Players headed to the tees under clear skies but with strong, gusting winds from the north/north-west, the second round of the Flagstick Summer Cup was held in extreme conditions. Despite the drying fairways any summer run was often negated somewhat when hitting into the wind as the ball was often held up in the air however witting with the wind saw numerous players “through the corner” and with a difficult return shot over the trees.  Holes that had a crosswind were treacherous with many balls being swept wayward making it difficult to score well.   Finally the wind died down and the last three holes were played under much quieter conditions.  Results for the day were;

Winner; Darlene Baker – 91/18/73 from Beryl Cole – 103/26/77, Wendy Gosden – 112/34/78, Kath Jekabsons – 106/28/78, Jenny Hartley – 106/28/78 & Lorraine Robb – 117/34/83