On a gloriously sunny winter’s day the field took to the course for a 2 Person Ambrose Event.  Competition was fierce with the pairing of Elaine Scanlon and Darlene Baker starting brilliantly with tap in pars on the first three holes and parring three more along the way before falling away towards the end.  Wendy Gosden and Lorraine Robb were much more consistent throughout their round together playing to their handicap on most holes with only a couple of hiccups.  But the pair of the day was Hugh Williams and Chris Manktelow who recorded 89 off stick to come home winners in the daily comp.
Wendy Gosden’s first drive of the day was long and straight and crept up onto the green where it remained to be Nearest The Pin on the 1st hole. Darlene Baker hit a beautiful shot on the 15th hole to within a metre but unfortunately neither she nor her partner could hole the birdie putt.  On a wonderful day to be out on the course the results were;
1st; Hugh Williams/Chris Manktelow – 89/12.5/76.5
2nd; Wendy Gosden/Lorraine Robb – 97/19.5/77.5
3rd; Darlene Baker and Elaine Scanlon – 92/12.75/79.25
NTP; 1st – Wendy Gosden, 15th – Darlene Baker