After a chilly start to the day the sun emerged from behind the clouds and produced ideal conditions yet again for the fourth round of the Summer Cup.  It’s such a pleasure to play on the course at the moment but the dreaded Corellas have been at it again and have created deep holes on a number of the greens.  It is so disappointing to see the damage created by these pesky birds after so much work by our volunteers.  One highlight of the round was a chip-in on the par four 10th by Pam Drummond and another was the great round, to win the daily comp, by Rob Slade. Results of Daily Competition were;

1st; Rob Slade                    87/18/69
2nd; Jenny Hartley              98/23/75
3rd; Hugh Drummond        93/16/77    c/b Wendy Gosden           102/26/77