into the hole.  The May Medal and the Medal of Medalists is a running competition with final results after Saturday’s round.  The day’s results;
1st;  Wendy Gosden – 102/27/75
2nd;  Sherif Abdel-Sayed – 100/24/76
3rd;  Steve Wilkins – 89/12/77  C/B Darlene Baker