Round 2 – Scratch Division 2

The team travelled to Kilmore to take on Strathbogie.  A beautiful, still autumn day and while the greens and surrounds were in good in nick the ongoing lack of rain had seen the fairways and rough dry out considerably.   The RGC team came very close to notching their first win in the season with two matches going down to the final hole, in the end we went down 5/2.  RGC results were ; Les Gaunt – L1Dn, Andrew Clement – L1Dn, Andrew Evans – Sq, Bob McLennan – W4/3, Pat Chisholm – L2Dn, Mick Nicholls Jnr – L6/5 & Scott Williams – Sq.  Over-all results were;

Strathbogie D Romsey – 5/2

Broadford D Seymour – 4/3

Round 3 – Handicap Division 3

The team travelled to Euroa to take on Kilmore.  Again a beautiful, sunny autumn day.  The front nine greens have been scarified so putting was more than usually tricky.  The back nine greens were untouched causing many players to either over or under hit leaving longer than usual second putts.  It was great to so IPC Tony Freeman (on his way to Echuca from Albury?) drop in to see the team hit off.  The RGC team also came very close to picking up their third win of the season.  RGC results were; Anthony Lakey – L4/3, Heath Rae – W1Up, Rob Rea – Sq, Mick Nicholls Snr – L1Dn, Chris vanDerVliet – L2/1, Ron Walker – W6/5 & Keith Hocking – Sq. Over-all results were;

Kilmore D Romsey – 4/3

Woodend D Hidden Valley – 5/2

Mt Macedon Sq Trentham – 3.5/3.5