Plenty of rain over Wednesday and Thursday, about 45mm, saw the course soften up and made mowing later in the week impossible; luckily Bob McLennan could foretell the weather (actually read the BOM data) and cut the fairways on Tuesday.  There were still many trenches and other earth works across the park and the course so all players had to be careful or they could easily end up a few cm taller but considerably heavier. Everyone had their challenges; virtually no run and greens that had been cut for the first time since coring in late September.  Those “courageous” putts that ended just short on some greens  last week sailed happily off the green this week while other greens seemed just a slow.  The two W. E. Tom semi-finals were closely fought.  One pair got away early only to be slowly caught then a run of great shots sealed that semi.  The other semi was close all day and was all square on the 17th, so up the 18th.  A number of top shots from both teams saw a shoot out on the green with Jim Patton able to sink a long putt to take the day.  The Par field saw most players fighting to stay near their handicap.  The day’s winner had a top back nine to end the day square.  On a beautiful spring afternoon the results were;

Par Winner; Andrew Clement (8) – Square from Robert Slade (24) -2 & Scott Williams (17) -3

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield results;

A Lakey (18)/H Williams (23) L  – J Patton (15)/M Squire (0) – 1down

M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11) L R Davies (13)/S Donovan (5) – 4/3

The W. E. Tom Final will be;

J Patton (15)/M Squire (0) Vs R Davies (19)/S Donovan (11)

Raffle Results

1st – $40 meat voucher – Scott Williams

2nd – Two Sleeves of Balls – Andrew Clement

3rd – One sleeve of balls – Hugh Williams