Steady rain began very early in the morning and continued until almost 10.00 am, things did not look good for golf however golfers, being a hardy lot, began to arrive at the rooms, in slight drizzle, just after 11.00am.  As the groups headed to the tee the weather improved and a spot of sun shone through here and there.  The course was in good nick and the fairways and greens had handled the week’s rain quite well.  However, anyone who found themselves in an area of uncut rough really had their work cut out to get the ball back into play.  The conditions continued to improve until about half way through when a steady, S/SW wind blew up and rain fell.      Wet clubs and gusting winds made the final nine more than normally challenging and despite some excellent golf  along the way no-one was able to better their handicap.  On a very difficult day the results were;

Winner; Les Gaunt – 81/8/73 from Anthony Lakey – 96/22/74 & Jim Patton – 93/19/74

NTPs; 15th – Mick Nicholls Jnr

Quarter Finals of the John Laing Shield will be;

Les Gaunt (0) Vs Mick Nicholls Jnr (7)

Jim Patton (11) Vs Mick Squire (0)

Anthony Lakey (0) Vs Ron Walker (1)

Mal Mottram (0) Vs John Laing (17)