Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup, Part 1 of Round 1
It was a perfect morning for golf, temperature just right for a relaxed stroll through the park and just the gentlest of zephyrs from the south/south west.  Being the 1st half of Round One of the RGC/Flatstick Roofing Summer Cup there was a strong, mixed field.  The recent heat had continued to dry the course so many players found their drives much closer to the green allowing for far shorter approach shots.  News of the event had spread far and wide and a number of additional golfers had decided to take on the course, and did it with class.  On a great day to be out in the open air the results were;
Women’s Winner; Kath Jekabsons (29) +5 from Darlene Baker (27)  +1 and Jenny Hartley (41) +1
Men’s Winner; Les Carless (25) +6 (visitor from Wales) from John Laing (31) +3