Finally, on the second day of spring, a warm, sunny afternoon.  The oval was buzzing with the RDFL finals and their shouts, horns etc echoed across the course.  The spring growth was just beginning so plenty of work to come to keep the place under control.  4BBB Stoke allows teams to score individually and as a team, the best stroke score, after handicap,  on a hole is the team’s score.  While just about every golfer played some very ordinary golf here and there the conditions saw some excellent team scoring.  The day’s results were;

1st; Mal Mottram (8)/Ben Owen (19) – 65

2nd; Mitch Atlas (5)/Davey Kenney (13) – 66

3rd; Luke Lyons (9)/Dylan Harris (6) – 70

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 15th – Brad Klaaysen