Thankfully there was a cool change overnight so the weather today was pleasant for playing golf. There was a bit of debris on the course from the wild and windy weather yesterday. Rob McDonald had the best round of the day. If a shot went astray he was able to make a great recovery with his next shot.  Daily competition results:
1st Rob McDonald 86/17/69
2nd Elaine Scanlon 104/33/71
3rd Jenny Hartley 96/22/74
The 1st round of the Silver Spoon was a running competition – Saturday 10th or Wednesday 14th. Jenny Hartley stated before golf on Saturday that this was her designated game.  The winner of the 1st Rd of the Silver Spoon was Jenny Hartley (Sat 10th) 94/23/71 on a c/b from Elaine Scanlon (Wed 14th) 104/33/71.