The Annual Romsey Challenge Bowl for 2022 was held in excellent golfing weather. A touch of early morning fog lifted to reveal a windless, sunny day. The course was in picture perfect condition with dew glistening in the sunlight on the beautifully grassed greens at the start of the round.
The recently mown fairways and rough was appreciated by the players and allowed for some good scoring, the highest being Shinobu Littman (17) from Goonawarra with 40 points. All three Grade winners scored 37 points with a number of countbacks required on that score.
Players enjoyed a lovely lunch after the round and discussion around the tables was jovial with everyone happy to be back in the swing of things after the previous two years of covid disruption.

2022 Bowl Champions – Team Goonawarra – 110 points
Shinobu Littman – 40 pts/Pam Murphy-33 pts/Wendy Krapywndyj  – 37pts

A Grade Winner Adrienne Anglin  (Yea) 37 points,  C/B Lisa Caines (Seymour)
B Grade Winner  Kaye Altas  (Gisborne) 37 Points
C Grade Winner  Anne Robinson (Lancefield) 37, C/B  Robyn Stevens (Lancefield)
NTPs;  3rd   – Wendy Nichols , 15th   – Pam Murphy & 16th  – Pam Murphy

RGC vice-president, Jan Harver with A Grade WinneAdrienne Anglin 

B Grade winner Kaye Altas 


C Grade winner Anne Robinson

2022 Bowl winners, Goonawarra