90 players from 16 clubs across the Dalhousie District teed up in the first district event for the year at Seymour.  Conditions were warm and the course was well presented.  The course had benefited from the 90mm of rain in the area so far this month, additional water came from  the recycled water program..  Greens were true.
RGC was represented by Denise O’Meara/Kath Jekabsons; Wendy Gosden/Jenny Hartley. Elaine Scanlon/past RGC member Mary Campbell (Broadford).  In the end local knowledge came to the r=fore and the day was was a clean sweep by the locals in both events.  The day’s results were;
Men’s 4BBB stableford Winners; Roger Edwards (25)/Paul Neibling  (9)  – 45 pts from Mick Prorock (8)/Luke Brogan  -44 pts
Women’s 4BBB Stableford; Ricky Rickman (12)/Sue Byrne (12)  – 42 pts c/b from Pam Jarvis (23)/Liz Gee (29) c/b, Tania Zentveid (9)/Connie Grace (22)
The best RGC scores were; Elaine Scanlon/Mary Campbell – 38 points and Jenny Hartley/Wendy Gosden – 37 pts.