Lancefield Golf Club hosted their annual tournament on, what turned out to be, a perfect day for golf.   The sun was shining, the wind was a gentle breeze and the temperature a nice 20°. The course was in good condition with quite a bit of summer roll. The greens were very good and running true.
Dalhousie players came from all around including five players from Romsey, Beryl Cole, Elaine Scanlon, Wendy Gosden, Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker.  Jenny had the best score of the Romsey contingent with a score of 101/28/74.  Darlene had one good shot of the day on the par 3, 5th and managed to be the nearest the pin on that hole, winning a nice umbrella.
2021 Lancefield Open Champion;  Adrienne Anglin (Yea) – 86.

A Grade Nett; Heather Jenkins (Marysville) – 87/20/67.