Heavy rain on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning saw the course looking wonderfully fresh and green but full of traps for the unwary golfer.  Great work earlier in the week saw almost all of Romsey Park mown and the rough under control.  All groups had to watch each shot carefully for fear that a ball would plug and disappear into the soft earth, if players agreed that a ball had landed in a specific area but it was unable to be found then a free drop was allowed.  A strong field took to the course with a steady westerly wind blowing as the round progressed the wind moved to the S and then the SW.  The wind, the cold air and soft fairways made for very difficult conditions and while a number of players had good front nines only a few could hold it together for the whole 18, a broken driver on the 2nd last hole sank one player and two balls into the dam on the final hole really sank another.  On a challenging afternoon the results were;

Winner & September Medalist; Anthony Lakey – 95/22/73 from John Laing – 106/32/74 & Shannon Wright – 88/14/74

NTPs; 1st – Jim Patton, 15th – Mick Nicholls Jnr & 16th – Shannon Wright

Least Putts; Anthony Lakey – 25