Division 2 Scratch

The RGC team travelled to Strathbogie to take on Broadford.  Strathbogie, felt by many to be one of the best courses in Dalhousie District, tested all players; long holes, rugged rough and wonderful greens.  The weather was perfect for golf.  RGC results were; Daniel Wright- L3/4, Michael Squire – Sq, Les Gaunt – L2Dn, Andrew Clement – W2Up, Bob McLennan – L2/1, Pat Chisholm – L3/2 & Jim Patton – L7/6

Overall Results were;

Broadford D Romsey – 5.5/1.5

Seymour D Kilmore 5.5/1/5

Division 3 Handicap

The RGC team travelled to Mt Macedon to take on division leaders and favourites Woodend.  A stunning autumn afternoon saw all six teams looking to solidify their position and move closer to a final.  RGC results were; Andrew Laing – W6/5, Rob Rea – W7/6, Scott Williams – L6/4, Steve Wilkins – L6/4, Mick Nicholls Jnr – L3/2, Ron Walker – L2/1 & Chris vanDerVliet – L5/4

Overall results were;

Hidden Valley D Trentham – 6/1

Woodend D Romsey 5/2

Kilmore D Euroa – 4/3