A strong field took to the course for the May Medal on yet another lovely day for golf; 15C, sunny and with little to no wind.    Past captain, Tony Freeman, who has just moved to Echuca, turned up for his last hit for a while.  Members, Peter, Ned & Andrew Evans and Luke and Darren Newnham, who all find it difficult to get to the course on a regular basis, were very impressed by how the course was improving, “in leaps and bounds”  since they last played over a month ago.   The greens had been cut and rolled making them slightly faster than in previous weeks.  The women were on the course before 12.00 playing the 3rd round of the Silver Spoon  but the Medal field ran smoothly with few holdups.  The day came down to those who were able to keep to the fairways and putt with conviction to find the back of the cup.   Judging the pace of the greens was vital to posting a good score.  Evergreen veteran, Les Gaunt, again  showed just why he has been such a low handicapper for such a long time. On another excellent day for golf the results were;
3rd round of silver spoon;  Elaine  Scanlon – 104/31/73 from Pam Drummond – 108/30/78 & Jenny Hartley – 108/24/90
Winner & May Medalist; Les Gaunt – 80/9/71 from  Hugh Drummond – 93/21/72, Ron Walker – 96/23/73 & John Freestone – 93/20/73
NTP: 15th – Mal Mottran,  16th – Peter Evans
Least Putts; Les Gaunt – 26,  C/B from Mal Mottram.