For the first time in many weeks there had been consecutive days of sun and wind, however, while the course had dried considerably a number of fairways were still quite soft.  Recent earth works and extensions to the irrigation system saw areas of disturbed soil across some fairways and in the rough.  To add to the challenge of the day the very recently cored greens had not been mown; golfers needed plenty of courage, and a spot of luck, when putting. The Ambrose field seemed to have a very enjoyable day with much cheering and laughter as they moved around the course.  The 1/4 finals of the W. E Tom 4BBB were much more serious affairs.  There were some early surprises, as a couple of high handicappers parred the first few holes giving their opposition quite a scare. However, in the end the more fancied pairs did come out on top.  One match was very closely fought and was all square on the 18th.  So down the 19th, then the 20th and finally the 21st before a result was achieved.  On a pleasant afternoon and a great day for golf the results were;

Ambrose Winners; Andrew Clement (8)/Mitch Clement (10) – 69/4.5/64.50 from Mitch Atlas (9)/Joshua Squire (54) – 83/15.75/67.25

 Quarter final results of the W. E. Tom Shield  were;

S Williams (0)/D Kenney (4)     L        A Lakey (3)/H Williams (8) – 21st

 R Walker (23)/K Hocking (25)  L       J Patton (15)/M Squire (0)  – 2/1

 M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11)   D       C Mensforth (30)/J Freestone (16) – 7/6

 A Laing (6)/J Laing (15)              L        R Davies (10)/S Donovan (0) – 6/5

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will he;

A Lakey (18)/H Williams (23) Vs J Patton (15)/M Squire (0)

M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11) Vs R Davies (13)/S Donovan (5)

Raffle Results

1st; M Squire – $40.00 meat voucher

2nd; J Patton – Two sleeves of balls

3rd; P Scanlon – One sleeve of balls