Light rain was falling as the players took to the 12 hole, par 45 Old Course.  The fairways were again in top nick however the recent scarifying of the greens meant that putting would be a bit of a gamble.  Putting across the scarify marks proved to be far better that putting up them.  The Ambrose format allowed players to be a bit more adventurous than during a normal round and some reaped the benefits while others just failed to clear that tall tree and dropped down among the roots.  It was a very enjoyable round with everyone on their way to watch the Grand Final by a little after 12.00 pm.  On a relaxed morning the results were;

Winners; Sherif Abdel-Sayed, Elaine Scanlon & Jim Patton – 43/8.6/34.4

NTPS; 8th – Darlene Baker, 9th – Jim Patton & 10th – Elaine Scanlon