With many of the Saturday golfers away on the annual golf trip it was quite a different field for the club’s Texas Ambrose round.  It was also the first round after the coring of the greens.  The rapid spring growth continues and the fairways will require mowing twice a week and the rough cut, as often as possible, for a some time.  Texas Ambrose sees the best drive taken (subject to required drives per player) then each golfer plays their own ball out to the cup.  The team score is the best two stableford scores on each hole.  While the greens were a little bumpy those who putted with conviction usually got the best results.    On a day with a fairly ordinary forecast the wind died down and the sun shone through.  Two of the teams adapted to the conditions best and  performed well above the others.  The day’s results were;

1st; Darlene Baker (19), Kevin Dunn (26), Ryan Davies (18) & Bob Dwyer (38) – 96 pts

2nd; Anthony Lakey (20), Keith Hocking (26), David Jones (23) & Kath Jekabsons (38) – 89 pts

NTPs; 3rd – Darlene Baker